Off The Beaten Track: The Most Unpopular Conspiracy Theory

Written by: Miri
January 5, 2023

I really don't want to upset anyone, and I know this is going to be a deeply painful assertion for many, so please consider yourselves duly triggerly warned, but I'm afraid I have to say it...

Deep breath...

Here we go...

The Beatles were "in the club".

Yes, I'm afraid it's true. They weren't "four ordinary lads from Liverpool", John Lennon was not a "working class hero", and the band and all its constituent members were establishment-controlled intelligence assets: "change agents" used to usher in the dramatic cultural shifts that took place in the 1960s.

*Takes a hiatus to hide behind sofa to avoid all digital deluging with rotten fruit*

Look... I don't like it any more than you do. I grew up loving the Beatles (my dad had original vinyl singles from the '60s, and one of my earliest memories is dancing around the living room to Twist 'n' Shout - and then wailing with horror when 'A Taste of Honey' came on next (still can't stand that song...).

I read the Hunter Davies biography obsessively; one of my most treasured teenage memories was when me and a fellow Beatlemaniac friend skived off school for the day to get the train to Liverpool and do the Magical Mystery Tour (we were beyond thrilled when we were afterwards able to cash in our "free drink at the Cavern" tokens without getting ID'd: I even remember what I had - a Malibu and Diet Coke. Because nothing says 1960s Liverpudlian rock culture like overly-sweet synthetic coconut cocktails...)

But wistful nostalgia and teenage tipsiness aside... to reiterate the same point I make whenever evaluating any prominent cultural hero or media star: nobody rises to a "household name" level of prominence unless this is entirely arranged and sponsored by the establishment (because they own the media and they created the culture, but more on that later).

Hence, you simply do not achieve the level of global superstardom that The Beatles did (notoriously, "more famous than Jesus") unless you have every arm of the establishment behind you. The Beatles were not some underground success story, after all: they were all too mainstream, appearing on every popular television show and relentlessly being plastered across all the papers, and this happened exceptionally quickly and all across the world - far too quickly for it to be 'organic'. Bear in mind that half the group was still school-aged in the early 1960s - yet by February 1964, they had achieved a number one hit in a country they weren't even from. Even mainstream Beatles historians admit their official backstory sounds like "a fairy tale".

It being notoriously difficult for British artists to 'break America' - never mind ones barely out of school uniform - it's quite clear this didn't happen naturally. It was all arranged behind the scenes, and exorbitantly bankrolled at the highest levels, in order to catalyse incredible social changes of the likes we had never seen before (or have since), and that is what we will explore in this essay. What changes The Beatles effected, why, and most importantly of all, how.

If the Beatles are assessed less as a band, and more as a cultural force to dramatically change prevailing attitudes, behaviours, and social norms (which is the specific purpose of 'change agents'), we can see they achieved this very successfully: simply compare the pre-Beatles world, to the post-Beatles one - the sweeping differences in culture that took place between 1960 and 1970. To quote from a certain cyber-encyclopedia: "in the United States and other Western countries, the Sixties is noted for its counterculture. There was a revolution in social norms, including clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, formalities, civil rights, precepts of military duty, and schooling."

As the above quote encapsulates, the 1960s saw the intense "liberalisation" of society, with attitudes to the titillating trifecta of "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" changing profoundly. The story we are told is that this change occurred because the people, frustrated with being horribly oppressed through centuries of austere conservatism, rose up and changed society for the better.

Like most stories we are told about our history, this is completely false. Ordinary people do not have the tools, resources, or organisational skills to effect such mammoth social changes in such a short period of time. These changes happened because they were strategised and bankrolled by the elite, and induced as "the new normal" via their strategically placed change agents. In the USA, the so-called counter-culture was wholly controlled by the CIA, who used managed intelligence assets - often children of high-ranking military men, such as The Doors' Jim Morrison, son of Admiral Morrison - to rapidly change the culture.

In the UK, we had a similar military/intelligence scheme going on with The Beatles. It is widely and credibly rumoured that the group wrote none of their own songs, and that these were, in fact, produced by high-level social engineers such as Theodore Aldorno (an extremely talented pianist who had originally planned for a career as a composer), with ties to the Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School. In short, secretive and powerful bodies of subversive intellectuals conspired to dramatically change the culture with incredibly catchy, almost hypnotic music, using floppy-haired pretty boys as the photogenic "front". Note that the first hyperlink in this paragraph mocks this theory, without providing the slightest scintilla of evidence that it's not true, which is the CIA-approved method for quashing challenges to the official narrative, and why they invented the term "conspiracy theory."

However, in applying even the slightest sliver of logic to the situation, we can see that it almost certainly is true - at the time of The Beatles meteoric rise to unfathomable fame, they were four callow teenagers without any formal musical training of any sort. Out of all the brilliant and accomplished professional composers in the world (such as, say, Theodore Aldorno), is it really plausible that four amateur youths could collude to construct awe-inspiring, professional-level melodies - again and again and again - that captured the hearts of the whole world?

No, it's not.

It would be astonishing to have even one such preternaturally talented youth in a locality, never mind three, four, or more who knew each other. Far more plausible, then, that they were just following the now long-established "boyband" model - pretty faces to smile at the cameras and look good for the fans, with the real musical powerhouses writing the lyrics and composing the music behind the scenes.

