For a One World Government, you need a One World Mind

Written by: Miri
October 14, 2022

There's been quite the dramatic deluge of plot twists on the world stage these last few days, with the Daily Mail positively promoting David Icke, mainstream commentators defending Alex Jones, and even that comic book villain Piers Morgan admitting anti-vaxxers are "right about everything" (pseudo-sarcastically for now, but not for long). This is the 'Great Reveal' rapidly gathering pace, and the truth - or rather, a strategically media-managed approximation of it - is soon to be exposed to the world.

I've made the case before regarding why the ruling classes always intended to reveal parts of their agenda to the public - in short, to destroy all trust and faith in existing institutions, so the public demand their dismantling, therefore paving the way for the great reset and the impetus to "6uild 6ack 6etter".

If you look up Event 201, the blueprint on which "the pandemic" was based, it makes it clear revealing the harms of the vaccine on a mass global scale was always intended to happen. It's obvious it was, because the vaccine is quite so extraordinarily dangerous. If these harms were meant to be covered up permanently, they would have been made more "cover-up-able" - less dangerous, more plausible deniability, and certainly they would not be being pilloried by top vaccine enthusiasts such as Paul Offit, who is telling media outlets all around the world that these injections have only been tested on mice and no human should take them as a result.

Offit isn't saying this because he's suddenly developed a conscience: he's a sold out pharma shill like the rest of them, and is just part of the task force assigned with revealing the (increasingly blatantly obvious) truth.

So it's important to look at the wider agenda here: what exactly will be revealed, and how the social architects intend (and have always intended) to manipulate this to their advantage.

As the 'great reveal' gathers pace, it won't just be the truth about the Covid vaccine that comes to light: we can expect other "conspiracy theories" to be confirmed as true, too, including 9/11 being an inside job and the moon landing being a hoax. It is retrospectively clear these things were always meant to be revealed, because the establishment that concocted them made them so obviously fabricated - for example, having the BBC reporting on the collapse of a tower whilst it remained there for all to see behind the reporter stating it had collapsed. These aren't gaffes or mistakes - they're intentionally planted clues meant to lead anyone with the slightest sliver of common sense (and I do realise that excludes quite a large number of people...) to conclude they are being lied to.

It's important to realise that the modern mind has been sculpted by decades of social engineering to "live in the moment" and be very short-sighted, only analysing events within a very short time-frame and not considering them as part of a bigger picture. The masses are taught to plan their lives in terms of weeks and months, and forget about what happened last year (who still talks about when we weren't allowed to have a pint in a pub without a "substantial meal", and how you were legally obliged to be a in a constant state of motion in a park?) - never mind five years, or five decades, ago.

This is an intentional malevolent manoeuvre on the part of the overlords - who plan in decades and centuries - to stop us 'zooming out' and looking at the bigger picture, in favour of forever focusing on the minutiae of the present moment and not connecting events now to things that happened years, decades, or centuries before. But it is all connected, because the intergenerational ruling classes orchestrating world events now, have been the same hidden hands operating backstage for a very long time.

So, "conspiracy theories" about 9/11 and the moon landing have been intentionally sewn and encouraged to flourish, with multiple books and documentaries available on these subjects on all sorts of major platforms.

This has all been planned for decades as part of the great dismantling of society, so the masses can be told, "look how much you've been deceived by your evil and demented rulers, look how much they've taken you for fools, isn't it time to eradicate them and existing institutions entirely and 6uild 6ack 6etter with something new?"

I find it exceptionally interesting that the Daily Mail (the second biggest newspaper in the country after The Sun) has uncritically linked to the Ickes' media platform, Ickonic, despite the fact the first thing you read when you follow said link is:

"Join Over 10,000 Like-Minded Souls in Seeing Beyond the Propaganda

You’re tired of scouring through endless sources of alternative info. But you need the truth. 

That’s why we made Ickonic – an alternative media platform that  brings you uncensored, unbiased and unique information – all in one place. 

Discover our huge range of original current affairs, series and films. Featuring topics the mainstream won't touch."

Now, why on Earth would a mainstream media vehicle promote a resource that said that about the mainstream media?!

I think it's because the legacy media, like all our other legacy institutions, is going to be revealed as irrevocably corrupt and not to be trusted, and we are going to be presented with new figures to trust instead.

This may sound fantastical to some (and it does to me, to be honest, but I'm going to indulge myself anyway and I ask you for the moment to do the same...), but I think we might be seeing some sort of "David Icke was right all along" headlines in the mainstream in the not-too-distant future.

I think this because, part of the ruling classes agenda in dismantling society is dismantling the modern mind - delivering such powerful psychological shocks to people that they effectively fall apart, making them therefore very malleable and controllable assets that can themselves be "6uilt 6ack 6etter".

