It's more important to be brave than to be right

Written by: Miri
August 25, 2023
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On the 3rd April, 2019, several months before any of us had ever heard the word 'Covid', and when lockdown was still exclusively a prison term, I wrote the following post on Facebook:


Part of the ruling elites' ''code of practice'' is that they have to tell us what they're doing. If we don't object or try to stop it, that qualifies as our consent, and they're allowed to go ahead with it. This is known as revelation of the method.

One of their favourite ways to reveal their plans is through the visual medium ('programming'), particularly Hollywood films. Incidentally, the name Hollywood comes from the particular wood traditionally used by wizards to make wands to cast spells.

In 2011, a big-budget blockbuster called Contagion came out. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend doing so - it's on Netflix, but even better if you can get the DVD, for the most informative and revealing extras.

The basic plot of Contagion is that a deadly tropical illness is transported to the West by an airplane passenger, and quickly reaches pandemic proportions, killing most people it reaches, except for a lucky few who are naturally immune. The CDC are the valiant heroes who come to the rescue, by eventually managing to respond with a vaccine, whilst the villain of the piece is a crazy conspiracy theorist, who warns people that the real harm is in the vaccine - but of course, he is revealed only to be doing this to make a quick buck by selling his own snake oil.

The infrastructure of society breaks down, food becomes scarce, and people are herded into FEMA-style camps where the only food is available - but naturally, they have to receive the vaccine in order to qualify for it. In the DVD extras, the directors state that this is not a work of fiction, but a prophecy, and that it is a matter of 'when not if' this happens for real.

There is also a ''fun'' little cartoon pushing the importance of the 'flu vaccine - despite the fact the illness depicted in the film is not the 'flu. As I say, this film is a clear example of revelation of the method / predictive programming. So I was just waiting for what I saw in today's Daily Mail (link to full article in comments). Our 'Contagion' is on its way, and that's why the media has suddenly gone all-out with the vaccine propaganda and the demonisation of 'anti-vaxxers'. To ensure maximum fear and compliance when the fake epidemic hits, and that everyone's lining up to get vaccinated.

The real disease will be in the vaccine, and when everyone starts dropping like flies from it, it will be blamed on the unvaccinated for compromising 'herd immunity'. A state of emergency will be declared, it will become very difficult to acquire food and water if you do not have proof of vaccine status, and armed police may even be deployed to go door-to-door with the vaccine, at least in the big cities.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this, and this is indeed an instance of my being a 'crazy conspiracy theorist'. But I very much suspect I'm not, and that some very dark days are on their way."

Less than a year later, something very close to what I had predicted occurred.

Yet, I knew when I wrote my predictive post that this was not a foregone conclusion (as Doc Brown wisely told us in Back To The Future III, "your future hasn't been written yet. No-one's has!"), and therefore, people could - and no doubt did - read it and think me delusional and insane: a "crazy conspiracy theorist", as I said in the closing paragraph.

But that didn't stop me making the post, despite the fact I knew I would be mocked and that I could be wrong. I made the post because I felt strongly something catastrophic was coming, and wanted to do what I could to warn people (as to be forewarned is to be forearmed) - and I was prepared to risk "looking stupid" if I got it wrong, because as I said in the title - it's more important to take a risk when the stakes are so high, than it is to always be right about everything. Which, by the way, is impossible (yes, even for me...).

As it happens, I was right in this instance, and I have been right on other scores, too (such as my predictions about how the Andrew Tate arrest saga would play out). But I haven't got a crystal ball and can't always be 100% accurate about everything. However, this does not stop me - nor should it stop you - from recognising patterns, seeing signs, and coming to likely conclusions about what is ahead as a result.

I have been warning for some weeks that a new "pandemic" is on the way, the symptoms of which will be created by the toxic children's flu nasal spray (which was already proven dangerous enough, but this year consists of a new formula with a mystery ingredient about which very little information exists), and (yes, yet more) Covid boosters due in October.

When waves of illness start to hit children particularly, all the predictable Covid-style restrictions - masks, tests, lockdowns - will be rolled out "for our safety". To try and warn people about this in advance (and, ideally, of course, avert it), I have produced a template letter to send to schools about the flu spray, and a leaflet to warn local communities about what it seems is being planned.