In the greater conspiratorial scheme of things, this represents a fairly 'vanilla' theory: one that's been circulating for decades and isn't really that controversial to those who know "all the world's a stage". But this does not represent the full extent of my conspiracising: it merely sets said stage... What follow is, to the best of my knowledge, an entirely original "conspiracy theory", that I came up with all by myself, so I can't always "reference" my ideas by echoing what other people have said. What I can do, however, is extrapolate from things we do know, use logic and reason, and arrive at an (er, hopefully) persuasive conclusion...

My theory is that The Beatles were not "four ordinary lads from Liverpool" who grew up in average family homes, but rather, they (with the possible exception of George, but more on that later) were residents of Strawberry Field Children's Home, selected in infancy to be sculpted by the military and intelligence agencies to rise to later stellar change agent fame. The boys would have been placed with families at some later point in their childhoods (as foster children often are) to give their "official stories" credence, but they would have remained under the tight guidance and control of their handlers (and potentially their "families" were such handlers - I mean, doesn't "Aunt Mimi" just sound like the name of some kind of coded MI5 spy?).

I arrived at this conclusion because the extraordinary amount of social influence possessed by people as famous as The Beatles, gave them enormous power, and there is simply no way the control-freak establishment would allow "four ordinary lads from Liverpool" to have that kind of power, unless said establishment was entirely confident that they remained completely in control of them.

The only way of ensuring that level of total control is to train future assets up from early childhood with MK Ultra style programming (and this is something that it is known proliferates with child stars in Hollywood, and for the same reasons, with actress Roseanne Barr confirming: "MK Ultra rules in Hollywood"). If you've never heard of MK Ultra, it's no "conspiracy theory", it is a now-declassified behavioural modification and perceptual management (e.g., brainwashing) programme, used by intelligence agencies to create, in effect, mind-controlled slaves through drug use and trauma. These slaves can then go on to be used for a range of roles, one of which is as "stars" - e.g., highly visible public figures who profoundly influence the public.

MK Ultra was not brought to public attention until 1975, meaning it was heavily in use in the decades before that, having evolved from work that began in Japanese facilities and Nazi concentration camps in the second world war - around the time The Beatles were being born.

MK Ultra was fundamental to Machiavellian social subversives looking to so profoundly change the world, because they couldn't do it alone - they needed change agents to perform on the world stage, who looked and acted the part. A group of fat old men (as the "elite" generally were / are) are not going to capture the hearts and minds of the world's youth: good-looking, charming young men are.

So, if you are a devious social engineer looking to create and manage a powerful change agent, then you require that agent to be under your tight management at all times - that means they remain useful assets, rather than the dangerous liabilities they would be otherwise. If such change agents were not under your complete control at all times, they could go rogue, going "off script" and using their incredible influence to effect changes not in your interests. So, those behind MK Ultra style mind-control - so-called 'handlers' - are always acutely attuned to this possibility.

Note that MK Ultra programming can start to fail as subjects age, due to natural neurological changes in the brain, and many MK Ultra assets are sacrificed in their thirties for precisely that reason. This may have been why John Lennon, who died just weeks after his 40th birthday, was killed. The establishment didn't invest an unprecedented fortune training him up from birth as a supremely powerful agent of global change, to have him spend five years babysitting and baking bread, which is what he reportedly did after the birth of his youngest child, Sean, in 1975, and if "they" - the shadowy they behind all major events and cultural phenomena - couldn't get him back on script, they would have just had him killed. "They" do this all the time when they can't control their assets, e.g., Princess Diana (whose death was actually ruled an "unlawful killing", not an accident).

But back to The Beatles' beginnings... If you look carefully, you will see that orphanages and the foster care industry have for many decades been prime recruiting grounds for various forms of government experimentation, and for obvious reasons: there are no pesky parents around to get in the way and object to their children being enrolled in such schemes. Leading on from that, we also know what a central role orphanage Strawberry Field played in the early Beatles' lives, compelling them to write one of their most popular and enduring songs.

But why would an orphanage be of such significance to boys ostensibly from loving family homes?

When we delve a bit deeper into the Beatles' backgrounds (or their alleged backgrounds), we find an unusual amount of trauma and instability: both John and Paul losing their mothers at young ages; John barely knowing either of his parents and growing up with an 'aunt' (who it is officially reported did get social services involved with the family); Paul having little memory of his mother and having - especially for that time - a significantly older father (40 when his first child Paul was born). Ringo, meanwhile, was a child of divorce, at a time when divorce was rare and stigmatised, and barely knew his father, whilst spending much of his childhood in hospital with various ailments.

The only one of the four who purportedly had a normal, stable, undramatic childhood, was George. He was also the one who went the most "off script" later on, and who met a rather odd - and significantly premature - death (he was 58). Officially attributed to lung cancer, Harrison's death followed soon after what appeared to be a bungled assassination attempt, and Harrison himself had expressed repeated concerns about being killed. If it is true that George was not subject to the same level of childhood trauma-brainwashing as the others (he being the only one not to lose a parent through death or divorce), then we can speculate that he may not have been programmed as "effectively" as the others.

An interesting theme we can see with the other three Beatles is that none of their primary caregivers dedicated their earlier adulthood years to raising children, at a time when that was unusual. John's Aunt Mimi and her husband had no children of their own (through choice) and would have been in their forties when they took on John. Paul's father did not become a parent until he was 40, and Ringo Starr's mother only had one child - very unusual for a working-class woman of the time - who spent much of his childhood away from the family home (allegedly in hospital).

