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Letter to employers declining vaccinations and "vaccine passports"

By: MiriFebruary 16, 20215 Comments
Dear [employer name], I am writing to you in reference to recent multiple press reports concerning the possibility of "vaccine […]

Letter for people being pressurised by doctors' surgeries to receive vaccinations

By: MiriFebruary 11, 2021No Comments
Dear Dr. [name], I am writing to you regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which your surgery has taken a very keen, […]

Letter for people whose employers are pressurising them to endorse vaccines to others

By: MiriFebruary 8, 2021No Comments
Dear [names], I am writing to you in regards to the current Covid-19 vaccination programme, that several colleagues have indicated […]

Letter for a hospital worker wishing to decline Covid tests and vaccinations

By: MiriJanuary 12, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regards to the current coronavirus situation, and the potential advent of regular […]

Letter to the editor of a children's newspaper re: vaccine propaganda

By: MiriDecember 15, 2020No Comments
Dear Editor, I subscribe to your newspaper on behalf of my children, aged _ and _. They are avid readers, […]


By: MiriFebruary 20, 2024No Comments
I don't usually like talking numbers (when you didn't pass your Maths GCSE until the age of 31, you generally […]

King Charles Does Not Have Cancer

By: MiriFebruary 6, 2024No Comments
In the phenomenally successful television sitcom, 'Friends', we often saw the three female characters - despite the actresses who played […]

Gillick Competency and Implied Consent

By: MiriJanuary 26, 2024No Comments
(A new page from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters, including a template letter to send to schools.) If you are a parent […]

Meeting people where they are: it matters

By: MiriJanuary 21, 2024No Comments
Imagine, if you will, that you were a piano teacher, recruiting for new students... Whilst your melodious marketing endeavours might […]

It's not viruses, climate change, or cancer

By: MiriJanuary 16, 2024No Comments
It's not nuclear weapons, suicide bombers, or aliens. It's not even God, not in this capacity. It's fear. That's what […]




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