I have had a few people say to me something along the lines of, "but how can you be so sure this is going to happen? What if I hand out this leaflet and then it doesn't? Then I'm going to look stupid and like a crazy conspiracy theorist".

How can I be so sure? I can't. I'm not. I just think it's an overwhelmingly likely possibility, based on all the evidence and the signs, and it is this strong possibility that I am warning people about. Remember Doc Brown's immortal words, "the future isn't written", so of course nobody making future predictions can ever claim to be 100% certain.

If I'm wrong, I'll take it on the chin. I mean, let's be very clear here, I don't want millions of children to be poisoned and the country hurled back into another draconian, unlawful, catastrophic lockdown. So if I'm wrong and life continues as normal - thank God for that. My "looking stupid" is a small price to pay for avoiding the utter national catastrophe of another lockdown and thousands of severely ill children.

If I am wrong then, worst case scenario, all my predictions have done is raise awareness of the objectively dangerous flu spray - which has been creating and spreading illness in children for years - and strengthened people's resolve to push back against any future manufactured "pandemics" and attendant restrictions.

As I (and Doc) said, the future is not written, so it's even possible - ambitious, yes, but possible - that by raising awareness of what the establishment has planned, we could force them to avert their plans and change course. After all, when they were unable to get enough people to go for the planned, preposterous "monkeypox pandemic", they abandoned it. They do have to do that if they can't convince enough people to go along with their pantomime scripting, so blowing the whistle on them now could actually result in a change of what they had initially intended. Much as they would vigorously like us to believe otherwise, they are not actually omnipotent and we do have power over how the future unfolds.

However, whether I am wrong or right, or whether you are, it's critical to bear the following in mind: no matter how good your track record at getting things right, you will never win the respect of regime loyalists and narrative devotees ("normies") that way.

I can (and have) point to my April 2019 prediction quoted above, and say to normies, "see? I got that right, didn't I? Doesn't that prove I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist and might actually know what I'm talking about?"

"No. Lucky guess. Monkey with a paint set," is all they will say.

Indeed, Aseem Malhotra encapsulated the dominant normie attitude very well, when - when asked why it was that a "medical expert" like him didn't initially see the dangers of the Covid vaccine, but millions of "conspiracy theorists" did - he replied that the conspiracy theorists' aversion to the vaccine was irrational, but that "sometimes irrationality proves correct".

And that's all normies will ever think, regardless of how many times you get it right or how ahead of the curve you are: that you are so delusional and crazy, with so many wacky, outlandish theories, that, eventually, one of them will just coincidentally happen to be right. But it's just random, chaotic chance, and certainly nothing to do with your ability to critically think, recognise patterns, and assess information. Because they (so they believe) can do that much better than you, because they trust The Science and follow The Experts, rather than some random bloke on YouTube.

So if you're reluctant to share warnings and predictions because "normies will call me a crazy conspiracy theorist if I get it wrong" - listen: they'll call you that anyway.

We all have an ego (and indeed would be dead without one) and nobody likes to be wrong. But being wrong on occasion is inevitable (it's how we learn and grow), and being right isn't the most important thing or only consideration when deciding how to act. Having integrity, doing what you believe is correct, showing courage and sharing potentially life-saving information in a crisis, are all much more important than always getting everything completely right.

If we can't risk being wrong, then we can't issue warnings, we can't advise preparation, we can't plan for the likely future, "because we might be wrong and then look stupid", so please, risk being wrong and know that any decent person is not going to denounce you forever if you make a genuine mistake on occasion (as we all do), whilst normies are going to denounce you whatever you do.

So please, do study the ever-mounting evidence of what it looks like is right around the corner, remember that it's part of their "code" that they have to tell us what's coming, and consider that, unfortunately, just as I wasn't in April 2019, it doesn't seem I am wrong this time either.

But if I am wrong, that's okay, not least because I do not want to be right about any of my predictions, for obvious reasons. What I do want to do is encourage everyone to critically think, to recognise patterns, and to prepare for the likely future based on the evidence around us.

Don't worry about "always being right". If you focus instead on showing courage and integrity, then, regardless of what predictions you make, you will always be right in all the ways that matter.

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