There are some interesting questions here, then, regarding what these people were really doing in their twenties and thirties. Of course, the "official backstory" of the Beatles has an explanation, but all good spies have cover stories. Is it possible they were in fact working for the state and intelligence agencies, being trained up for their crucial roles as handlers of such important assets later on? Remember that Liverpool is a port city, locations which often have close and complex ties with military and intelligence agencies. Both John's father, and Stuart Sutcliffe's, served in the navy, and Sutcliffe's father is reported to have gone on to become "a civil servant" - one branch of civil service is intelligence agency MI5.

So, my theory is that - with the possible exception of George - the "official back stories" of The Beatles are not wholly true. That John, Paul, and Ringo were either orphans or foster children resident at Strawberry Field, who were likely placed with families later on to give them legitimacy as "ordinary lads from Liverpool", but who were actually wards of the state (there are a lot of strong hints in various Beatles literature that John Lennon's mother was a prostitute, which could certainly be seen as a reason for the state removing him from her custody), who had been programmed from early childhood, using military mind-control technologies "perfected" in the second world war, for their later stellar rise to success.

Ringo's lengthy childhood stays "in hospital" could very well be code for (as it often is in such cases) going to military programming centres. The deaths of John and Paul's mothers (care givers they were attached to) could have been arranged intentionally, as sacrifices to trauma brainwash John and Paul (an essential part of mind-control techniques being to sacrifice something the victim loves). The death of Stuart Sutcliffe could also certainly fall into this category. None of this is really far-fetched once you have studied the true history of the establishment and its well-documented use of MK Ultra style techniques to mould and manage future powerful people.

The smoking gun for me, though, has always been this very famous picture of John Lennon as a small child. Can anyone come up with a valid explanation for why he is wearing a cap with the letters 'SF' on it... other than that he was a resident at Strawberry Field? (Note that the emblem does not match those of any schools he is said to have attended, nor those of any primary schools in Liverpool.)

9 October 1940: John Lennon is born | The Beatles Bible

Now, let's take a look at some of the lyrics from the very dreamy, almost hallucinogenic (LSD played a key part in MK Ultra techniques), 'Strawberry Fields Forever':

Let me take you down
'Cause I'm going to strawberry fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me

"Nothing is real" - ? Hmm... A conspiracy theorist might say that is rather indicative of - well - a conspiracy: a ruse to defraud the public with actors and change agents who aren't at all what they seem?

"It's getting hard to be someone" = it's getting hard to keep playing the part?

"Misunderstanding all you see" - you, the audience, are being sold an illusion?

These are certainly very "interesting" lyrics...

Moving on, many have, of course, made much of Lennon's improbable relationship with Yoko Ono, a very strange woman who differed so wildly from his usual type. John Lennon liked his girlfriends to look like Brigid Bardot, to the extent he encouraged first wife Cynthia to dramatically alter her clothes and hair so she would more resemble the French star (and he admitted to putting similar pressure on other girlfriends). So, for a man who could have had pretty much any woman he wanted - probably even Bardot herself - why would he abruptly leave his Bardot-resembling wife, for a woman who bore no resemblance to his professed physical ideal? Yes, "true love", sure, possibly: but also possibly (and probably) something else.

The circumstances of Lennon's alleged first meeting with Ono are extremely odd and her communications with him, highly esoteric (handing him a bit of card reading 'breathe' and so forth), and to me, scream "programming triggers" and "handler", e.g., someone who manages MK assets by triggering various aspects of their programming with certain words - in effect, MK Ultra assets have "passwords" to "activate" them, just as technological devices do. Interestingly, Ono hailed from Japan, the country where MK Ultra is said to have originated, and came from a very elite family, her father a wealthy banker and her mother descended from Samurai warriors.

As any Beatlemaniac will tell you, as soon as Yoko Ono came on the scene, it was the beginning of the end for The Beatles - so was she sent along as Lennon's new "handler", to induct him into a new mission, once his change agent role in The Beatles had achieved the desired effects? By the time The Beatles broke up in 1970, the culture was unrecognisable to how it had been ten years before - mission accomplished, time for the next one?

Of course, where it comes to the subject of The Beatles split, accusatory fingers have been pointed at Paul, too, and I also believe, I'm afraid to say (I did warn you at the start...) in "PID" - Paul is Dead - and that the original Paul was bumped off in 1966 because he was going off-script. Original Paul was too traditional and not keen on promoting the pro-drugs, free love message to teenagers, so they got rid of him. Replacement Paul was much more of a hippy.

As I said earlier, if an MK asset has programming that starts to fail, they will be killed, as they are far too dangerous if the programming stops functioning effectively, and that's what I think happened to Paul (and possibly later, John too, and perhaps even George).

It is beyond the scope of this essay to lay out all the evidence for "PID", but I delved into all the PID theories years ago (it was my gateway conspiracy theory!), and the evidence really is very persuasive: for example, the Italian forensic scientists who were sick of reading the "conspiracy theories" that Paul had been replaced, so sourced verified photos of him pre and post his alleged death date (November 1966) to measure scientifically and prove it was the same person.

They published their absolute shock and astonishment when they found the opposite, that it was definitely NOT the same person.

There's extensive further corroborating evidence that you can dig into for yourself (this resource is a good place to start), but suffice to say, I'm convinced, and if Paul was indeed killed (sacrificed as his programming was failing), then that lends further weight to my overall theory.