Just think about how much David Icke has been absolutely pilloried by the mainstream press over the years, how abused, how vilified, to the extent his name has become synonymous with delusion and lunacy. A lot of people in "the truth movement" won't reference Icke's resources, despite the fact he has indisputably done some great work and is a commendable investigative journalist, because his name invokes too powerful a negative response from 'normies'.

The establishment has allowed and encouraged 'David Icke' to become a household name for the purposes of equating those who question the mainstream with, "nutters who think the Queen is a lizard". How often has it happened to so many of us that when we say something like, "vaccine safety testing is inadequate", a normie replies with, "oh, have you been reading David Icke again?", and therefore dismissing out of hand what we say, because obviously anybody who agrees with David that vaccines are unsafe, believes all hiis other "wacky theories" as well.

Icke has been mocked, lampooned, even villainised on mainstream media across the world, with the public vigorously encouraged to poke fun at this "crazy lunatic" and to feel smug and self-righteous that they trust "credible sources" and haven't fallen for this crazy's ramblings.

So imagine what it will do to the minds of these people if there is an announcement on the world stage from the legacy media that, "we were wrong and David Icke was right".

It will blow the mass mind in a way that isn't really conceivable, and I think that is part of the plan. Remember that the overlords always play the long-game - they're playing grandmaster Chess while the rest of the world is encouraged to focus on remedial Snakes and Ladders - and so it is certainly plausible they've been building up to this for all the decades the public has been encouraged to mock and smear David Icke. Does this mean Icke is "controlled opposition"? No, not necessarily, it means the deviously clever social manipulators behind world events use people to fulfil their agendas without those people always being fully aware of the fact they are being so used.

I have speculated that while I personally have been kicked off Twitter and PayPal, my other resource, Informed Consent Matters, hasn't - this could very well be because ICM is focused solely on revealing the truth about the Covid vaccines and other policies relating to the pandemic, rather than the bigger picture I'm focused on here at Miri AF - and at this point, ICM's focus serves the social engineers to a certain extent, because they want some of this revealed. That doesn't mean ICM isn't a good and genuine resource - obviously it's still important to dissuade people from taking the vaccine and to educate them on the importance of informed consent - but this illustrates that it is eminently possible to be completely genuine and doing good work, but to inadvertently 'serve the agenda' if you happen to do or say something that, at a particular stage of the narrative, is useful to "them". We've probably all done it at some stage, and some people could be being used on a much bigger scale than others.

So, there are certain things set to be revealed, and certain people set to be vindicated, as part of a controlled demolition of the mass mind and, as a consequence, a large number of engineered social, cultural, and political conflicts.

At the moment, society is absolutely beset with divisions and competing narratives, and what it really all comes down to is the 'normies' who trust the mainstream, and the 'conspiracy theorists' who don't.

It's important to realise that 'normies' - those STILL lining up for booster shots and who will earnestly defend the official story of 9/11 etc. - have absolutely no capacity for independent or critical thought whatsoever. Their minds have been irreparably destroyed by decades of intensive and malevolent social engineering deftly designed to utterly annihilate those abilities. They will believe and repeat whatever the mainstream tells them to and are constitutionally incapable of anything different.

So, as and when the mainstream tells them the Covid vaccines are dangerous, 9/11 was an inside job, and (even!) David Icke was right, they entirely lack the critical faculties to question or challenge this, and will therefore have no psychological choice but to accept it as true. This will cause an initial huge internal crisis for them, but that will have everything to do with reeling shock and horror that they were wrong and the "conspiracy theorists" they so gleefully mocked were right. It won't enter their heads to wonder whether the mainstream could be lying to them again, because they are psychologically incapable of entertaining the possibility the mainstream could be lying, as the last two years have unequivocally demonstrated. They are incapable of thought, but only of absorbing and regurgitating messages from "officials" and "authorities", so that is what they will do yet again.

So the implications of this are that, suddenly, most of the most significant and divisive cultural and political battles raging right now... will evaporate.

When the "conspiracy theorists" are vindicated as right, and the 'normies' are forced to accept this because the mainstream says so, suddenly, an extraordinary new social chapter begins - everyone believes, to quite a considerable extent, the same thing.

Everyone now believes the Covid vaccines are dangerous. Everyone now believes certain major events have been fabricated or lied about. Everyone now agrees all dominant institutuons cannot be trusted.

This will all be orchestrated because, to have a One World Government, you need a One World Mind - you need everyone unified under a common belief system and therefore far more amenable to one centralised, unified power - and this is how the social engineers are going to achieve it. You cannot unite the world's population under one singular unifying authority when people furiously disagree on the most fundamental social topics and there are innumerable warring factions battling seeming irresolvable issues.

