My old college mandated vaccines this semester. Their president "died suddenly" this weekend.

Written by: Miri
November 30, 2021
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In 2013, I spent a year studying in the USA, at a branch of the State University of New York (SUNY) in a place called Potsdam - a quintessential, sleepy little college town, nestled in the Adirondack mountains.

I generally had a great time, excepting for the occasion the university's medical centre tried to have me expelled and deported because, so they claimed, I hadn't had enough measles vaccinations. I challenged this situation and eventually triumphed (I insisted on a blood test for antibody titres instead), with this experience being what really catapulted me down the vaccine rabbit hole, leading to the birth of my vaccine website, STRIVE (the Student and Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education).

The university put immense pressure on me to receive an unnecessary and risky invasive intervention I did not wish to receive, replete with threats to abruptly terminate my education if I did not comply, which is hardly the definition of freely given, informed consent - something universities purport to be so concerned with in other areas. This therefore made me realise just how little real vaccine education young people are given, and how few comprehensive vaccine resources there are for college and university students, who are often making their own vaccine decisions for the first time. So, in 2015, I created STRIVE, which is an impartial (not "anti-vax") website designed to furnish students with the full facts so they can make an informed choice.

Having had this experience at SUNY nearly ten years ago, I was disappointed, though not hugely surprised, to learn that, this semester, they mandated Covid vaccinations for all students. To quote from their website:

"Students who do not receive their full vaccination and provide the requisite documentation, or who are not approved for a religious or medical exemption by 4 p.m. on Monday, September 27, will be immediately disenrolled from classes, restricted from entering campus, and will not receive any refunds for housing, meals or tuition."

The website then goes on to list all sorts of totalitarian nonsense regarding masking, testing, and distancing requirements, making the whole experience sound more like an internment at some sort of military medical experimentation camp, rather than the fun, carefree experience that should be going to college.

I, like many people, like to keep abreast of the developments at my old college, so I visit their website from time to time, and learned in the summer that they had appointed a new interim president for the 2021 fall semester, Dr. John L. Graham. I watched a video of Dr. Graham a couple of months ago, warmly welcoming new students to campus and to this wonderful, exciting new chapter of their lives... As they scuttled about, muzzled and faceless, behind him. I thought just how sad and utterly, tragically unnecessary the whole thing was.

College is supposed to be the best time of your life, a testament to fun, adventure, and freedom, but instead, students are being corralled into the degrading, dehumanising subjugation of enforced masking. The only purpose of this is to create irrational fear and modify behaviour accordingly, meaning that, instead of enjoying the vibrant, fearless dynamism of their youth (and the fact that the risk to them from any cold virus is effectively zero), students are instead stuck in fear, fear, fear which breeds nothing but conformity, cowardice, and compliance. (And really, surely at bastions of higher learning such as universities, it should be a matter of palpably obvious common sense that such unsanitary, medieval measures as wrapping bits of grubby cloth around one's face do nothing whatsoever to enhance anyone's health. However, as common sense is anything but common these days - especially at universities - please note that all the credible science shows this, too - that masks not only do nothing to protect anyone's health, but that they actually significantly increase one's chances of illness.)

Anyway, as I learned more about the appointment of Dr. Graham as SUNY Potsdam's new president, I discovered he was a staunch supporter of all the Covid measures, and a central figure on SUNY's steering committee for their "COVID-19 Re-Opening Task Force" - the key component of this 'force' being mandatory campus vaccinations from September.

Two months later, Dr. Graham has "died suddenly", aged just 57.

The cause of death has not yet been released, but 'sudden death' in otherwise healthy people is almost invariably cardiovascular in nature, and the evidence is mounting rapidly that the Covid injections are causing a tsunami of fatal heart attacks and cardiac arrests in otherwise healthy people.

Again, I posit the question of how many healthy, active people, many decades below life expectancy, you have known to "die suddenly" in your lifetime, prior to 2020. Be honest. For the overwhelming majority of people, the answer is "none", but now, it is happening daily and every single person I know is directly affected. A friend or a neighbour or a relative, not known to have any serious health problems and many years below life expectancy, just "dies suddenly", soon after receiving the Covid injection.