If Paul was an ordinary man from an ordinary family, then intelligence agencies killing him off and replacing him would be impossible to pull off, as obviously, his family would notice and raise the alarm. But if Paul's "father" wasn't really a relation, but another military asset - a handler - that Paul had simply been placed with to create a credible backstory - if his "father" and other supposed family members were all effectively "in on it" - then it would be possible. Yes, I know this all sounds a bit far-fetched, but again, we must remember just how much social power The Beatles had. They were as famous as anyone has ever been, or ever will be, and for that kind of colossal and unprecedented cultural power, you can expect colossal and unprecedented things to be happening behind the scenes to control it.

Indeed, Hunter Davies, The Beatles' official biographer, admitted in a later edition of his book, that a lot of what had been reported in the first book, wasn't true. That it was heavily edited (to appease the families, Davies claimed, by making the boys' childhoods appear happier than they had been) and depicted a very different impression of The Beatles' early lives (especially John's) than matched the reality. So, by Davies' own admission, he was lying and writing fiction - but just how much was he lying and how much of his book was fabricated?

"Nothing is real", remember? The Beatles tell you this themselves (as the 'code' of people high up in the club requires them to do) in what is one of their most famous records, and the one that gives the biggest clue to their real origins. We must ask again: why would an orphanage (of all places) have had such a profound impact on them?

John Lennon said in a Rolling Stone interview that he "felt a connection to the orphans", adding, "there was something wrong with me, I thought, because I seemed to see things other people didn’t see.”

What exactly is he alluding to "seeing"? And do orphanages really allow random neighbourhood children to come and closely associate with their charges? How is it that he got to know these orphans well enough to develop "a connection" with them? It's obvious from just how deeply and profoundly this environment shaped John Lennon that he did more than just play in the surrounding gardens by himself.

The official story is that, at the time, the orphanage only took girls. It's admitted they went on to take boys "later", so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they made the odd exception beforehand - especially if they were handsomely incentivised by government and intelligence agencies to do so. We can see now from the "asylum seeker" situation that it is very easy for central governments to override local councils and get them to agree to unorthodox accommodation arrangements, so if the government can force councils to take thousands of military-aged men against their will, I'm sure they'd have no problem getting a children's home to take a few babies.

What we have to always remember is that, where it comes to post-war popular culture in the Western world, it really is the case that "nothing is real", that there are layers and layers of lies and illusions, and that - if we take what we are told at face value - we will indeed "misunderstand all we see", just as the lyrics from Strawberry Field's Forever tell us. Intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI5, and social engineering initiatives like The Tavistock, have conspired to create a completely false cultural climate, and what we think of as "modern culture" is a fraud - a mirage perpetuated by the media - for purposes of social engineering and crowd control.

If you're reading this article, it's likely that you can see that with Covid - that the whole thing has been faked by the media to manipulate people and to change the cultural climate. If you can see that about one social phenomenon, please understand that these kind of ultra-manipulative machinations didn't just start in the last two or three years. They have been going on for much longer than that.

If you are new to this scene, you may be tempted to scoff, "oh come on, not everything's a conspiracy theory", and to that I say, it depends what you mean. Your day-to-day life, your family and friends, your job, are not conspiracies. But all major world stage events and people that get a lot of global media attention, almost always are. They are strategic stunts and high-level psy-ops to shape your perceptions, thoughts, and behaviours in a bid to mould them to the ruling classes' desired ends.

In the 1960s, the ruling classes had three primary goals (which are still their three primary goals): 1) To reduce the population; 2) To break up families; 3) To break up communities.

The Beatles were instrumental in this, by their role in the creation and promotion of a "youth culture" which had not really existed before (the word 'teenager' was not widely used until the 1950s). This new culture of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, so different to anything that had gone before, was key in alienating younger people from the older generation, hence expediting the break up of families and fracturing of communities, and concomitantly helped to usher in the sexual revolution, which was essential in reducing the birth rate.

By changing people's attitudes to sex and convincing them to see it as a primarily or exclusively recreational activity, rather than a procreational one, people began having dramatically less babies. You would think that if you wanted to reduce the birth rate, encouraging people to engage in more potentially reproductive activity would be a completely paradoxical approach, but actually, it isn't, since once people see sex as recreational rather than procreational, they are far more likely to willingly engage in contraception and abortion, and getting people to do these things themselves, rather than imposing such measures by force (which had been tried before) is a far more effective strategy for limiting births. You can read more about the real history and purposes of the sexual revolution, and the deeply dubious characters behind it (ardent eugenicists and Nazi-sympathising racists, mainly) in my essay here.

To sum: after the mass sacrificial ritual that was the Second World War, the same people behind that turned their attentions to decimating society and reducing the population in other ways. It's easier to get rid of people by stopping them being born in the first place, than it is to kill them, hence the introduction in the 1960s of the Pill, legal abortion, and the sexual revolution, the combination of which caused the birth rate to plummet. But to get these things to catch on, they needed to be aggressively promoted by the world-famous change agents of the time.

