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Written by: Miri
September 11, 2023
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Right on cue - on 9/11, naturally - there are the headlines:

'GET JABBED: Brits urged to get Covid boosters amid fears of back-to-school surge of new variant.'

'New Covid fears as kids return to school as daily rates numbers double in a month.'

And across the pond, it's the same:

'COVID outbreaks hit workplaces, schools across California as summer illnesses worsen.'

Notice the relentless focus - not on nursing homes or the old and vulnerable this time - but on children, and schools.

NHS vaccines director Steve Russell told The Sun (one of Britain's most widely read newspapers): “Schools returning can lead to a spike in infections with children. It is essential those eligible for a jab protect themselves and the young people in their lives.”

This new focus is not accidental or incidental. On the contrary, as we have been discussing at this site for some months, "they" (the shadowy overlords, the ruling classes, the psychopathic social scriptwriters) have been planning Pandemic 2.0 for a long time, and have cautioned us in various ways that the next "pandemic" would disproportionately affect children.

Boris Johnson said clearly in 2022 that, if ever there was "a new variant that affected children", the government would reimpose 2020-style restrictions, and as soon as he had said that, it was a foregone conclusion that "they" would make sure there was.

Of course, and needless to say, this would never happen organically. Children are the healthiest cohort of society and - even using the rules of conventional virology - one couldn't come up with a credible explanation as to how a virus could affect legions of healthy children more severely than chronically ill adults many decades their senior.

For this to happen, a virus would not only have to become self-aware enough to think and devise a cunning plan of attack (which is something social engineers have actually tried to convince us viruses can do, solemnly informing us most recently that viruses can see), but also be able to deduce age and discern when someone has turned 18.

Needless to say - even by using conventional virology's own rules - that's impossible.

What does have a very strict age discernment and cut off, however, is not any virus - but the flu nasal spray, which is only administered to the under-18s and is not available to adults.

By sheer force of complete non-coincidence, said flu nasal spray is being offered to all eight million of the nation's school-aged children (this is the first time it's been offered to all secondary school children).

This spray - known for its ability to cause and disseminate illness - has also been "tweaked" this year, and the new reformulated concoction has barely been tested (for what "vaccine safety testing" is worth, which is already very, very little).

The flu spray programme is administered by an entity called the 'school-aged immunisation team' (see my letter to my local such 'team' here), and these teams will be taking this toxic brew to every school in the country, starting this month and going through to mid-December.

As they progressively poison more and more children with an invasive and risky pharmaceutical product known to be dangerous (and with a reformulated version which will have unknown risks, too), we will consequently see a rise in unwell children, and children being admitted to hospital.

And there it is: the new "pandemic" which features a "variant that affects children" (but not over-18s as they don't qualify for the poison spray which gave it to the kids).

Meanwhile, adults are busy being contaminated once again with yet more Covid boosters, so their declining health will follow shortly.

It's a stitch-up, a scam, a dark and twisted pantomime - not a "pandemic", and if it was a pandemic, there is no way I could have predicted to the letter how this would unfold back in June. I said:

"The most likely way they will create the illusion of the next, particularly virulent "pandemic" that disproportionately effects children, is to put something especially toxic and nasty in the 'flu spray that most children receive annually, usually at school. The 'flu spray is not typically given to anyone over the age of 17, so this would be an obvious way of inducing illness in the school-aged population that does not affect older adults."

Less than a week after I had written this, I learned that, for the first time ever, the UK government planned to extend the nasal flu programme to include all three million of the nation's secondary school pupils, something it had never done before.

The reason it had never done this before is that this cohort - healthy teenagers and pre-teens - are at effectively zero risk from the condition the flu spray claims to prevent. So to spend such colossal sums vaccinating them (just imagine the eye-watering sums needed to coordinate a vaccine drive for three million children in three months), even if the vaccine worked as it claims to (needless to say it doesn't), would be a complete waste of money.

To quote a (not-anti-vaccine) retired NHS GP I know, when he was told about the plans to extend the flu spray to secondary schools:

"This is ridiculous, a complete waste of money, this group does not need it at all."

So as we can obviously discount as an explanation for this extension, "the government wants to protect the children" (frankly we can ALWAYS discount that as an explanation), it begs the question: what is the real purpose of spraying an additional three million children?

To which the answer is now glaringly obvious: to create the illusion of the next pandemic.

The press are already starting to fan the flames of panic, but it will take a few more weeks yet before horror stories start saturating every newspaper's front pages and it's all anyone's talking about, so now is the time to take a deep breath, re-gather our strength, and to up the ante in our fight for our freedom.

"They" have already warned us that the restrictions they put in place this time will be "wider, earlier, and more stringent" than what we had before, so we must be prepared to act quickly.

They have several agendas in mind this time, a central one being to close down most schools and move education online (this is how and why they'll do that), and to generally create a climate of such extreme fear of everything physical and real, that this all-pervasive manufactured terror can only be appeased by staying in your house all the time for the rest of your life. Because "new variants", "collapsing concrete", etc. This is their envisaged future for the average person and they'll attempt to achieve it through fear, knowing that the one thing that scares people the most is the prospect of endangered children.

But we can and we will fight back and there are plenty of real-world initiatives to link up with (such as this and this) to help us strengthen a real-world resistance, to reclaim and maintain our so-called "reality privilege" (the ruling classes intending for that to only be a preserve of moneyed elites in the future, whilst everyone else exists solely as an avatar in the metaverse).

The dark Hollywood magicians behind the latest act of this slick, sick pantomime might be crying out, "it's showtime!", expecting us all to sit mesmerised in our seats.

But we all see the man behind the curtain, and won't be falling for his cheap parlour tricks.

We will resist and disobey and not comply - and, ultimately, we will win.

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