I am currently compiling a database of "sudden, unexpected" deaths as reported by the media and they are becoming epidemic. There are new reports daily - more and more every day. This is NOT normal, it has NOT 'always happened', and it most certainly is not 'a coincidence'.

What I am seeing (and what anybody will see if they open their eyes and really look) is all reflected in the official data, too. In the UK, non-Covid excess deaths have exceeded the five-year-average, whilst an explosive new study from Germany (that expected to find the opposite) shows that mortality rates are uniformly higher in countries with high vaccination rates. The lower the vaccination rates, the lower the mortality.

People still invested in the "official story" (and as they say, the only purpose of official stories is to protect officials) will twist themselves into ever-more convoluted mental knots trying to justify why this is happening, and will blame everything from the cold to caffeine to climate change (and yes, people are actually doing that), in order to avoid the painful - and painfully obvious - truth.

Millions of people have been hoodwinked by the hoax of the century into injecting themselves with something they were told would protect them but is actually having the exact opposite effect, and this is by design. The pharmaceutical companies all indemnified themselves against law suits for injury or death caused by their products because they knew what effects these injections would have. These are not "side effects", they are the intended effects. As the ruling classes have made abundantly clear time and again, they think there are too many of us ("overpopulation"), and so they are currently engaged in dramatically culling our numbers.

No amount of ridiculing and name-calling of those who observe this increasingly obvious reality is going to change the facts, which are that vaccination is clearly correlated with an increase in mortality, and this cannot be explained away by the notion that, "vaccinated people were in ill health anyway", because the reports clearly show that isn't true. Young people and middle-aged people with no known underlying health conditions are dropping like dominoes soon after receiving the Covid injection, including healthy children as young as 12.

This huge upsurge in serious ill health, including death, amongst recently vaccinated individuals cannot either be explained away by the idea that "vaccine efficacy is waning and so vaccinated people are at more risk", because a) heart attacks aren't a consequence of vaccine deficiency, and b) even if vaccine efficacy has waned, a vaccinated person should still be more protected that an unvaccinated person, and yet that is not what the data shows. Most people being admitted to ICUs currently are double-vaccinated.

I don't know for definite what caused Dr. John Graham's sudden death, more than twenty years prematurely, but I do know that nothing that is happening at the moment regarding "sudden deaths" is remotely normal and that the worst, most disrespectful thing we could do in terms of honouring these lives being abruptly snuffed out would be to ignore and deride massive, looming factors that are highly likely to be causatively involved. So, please, spare me any fake sanctimony about how it's "disrespectful to the families" to make these observations and draw these correlations. I think it's a lot more disrespectful to families to deprive them of their loved ones decades prematurely, and not to then do everything we can to find out why this has happened and prevent such avoidable tragedies happening again.

The scenario I am outlining - of intentionally dangerous injections being foisted on the population via a grand global deception - may sound crazy, ridiculous, utterly lunatic - and I agree. It is completely lunatic in every sense.

But that doesn't mean it isn't true. Study some history. Learn about all the crazy, ridiculous, lunatic events that have happened in the last century alone. Labelling something absurd and insane doesn't make it untrue. Unfortunately, wherever great power and wealth are involved, the grim reality of what people will do to maintain and increase that power and wealth does often tend to be insane - ruthless, psychopathic, and evil. That is the dark triad of personality traits that make up the characters of the most powerful people in our society, and it is reflected in their endless warmongering and wealth-hoarding.

Is it really such a stretch to believe that the same people who would orchestrate the brutal demise of millions through wars and famines, would also coldly cull a few more through lethal injection? Let's be honest: it's not a stretch at all. It's what's happening.

Whether you believe it or not, it's what's happening. Whatever pejoratives you want to throw at me for recognising it, it's happening. And so the central moral duty of every person who can see this is happening is to identify, expose, and stop it - before yet more families are torn apart by (what will otherwise be labelled) 'coincidence'.

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One comment on “My old college mandated vaccines this semester. Their president "died suddenly" this weekend.”

  1. Lots of people who were prepared to follow the "guidance" are realising that it was a Judas Goat they were behind. Alas not enough yet.

    Menticide relies upon regular boosters of b.s. and/or more and more overt threats. But the official story _is_ falling apart, thanks to diligent researchers like yourself.

    Go Miri 👍

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