The Latest Pandemime Plot Twist: "Amnesty"

Written by: Miri
November 3, 2022

The big story currently sweeping the cyber saloons which most of us frequent, regards a new grovelling plea, from former Branch Covidians, for an "amnesty" regarding their hideous, horrifying, and largely non-human behaviour during "the pandemic".

The general thrust of their argument is, "yes, okay, we DID behave hideously, horrifyingly, and non-humanly, but we didn't know any better. Now, can't we all forget about it and move on? After all, those of you who got it right from day one and pleaded with us not to destroy our societies, our families, our very way of life, might, you know, GLOAT otherwise!"

Writing for The Atlantic, former vigorous pandemic proponent, Emily Oster, says:

"The people who got it right, for whatever reason, may want to gloat. Those who got it wrong, for whatever reason, may feel defensive and retrench into a position that doesn’t accord with the facts. All of this gloating and defensiveness continues to gobble up a lot of social energy and to drive the culture wars, especially on the internet. These discussions are heated, unpleasant and, ultimately, unproductive. In the face of so much uncertainty, getting something right had a hefty element of luck. And, similarly, getting something wrong wasn’t a moral failing. Treating pandemic choices as a scorecard on which some people racked up more points than others is preventing us from moving forward."

I can't help but want to respond "lol", quite so egregiously absurd is this position. Actually, Emily, treating your fellow human beings like biohazards whilst condemning millions of people to unutterably awful abuse, tragedy, and loss is indeed a moral failing, and the ability to determine this from the start is not down to 'luck'.

Those now trying to peddle the puerile propaganda that "it's not our fault, we didn't know any better, we made the best choices available at the time", are just desperate, morally bankrupt liars who will now do and say anything, as the truth increasingly emerges, to save their own skin. (You'll see the same from Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine soon, just as I said in my letter, but "not yet" - your socially engineering scriptwriters haven't built up enough 'suspense' yet.)

As I, and many, many others said during the course of "the pandemic" - Covid was never really a virus. It was a character test. A morality test. A human test. And many millions failed it, very, very severely. When you fail one of life's most crucial tests that badly, you don't get to simply dismiss it and enjoy a seamless graduation to the next chapter of life, without some very serious remedial study first.

What is particularly insidious about this swerve in the narrative is the devious attempts to admit to some wrongdoing, whilst still framing the whole situation in a completely fictitious way. The notion that "there was a serious pandemic but we handled it wrong", rather than - the easily verifiable truth - there was no pandemic. Rather, one was staged by social engineers as an exercise in behavioural psychology, to see how inhumanely they could get one human being to behave towards another, because "authority" said so (the precise nature of the famous Milgram experiments - the elites are very interested in funding experiments that assess how easy it is to strip human beings of their humanity).

I've found that, both now and even in the height of "the pandemic", it was pretty easy to get people to agree with the notion that many of the restrictions were ridiculous and over the top, but the general consensus was this was because the government was bumbling and incompetent, overreacting to a novel situation they didn't properly know how to handle.

This - and I need to be abundantly, unequivocally clear on this - is complete nonsense. This notion - that politicians were spooked by a grave public health emergency and so stumbled and made mistakes in handling it - is nothing but political theatre and science fiction. Top level politicians knew for years "a pandemic" was going to be staged (e.g., faked, just as I predicted back in April 2019) and that their roles were simply to perform as actors in a reality TV disaster movie. See the movie 'Contagion' for the exact blueprint, which Matt Hancock confirmed the UK based its pandemic response on.

It's important not to think of politics and showbiz as different and distinct things, but rather, two different soap operas, featuring different actors and filmed on different sets, but ultimately, exactly the same thing.