The invention of "youth culture", as promoted by The Beatles and other big names in popular culture, helped to drive an enduring wedge between the generations, which led to dramatically increased atomisation and isolation, which makes people more controllable. The first thing abusers do to enable complete control is isolate a person from their previous communities, so that's what the social engineers of the '60s did, too. These themes are very well explored in the popular TV series, The Wonder Years, which depicts almost perennial conflict between 1960s parents and adolescent children: we are given to believe things were "always this way", that parents and teenagers have always been at each other's throats, but this is not true, as culture rarely shifted so dramatically as it did in the 1960s, thus creating so many things to argue about.

Before that, the cultural values and expectations of parents and children were often more or less the same, and still are the same in cultures which do not participate in modern culture, such as remote indigenous tribes. If you asked societies which do not consume mainstream or social media at all, "are your teenagers constantly fighting with their parents?", the answer would be a resounding no. This militant "generation war" is an entirely concocted phenomenon, exclusive to societies that have TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and so on.

This idea that it's "natural" for parents and children to have wildly different beliefs and standards to the extent they constantly argue, is another modern fabrication. Subversive social engineers created this phenomenon through schools, universities, the media, and most importantly, popular (youth) culture, aiming to stop the traditional culture from being transmissible, inevitably leading to its collapse. It's obvious really: if parents cannot pass their cultural values onto their children, as said children are too subsumed by modern youth culture, then nobody carries the culture on. The same thing continues today, with "woke" Generation Z constantly at war with their 'bigoted' Gen X parents.

These confected conflicts exist, because creating them is a more effective strategy for collapsing a culture, than is invading and bombing it, because you meet with much less resistance. The brainwashed youth think they are destroying their culture by choice (because it's boring, backwards, oppressive, transphobic etc.), and the "dinosaur" parents who try to defend the culture soon die off, so within a couple of generations, the hostile occupying forces have won.

Remember how the overlords want you: lonely, isolated, atomised, cultureless, family-less, community-less - and more people qualify for that description now than at any previous point in history, and this is all a direct result of social changes put into motion through the 1960s - by military-managed change agents like The Beatles.

If you still don't believe me, consider the following lyrics:

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

The question is, is that an excerpt from John Lennon's Imagine, or Klaus Scwab's latest speech at the WEF?

No countries? (e.g., One World Government)

No possessions? ("You'll own nothing and be happy.")

No need for greed or hunger? (Because greed becomes impossible once the only currency is government-controlled CDBCs and bug-paste is very satiating?)

'Imagine' is a New World Order blueprint from someone as "in the club" as it gets - whoever actually wrote it used super-famous change agent Lennon to release it in 1971, telling us what the endgame was, now our traditional culture had been successfully subverted through the 1960s. I repeat that there has been no cultural shift so dramatic and all-encompassing as the one that occurred in that single decade, and to make those kind of extraordinary changes so quickly, the social engineers needed a different level of fame, a different kind of idol and "influencer" - so, different strategies had ti be deployed to create them.

In effect, The Beatles weren't "real": they were military-intelligence creations from the start, primed from very early on to change the culture permanently, and they have probably done that more successfully than any other change agents in history.

Yes, I know, everyone hates me now for besmirching such irreproachable icons and idols, and some tiresome individuals will inevitably respond with "well, I usually deign to approve of what you write, but you've gone too far this time" (I already have a response for you, so put on your favourite bit of hypnotising Beatles military-grade mind-control and have a read...).

Seriously though, I do understand entirely just how strong the pull of The Beatles mythology is, to the extent that said pull is the primary reason (and, to be honest, probably, er, the only reason) I went to university in Liverpool. I was, for all of my adolescence, transfixed by The Beatles (I had a friend with cool older brothers who successfully weaned us off Take That), not as much for their music as for their mythology. So I was thrilled to be living in their very own hometown, and used to love to wander the mythical streets of Merseyside (Mathew Street, Menlove Avenue, Forthlin Road), then going down to the docks, gazing out to sea, wistfully imagining that there was once a time, that four boys who would go on to change the world, were walking these streets too... So I really, truly do understand just how compelling and powerful mythology is.

And that's exactly the point. So do the social engineers.

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  1. Yes, I know, everyone hates me now for besmirching such irreproachable icons and idols.

    On the contrary - I'm even more impressed. Brilliant work.

  2. Thank you Miri for taking on the unpopular topics. I find it disturbing how many supposedly 'awake' people cling to their cultural icons, and still consume mainstream films and music without questioning.
    I'm always blown away by the detective work in your posts.

  3. Anyone who listens to Mark Devlin as I do, will already be aware of all of this.

    I never liked the Beatles or their music, my innate antenna was 💯 correct.

  4. Miri - interesting piece. I'm wondering 2 things: 1) First you say that the Beatles DID NOT write their own songs ... then you U-turn and write "we also know what a central role orphanage Strawberry Field played in the early Beatles' lives, compelling them to write one of their most popular and enduring songs." 2) I'm a musician and wonder this: if PID, how did his replacement's musical voice so perfectly match the original Paul? Matching looks is one thing ... the voice, a whole other matter.

  5. I’d say your spot on with your observations. Once you understand how it all works and the leave the “garden of Eden” you can never go back.
    Paul McCartney was certainly switched hence the hoohah re the paternity case in Germany some years ago.
    The “change agents” are real. Principle one after the Beatles being David “Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes” Bowie. To push the gender confusion and sexual ambiguity. And like all good servants …..the Stones, Stewart etc…..they all get their gongs in recognition of their services to their Masters. Bowie I believed declined his “knighthood” and subsequently “died” not too long after !