So the ruling classes are going to appear to resolve these for us, by revealing things on the world stage which suddenly means everyone has no choice but to agree and to start to see the world the same way.

The blueprint for a one world government is perfectly encapsulated in John Lennon's 'Imagine', which explicitly lays out that, in the future, there will be no wars, no borders, no battles, because everyone will think the same way (and, of course, have no possessions).

So this is the ultimate goal of the great reveal: a "one world mind" to pre-empt a One World Government.

Of course, the "truth" that will be revealed will be a highly stage-managed, "limited hangout" version of the complete truth. Events like 9/11 and the moon landings are so obviously fabricated, and the emphasis is on "so obvious" as the social engineers made them this transparent for a reason. These people don't mess up on such colossal scales by accident. Look how meticulously they produce Hollywood movies - a big disaster movie wouldn't make a major error such as having a reporter delivering the news of a "collapsed building" whilst said building was clearly visible behind her, so you can be sure the BBC didn't do this by mistake, either. It's all set up to cause people to "conspiracy theorise", to be mocked by the mainstream and media-mind-controlled 'normies', and then vindicated later, as is about to happen.

Real deep-diving "conspiracy theories", such as, do viruses really cause disease (no) will never be revealed, just the pretty elementary "conspiracy 101" stuff that anyone even remotely capable of critical thinking (and like I said, I am aware that excludes a great many people) has already concluded.

So, yes, it looks like we're in for an interesting next few months. I invite everyone to enjoy the show to a certain extent - to feel proud and justified that you were right all along and that your critical thinking skills are robustly in tact - but not to allow this vindication to cause you to drop your defences. If anything, our ability to remain sceptical, vigilant, and critically assessing of all information that is presented to us, is now going to become more vitally important than ever.

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21 comments on “For a One World Government, you need a One World Mind”

  1. Great insight and advice.
    Staying humble and supportive of others upheaval will be important, vigilance heightened.
    I suspect we will see a far greater reveal than vaccines, moon landings or 9/11 that will create a huge global reaction.
    I daren't even mention it here.

  2. When I first heard the term "Build Back Better" repeated by all leading politicians and even King Charles my immediate thought was "What is being demolished prior to this rebuilding?"
    The financial system? Our healthcare systems? Perhaps our own health? The reset requires the approval of the masses which in turn requires the reset to become your "holiday" in the same way that many willingly took the jabs, not because they had a clinical need, but in order to get back to normal or to go on that holiday. The chaos that is being cleverly created is designed so that the masses will accept the "changes" that have been planned for us. They need an enemy and what greater enemy to justify the reset than all the Govts/institutions that have lied to them and harmed their families & children with the covid jabs?

  3. Come on Vic, Let us in on it! We've lost the ability to be shocked or scared!

    By the way Miri, are you ok with us replying on your comments page?

  4. Superb Miri. We need to guard against 'we told you so' and I am guilty of this, but I would like an apology from those who have abused and excluded me from their presence. Highly unlikely though!

  5. It certainly is interesting to watch the wheels come off the narrative we've been fed for so long - but if that's orchestrated too, whatever comes next?

    Sage advice as always, Miri - I'll be wary of any developments in the near future. Keep it coming! 🙂

  6. Doubt Icke will publish this one, Miri, which means you are spoiling the whole evil plot!

    Brilliant as always.

  7. "Live in the moment" has always made me cringe but I had never thought about why. Great insight (as are all the rest in the article).

  8. Obviously the utter morons will believe that this corruption was done by a few bad apples...
    But most of these idiots will be eliminated by the toxic shots...
    The rest of us are not idiots that blindly trust Icke and his nonsense blind belief in the simulation theory

  9. Living in the moment is actually something that those of us worriers need to learn.
    But what they taught us was to ignore reality to live in the imaginary moment.

  10. Gosh! You’re SO right. Thanks very much for this, I really appreciate all your hard work. We’re in for a rough ride but sticking together and being informed really helps.

  11. This makes complete sense, especially when you view it in light of the book of Revelation. When the one world government is established, the anti-Christ will be ushered in, and people will worship him as their saviour. But no one needs a saviour, unless they have something they need saving from. In this case, that will be the current establishments and the way things are now being run.

  12. Thanks all for the great comments 🙂

    To David - please feel free to chat to other commenters on here.

  13. The truth is so strange, it would make people feel their lives are insignificant and, hence, it can't be handled by people with egos (most people). We are part of a cosmic consciousness and we're supposed to be having fun! See my website's first paragraph for the truth. Even causality is questionable.

