If you tear out your enemy's tongue, it doesn't prove them a liar, it just proves you fear what they have to say

Written by: Miri
November 20, 2021
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I am currently serving no less than four Facebook bans, running across three accounts, comprised respectively of:

*A 30-day ban for "causing physical harm" by sharing a Telegraph article that confirms the "conspiracy theory" that PCR tests are harvesting DNA;

*A 30-day ban for incorporating this entirely mainstream and factual information into a letter for employees to send to workplaces if they do not wish to receive PCR testing;

*A ban of indeterminate length for *offending communist dictators", sorry, I mean, "violating community standards" just for generally existing (no actual reason was given for this ban so I've extrapolated);

*A permanent ban and account deletion on my second back-up account, "Miri Canned". This ban came barely 48 hours after I had established the account, and shortly after I had politely signalled to my hate-fans that there was a new page for them to repeatedly refresh, silently seethe, and furiously foment over, so it's very probable a few of them 'reported me'. Just can't get out of that wheedling telling tales to teacher mentality, can they?

I doubt that it is any coincidence that such heavy-handed censorship has been imposed on me at the same time as Austria makes vaccines compulsory and has thrust the 30% of its population that remain unvaccinated into indefinite house-arrest, with multiple other countries threatening to do the same.

The social controllers are going full 1984 and any dissenting voices will be ruthlessly - and, if necessary, violently - suppressed. Ironically, just hours before my final ban, I shared this poem, regarding the inevitable, crushing corollary of 'tolerance' as a weapon to attack free speech, that I wrote two years ago, just before the dark pantomime plague began. Of particularly eerie prescience was the penultimate paragraph, which alludes to 'muzzles'.

I'm not sure when or if I will be back on FB - I have quite a large stable of hate-fans who may make this difficult by gleefully reporting me to - Sir! Sir! She's being naughty again, Sir! - Mr. Zuckerberg the minute I start posting again, so please check my site for new posts in the first instance (and please do also join my mailing list, half the fun of which is finding it, I know, sorry... it's on here somewhere...) and Twitter and MeWe in the second, which I will focus on building up more whilst I reside unrepentantly on the naughty step...

Naturally, the attempts of the evil overlords to muzzle my voice will be just as successful as their attempts to muzzle my face, and, in many ways, I welcome the challenge to become a little more 'creative' about how I get my message out there. So, as always, thanks to the hate-fans who are some of my biggest muses and motivators (some of my most well-received posts have been prompted as a response to some nonsense from a hate-fan, so I am really and sincerely grateful for them... mostly. Admittedly, my gratitude may not have been as eloquently expressed as it could have been by the computer-thumping, coffee-spitting, slew of invective that initially accompanied the news of ban #4...).

"They" are going to make it more difficult than ever for us to speak out and use every dirty trick in the book to shut us up, but as they say, "when they tried to bury us, they didn't realise we were seeds".

They also didn't realise there is MeWe, blogs, Telegram, etc., but I guess that doesn't sound so good as a profound and motivational quote...

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