  6. Excellent theorising Miri...I am inclined to agree with what you have said...nothing is as it seems

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    What about the Rolling Stones? I was much more into them than the Beatles.
    What about artists? Picasso, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon.
    Poets and authors?
    Was JC the original change agent and who was controlling him?
    Please tell me someone was/is genuine, or am I just looking for a controller?
    Thank you and much love.

  8. Great stuff as always Miri!
    One thing (at least) I don't understand though - if they didn't write their songs, why would their handlers have "Strawberry Fields Forever" written for them? Is it just more "revelation of the method", or do you think they wrote SOME of their songs?
    Also - did any other change agents come out of Strawberry Field? It seems like they'd need more than 3, in case they didn't work out

  9. Excellent thought-provoking essay! Was Elvis another MK Ultra change agent, with the Colonel his handler? What about Frank Sinatra, (said to have ties with the mob) was he another change agent with his influence of the teenagers ("bobby soxers") of the 1940's?

    The 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate, with Frank Sinatra, is about MK Ultra programming. A brainwashed agent is programmed to kill a presidential nominee. The film was released the year before John Kennedy was assassinated.

  10. Interesting Miri, thank you.

    It seems clear (to me) that Harrison and Lennon were knocked off when it suited their controllers and so it's not outrageous to suggest McCartney met a similar fate. An early theory was that the latter was deeply suspicious of the JFK assassination narrative and he tried to team up with Mark Lane, offering to write the film score for Lane's film (based on his book "Rush to Judgement). That was no doubt perceived as going way off script by the establishment.

  11. Spot On Miri...I have been saying for decades now that Generational Conflict has been constructed over decades via popular culture and the education system conti usually to create a cultureless society... most of all by creating huge division, estrangement between Parents and their children and therefore grandchildren also. It's tragic.

  12. I would be intrigued to hear your views on Elvis Presley. I am older than you I remember clearly the incredible impact he had

  13. Another fascinating essay and much food for thought.
    I did wonder about the same point that Ann made in her comment.
    I would also take issue concerning Bardot as she was a Goddess and above the machinations of this world:)

  14. Assuming my own share of rolling eyes and brickbats, let's not forget the role of planetary configurations when considering history. "Cosmos & Psyche" by Richard Tarnas is a brilliant exposition of this. Briefly, in regard to the 60s , the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto explains a lot about the upheaval.These two planets were also significantly aligned during the chaotic French Revolution and in previous turbulent times. Such planetary influences affect everyone, obviously including those who start with a less than altruistic bent (social engineers, etc.)

  15. Very interesting and completely believeable after the so-obvious events of the last almost three years!

  16. There's that video clip with Lennon saying the world is run by psychopaths. There is a website with lots of information and videos. One is all about MK Ultra and shows celebs malfunctining and explains how they got children from orphanages and placed them with handlers. I have only been aware of how much evil there in the world since I went down the plandemic rabbit hole 2.5 years ago. I am totally shocked by how they continually get away with their crimes but I think for most people the crimes are far too horrific for them to comprehend that they pretend it's just a load of lies. My dear mother is no longer alive. As a teenager we argued a lot and it wasn't until I became a mother myself in my 30's that I realised how important she had always been to me. She was born in 20's and lost both her parents when she was only in her 20's. Not once did I hear her say anything critical about either of them, just full of respect and love. I certainly don't want a brave new world but I fear younger generations are already plugged in.

  17. Dear Miri, absolutely EVERYTHING is on the table now and your excellent article about one of my most fav groups of all time makes so much sense to me and I'm sure, others. We are onto "Them", the most evil utter bastards for centuries. Tick tock!

  18. Great read. Few more groups I would put on the list. Either fully manufactured or subverted early on with one or two people placed in to steer their path.
    Sex pistols

  19. Greetings. My boyfriend in high school loved the Beatles and made me a tape. It was so old fashioned and romantic. My American friends' parents, who were in their 20s in the 60s, didn't mythologise or romanticise the Beatles. I think that was mostly just on TV. There were thousands of way better American bands all, independently, tuning up in their garages and basements all across the land. Who'd of thunk, melodious?

    This is important since it demonstrates that these would be controllers you refer to, cannot in fact create anything themselves, only ape and appropriate whats already stirring. They're fakes and yeah the Beatles melodies are also obvious fake, AI hive mindlike, but clearly channeled to some sharpish mind from somewhere. Other than the fact that my phone sometimes inexplicitly goes to E or no signal at all after visiting your site and no other site ever, as any student of 20th century music knows, the roots are traced to southern folk and those infamous crossroads.

    "He said the reason he knowed so much, said he sold hisself to the devil. I asked him how. He said, “If you want to learn how to play anything you want to play and learn how to make songs yourself, you take your guitar and you go to where a road crosses that way, where a crossroad is. Get there, be sure to get there just a little ’for twelve o’clock that night so you’ll know you’ll be there. You have your guitar and be playing a piece sitting there by yourself. You have to go by yourself and be sitting there playing a piece. A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar, and he’ll tune it. And then he’ll play a piece and hand it back to you. That’s the way I learned how to play anything I want.” And he could. He used to play anything, don’t care what it was. Church song. You could sing any kind of tangled up song you want to, and I’ll bet you he would play it."

    —the Rev. LeDell Johnson, brother of bluesman Tommy Johnson (1896-1956)

    So no, the Beatles and Tavistock don't own us after all and he's got them in his chokehold.