  14. I also see it as a great opportunity to drive society in a different direction where more localised decisions are made about how we want our life to be, with true democracy.

    There are many building already, new healthcare systems, new bartering systems, credit unions will be developed and perhaps an overhaul of common law to start again.

    If we had a tax of 0.001% on transactions it would raise so much money that most of us would have to pay very little. Amazon however …

    We don’t have to accept an unelected global government…who wants to be like China. I believe we can lead and build a fairer world, we have to, that’s why we are here.

    The alternative is too horrendous to contemplate.
    I’d rather hold images like Bob Morans cartoon of gates behind bars …

    Exposing their behavioral manipulation of pace pace pace …lead to actually lead people to something that we are in control of not these sick psychopaths.

    Teaching people their manipulative ways will help break the spell.

    As time goes on more and more who’ve had the poisoned v will pass and those left behind will become stronger. Everyday conversations can point to the faults of the puppet masters just like the Wizzard of Oz as people with no real power or heart, just privilege are brought to account.

    There is work to do, very much work. But we see their plans and more know what we are dealing with.

    Yes it will be confusing and scary for those waking up but we survived it didn’t we?

    I remember looking around for the drugs I must have taken whilst watching Charlie Ward introducing John Hallett as the rightful King of England… oh what wonderful fairy tales were around back then. And horrendous ones too.

    The PsyOps were everywhere…to cause confusion, despair, but we got through the worst hypnosis as a hypnotist myself that I’ve ever seen..

    There is hope, there always is. I see a bright future and let’s enjoy the challenge. Let’s hold the hand of the awakeners and add them to our numbers.

    Let’s find a way to unite and shine a light on their old chestnut to divide and conquer us and watch us fight amongst ourselves. Instead let’s build tolerance and acceptance of differences without the need for labels..
    We are the many they are the few, we are the 99%.

    Spoiler alert.

    Humanity wins…

  15. Thanks Miri, I was using Telegram to communicate but it quit on me and I couldn't re-install. Being able to swap ideas and to be enlightened is very welcome here. I tend to use media sites as a way to log my uncertainties and keep me relatively current and sane. Meantime, my memory continues to be tainted...and taunted.

  16. Interesting. I was having issues connecting using the clear net so had to use Tor to access this page. Either way, the article makes a lot of sense. I still tend to believe they will simply become more China-like in the West which is indicated by the new draconian laws they are putting out there in the UK and elsewhere. Still the 'Great Reveal' is an interesting idea. Not entirely convinced but wouldn't be surprised if they went with it.

  17. Of course David Icke is controlled opposition. Have you not seen the (now verified) photo of him in the Freemason's chair?

    He and his sons (eventually) tried laughing that off as if David's story of how he stumbled across the unmanned lodge, up the stairs and into the unlocked grand hall (or whatever it's called) was just a routine occurrence that could happen to any of us on a Sunday afternoon stroll!

    Would anyone have bought the same story from Bill Gates or Tony Fauci if it was a photo of them in the chair?

    I know David Icke has spoken a lot of truth over the years, but what has he left out?

    And what other roles has he fulfilled? For example, I think he is guilty of intentionally fuelling the rift between the police and civilians during lockdowns.

    Acting as the middlemen between governmemts and the people, the police were key pawns during lockdown. And many "independent" news sources (eg, David Icke, UK Column, Rebel News) were pushing *questionable* narratives on us that served to create a chasm between us and the police, pushing them firmly away from us and towards their government.

    In doing so, the government's security was increased and our opportunity to win the battle decreased.

    In addition to the freemasons chair, there's the dodgy handshakes, fearmongering, the BBC connection...

    David Icke was even promoting ID cards on TV the morning after the Luton vs Millwall riot in 1985. Another great call, David, as they were soon introduced at Luton Town FC after that.

    Regardless of which colours he's wearing, maybe David Icke is a specialist himself in "predictive programming"...

  18. Great article, but I'mnot sure the PTB need us all to think the same before they corral us into a one world government.

    The alternative is they continue to ramp up division and mass civil unrest, and then call in NATO "peace keepers" to quell uprisings and keep up safe.

    The emerging 'unsafe jab' narrative, along with future lockdowns, energy and food shortages, will further fuel division, unrest and violence.

  19. The idea has always been to turn people in the west against their own puppet governments so as to welcome the eurasian multipolar world government led by those who control Russia and currently being broadbased with brics expansion.

    If they are using kabbalah then the 70-30 rule always applies, but they're so in control now it's just sloppy.

    So far nobody seems to be too worried about the G20 declaration to move towards international vax passports under the auspices of the WHO and so openly in support of the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

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