    Otherwise, with all due respect, if you "don't parrot mainstream dogmas" why do you continue to refer to gen xyz? I don't know exactly when this trashy glitz first popped up sometime I was out living life with wild abandon, but the mingers went nuts for it and I promptly tuned out. Granted I dont seem to be born in a year that matters one way or another, but surely we, and specifically you as a social scientist, can stop throwing fuel on this glaringly divisive, engineered fire and rather frame time as it is, as people born in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, 20s etc., just like before? Wouldn't it go some way to thwarting their preconceived plans to divide and control families and communities in heated competition and oneupmanship notnto parrot the blues? Send the marketing gurus back to the boardroom, a phrase that has clearly changed so irrevocably over the decades that I do mean it literally. It's such a small thing yet so deliciously subversive and on point and sensical and really just such a relief. I cant handle people who pukeshare this socially engineered BS... something I just made up after observing Pixie from Alabama busking Jim Croce on her ukulele in the parking lot at the beach in Destin here, tho clearly it refers to the looks the ladies in their puffers and trainers gave each other striding on by. Thanks

    PS. The English do also make some nice music. I love Still Corners, I think they're lovely and I especially like their videos filmed in the US southwest on their shoestring budget grand tour.

  20. A wonderful essay, as ever.

    I would recommend people read the extraordinary testimony of Dr. Dunegan. Search for "New Order of Barbarians" to read what plans were well in place in the late sixties to break up the family unit, reduce population numbers, and ultimately to bring us a new world government. Easily the Beatles could have been made part of this globalist plan. Also "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" is a must read to learn about the Beatles' L.A .counterparts.

    Fascinating to speculate about the boys' early lives, and the role of induced trauma. (Horrific, if John's Mum really was murdered deliberately.) There's also the mystery of Jane Asher's father - wasn't he some specialist in hypnosis? His death is a very dark mystery... So too, that of Mal Evans... It's a big subject!

    My only gripe with what you say, Miri, is your claim that the Beatles didn't entirely write their own songs. As a musician, and having listened to Lennon's demo versions, it's clear to me he was a genius songwriter, a very original talent. He really built those songs up from scratch, music and words. The elements are too closely wedded to his chordal work on guitar and piano, and to his poetry. They don't come from a "proper composer" musical perspective at all, in my opinion. He was mind-controlled, most definitely, and state-sponsored assassinated, absolutely. But his entire oeuvre surely signifies him fighting back against the corralling effects of his controllers. More than Paul's musical contributions in The Beatles - fluid and melodic as those are, especially his bass playing - John's music speaks to us still, reminding us to keep fighting back. ("Gimme Some Truth"!!)

    Great essay, though.

  21. I almost didn’t want to read this, put it off for a day. My mother loved The Beatles and the songs remind me of my childhood. What a fantastic article…Thank you! Goodness, can’t stop thinking about this now. I have the same question as a few others have asked. If their songs were written for them then why do you think songs like Strawberry Fields Forever were written and why was Paul’s death hinted at in the Sgt Pepper album cover and in the Abbey Road album cover? So many questions…such a great article.

  22. Original Paul: went out with Jane Asher, who was gorgeous.

    Replacement Paul: married Linda Eastman, who wasn't.

  23. Hi Miri,
    You are so right about this being the most unpopular 'conspiracy theory'. The programming around The Beatles is so tight, people get very, very upset by any suggestion of PID. What is interestign is the total shift of direction the group went in post 1966 from silly love songs to promoting drugs, from winning over America to never appearing live etc, dare we say from McCartney to Sergeant Billy Pepper! Fascinating article and, naturally, music is in the front line for 'change'. Re orphans and MK Ultra, Marilyn Monroe's real story also fits what you have written here.

  24. Fascinating though the truth about the Beatles is this is old news in the "Truthers" world. Dave McGowan followed by Sage Of Quay and latterly Mark Devlin are the Go To sources regarding The Beatles and every other Rock act. All three go into forensic detail and Sage Of Quay has recently revealed that Paul McCartney has a prosthetic right eye having sacrificed the real one.

  25. I tend to agree with Kevin J's comment. Certainly, the Beatles getting advantageous BBC sessions at a time when there was very little of their sort of music was a massive upvote from insiders. And no doubt there were external forces pushing and prodding them. How much more explanation do we need? Does anybody here actually play an instrument? All four of these guys had a "touch" that is virtually impossible to reproduce. The idea that musician Paul was swapped out is laughable. Lennon's style is pretty unusual (try the rhythm on "all my loving", and holding it for a couple of minutes). Similarly, Ringo's swing on "Ticket to Ride" is unique. Dropping in a classical pianist (George Martin) for a couple of piano-fills sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm really not convinced that it all has to be soooo MKUltra conspiratorial. These guys had talent. All they had to do was use that to go with the flow. Having said that, I'm pretty sure they nicked quite a few songs off of the Rutles.

  26. Thanks Miri...people need to know this stuff and the extent of the lies. It's sad but you'll get over the Beatles lie in time unless you are a dieheart boomer fan with no wiggle room in your brain.
    Mike Williams...Sage of Quay will tell you everything you need to know about the fake band after reading this blog.
    DJ Mark Devlin...Musical Truths will tell you everything you need to know about other manufactured bands.
    Why you can even listen to an interview with Davey Jones of the Monkees talk about how the Beatles were the first manufactured band.
    Billy Shears (fake Paul) is 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. Just look at his album covers. It's all there.

  27. Miles Mathis has penned some great items on The Beatles to support and compliment this mini essay.
    He also postulates that twins are often designated from birth to be used in intelligence projects. Paul maybe was/is twins?
    Particularly interesting is that John Lennon’s killing was staged and he is still alive in Canada as…..bizarrely a John Lennon impersonator. Quite a compelling argument.

  28. Before the Beatles was the satire boom, esp That was the Week that Was, on the innovative BBC of the 1960s, which was run at that time by ex-spy Graham Greene's brother. (Play for Today was pretty radical too.) The 1st people to take the piss out of the Prime Minister & the Govt, wartime heroes etc on a national network. That just did not happen before that.

  29. Your article started with "....Deep breath...Here we go...The Beatles were "in the club".

    But this is really, really, really OLD HAT!

    As others have already commented, it's all been extensively and comprehensively covered before waaaay back! As somebody has already said, just ONE of the more recent RECYCLINGS of all this was done by Mark Devlin.

    I mean this is old - very old!!

    For example, here's an article called "The Beatles - Illuminati Mind Controllers"......this particular re-hash was written in 2012 - so 13 years ago!

    So why the big dramatic "breaking news from Miri" intro?

    Mind you, I suppose it would be something new and SEEMINGLY original to the "fresher" audience that you aim at!

  30. Thank you everyone for your most interesting comments as ever 🙂

    To Paul, the intro is tongue in cheek - I hoped the bit about my hiding behind the sofa whilst being deluged with rotten fruit might make this clear... It's poking fun at the type of "awake" person who can't accept criticism of their cultural heroes, of whom there are many, as some commentators have noted.

    And indeed, I know much of what I said isn't original, hence this paragraph:

    -- "In the greater conspiratorial scheme of things, this represents a fairly 'vanilla' theory: one that's been circulating for decades and isn't really that controversial to those who know "all the world's a stage". --

    The original part of my theory is that the Beatles were orphans/foster children who lived in Strawberry Field, and later placed with families, which I have never heard anyone else argue before.

    And yes, many people who read my work are new to this whole field and so I pitch my articles at that level, not assuming decades of foreknowledge.

  31. Yes Miri, having read your entire article, I know that you said “In the greater conspiratorial scheme of things, this represents a fairly 'vanilla' theory: one that's been circulating for decades and isn't really that controversial to those who know "all the world's a stage".

    But immediately following that, you also wrote “…What follow is, to the best of my knowledge, an entirely original ‘conspiracy theory’, that I came up with all by myself……”.

    .But as I said, NOTHING that you wrote in the entire article is new, ground-breaking revelation. And I did read the entire piece!

    So, if there is some theory you wrote on the subject here that you came up with all by yourself (as you said), then please tell us which one/s and how you did so. For example, are you claiming that you took so many historical “facts” about the genesis of The Beatles (or the supposed background story – as presented) and independently deduced your conclusions here? Surely not!

    That would be borderline supernatural – you could consider changing your moniker to Mystic Miri!!

  32. Paul - my original theory is that they were orphan residents of Strawberry Field later placed with families to give them credible "backstories".

    I have never heard anyone else argue that, anywhere, ever. It is possible of course that they have, hence why I wrote this was an original theory "to the best of my knowledge". Still, as it stands, nobody has provided any evidence anybody else has ever theorised this before.

    Obviously, I am not claiming any other theories as original since they are all hyperlinked to sources where they have been said before. I hope this is now clear and we can move on.

    Please note I will not be publishing or responding to any more comments from you on this issue as I'm busy with other things, but as a few others have clearly been confused by this as well, I thought it was worth issuing a public clarification.

  33. I loved the Beatles.
    I detest the MSM and the attack on freedom of thought and speech.
    But I still love the Beatles and this entire article is brilliantly bonkers.

  34. Another excellent and very interesting piece of writing Miri.
    Just to reiterate what others have already commented, Mark Devlin delves into this topic in his books and many of his talks, well worth looking at if you haven't already.
    It's a subject that's sure to stir up plenty of cognitive dissonance among the general population, but well done for tackling it in such a compelling way 👏👏👏

  35. This is the article I wish I'd been able to read after watching a documentary with a friend on the beatles. It wasn't the usual, historic, sort of documentary of who did what where, it was based on music theory. The whole show actually made me acutely aware that no band could produce a whole host of songs that didn't sound remotely like each other, even going so far as to sound a bit like musicals, without having an actual composer hidden within the framework somewhere.
    I used to play bass in local bands and we never got anywhere near that level of production.
    Only a few days after that show it suddenly hit me that everything somebody had been telling me about Tavistock and Adorno in connection with the beatles was true.

    I remember asking my mum, when I was a child, why Paul looked so radically different in old photos. That was quite a rabbit hole to explore and I couldn't give that energy and time, sadly. I was always suspicious of The Beatles, even as a child, and there was something dark and malicious about them but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    Your essay here, Miri, was the perfect thing to read after that documentary and the realisations I had. You give an excellent summary of everything that is 'culture' being a psy-op and it makes seeing the bigger picture a more lucid experience, especially within the context of the Great Revelation that we're all going through.

    Thank you for your writing, this site is a sanity gold mine.

  36. I thought this was common knowledge. 'Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon', referenced by another commenter, is well worth reading.

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