However, due to the fact that politics doesn't pay nearly as well as Hollywood, you don't exactly get Laurence Oliviers taking the lead in political theatre, which is why excruciatingly awful actors like Matt Hancock (and surely everyone now realises that's what he really is, now that he is starring in "I'm A Celebrity") totally unable to keep a straight face and literally crying with laughter, when they tell us on the telescreen that the first "life-saving vaccine" has been given to a man named William Shakespeare (who promptly died thereafter). They were telling us loud and clear - "this is an acted out drama. It's not real. How much clearer can we make this than by having the first recipient of this injection LITERALLY THE MAN WHO TOLD YOU "ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE?!"

When you have the all powerful hypnotic might of the mass media at your disposal, it's really very easy to fake a pandemic. The print media and - especially - the TV whipped up mass fear and hysteria with their endless scaremongering, whilst some quite straightforward re-categorisation of disease and sleight of hand with statistics - and of course, the fake tests - completed the entirely fabricated illusion that we were in the midst of "a deadly pandemic".

Briefly, what happened was this: hospitals re-categorised 'flu and pneumonia cases as "Covid", whilst also fudging death certificates by attributing deaths to Covid, even when a patient was terminally ill with another condition, a tally which included those who had not been subject to a Covid test or had tested negative. Hospitals were also under strict instruction to follow certain 'protocols' - such as giving midazolam, remdisivir, and putting patients on ventilators - when many senior medics knew these were the wrong treatments and would expedite death (hence why all "Covid deaths" took place in institutional settings such as care homes and hospitals, and virtually none at home).

Regarding the PCR tests that supposedly ratified the notion we were in the middle of a deadly pandemic, these are completely useless and unfit for purpose, as the test's inventor repeatedly warned. He said, "anybody can test positive for anything with the PCR. It doesn't tell you you're sick", and then promptly and conveniently died, just weeks before the pandemic commenced.

The PCR test has past form for creating the illusion of pandemics, and so, whenever the ruling classes want to stage one (Covid, monkeypox, whatever), it is the perfect stage prop. To be clear, a positive result on the PCR for any condition tells you nothing about your state of health. It is completely clinically meaningless.

For all those people who say, "no, there was definitely a new virus, I got so ill, iller than I've ever been". Well, first of all, people say this every year - every time "flu season" (e.g., flu vaccine season) comes around, people are always claiming to be "iller than they've ever been". We are not always the most reliable narrators of our own experiences, and can convince ourselves we've "never been ill like this before", when actually we have - and this is especially true when the TV keeps telling us we are in the midst of "a deadly pandemic", because the power of the mind is exceptionally strong. If you believe there's a highly contagious dangerous epidemic sweeping the world, you are simply far more likely to develop symptoms of this disease, than people who do not hold that belief.

Furthermore, a two year period where people were constantly bathed in fear, brutally segregated from loved ones, denied opportunities for fresh air and exercise, and aggressively corralled into wrapping filthy pieces of suffocating cloth around their breathing apparatus, whilst repeatedly sticking contaminated bits of plastic far into their protective nasal membranes... is not exactly a recipe for good health. If you really were iller than you've ever been, it's probably because your lifestyle had become more unhealthy than it's ever been (especially since many dealt with the stresses of lockdown by binge eating and drinking, leading to a huge increase in type 2 diabetes and liver disease, since the "it's for your safety" lockdowns).

I can confidently assert that all us "Covid deniers", who followed none of the rules and believed one of the hype, were not "iller than we have ever been" and, if we were ill at all, just had normal seasonal respiratory illnesses. I had a cold in February 2020, as I often do that time of year, and I might have had another one in 2021 - I can't really remember - but that was it. I certainly was not "iller than I've ever been with the world's deadliest plague" (that 99.9% survive). The point is that the more you believed in the narrative, and the more government-mandated "precautions" you took, the more ill you undoubtedly were.

So, let me be very clear on what I am saying here: the government didn't innocently "get it wrong", doing their best with the information available at the time. The government, at its highest, deepest-state levels, staged the whole thing, precisely so they could experiment on the population to see how they would react to absurd and brutal anti-human tyranny.

Even if there had been a particularly virulent respiratory virus out there, all of the "restrictions" would still have been utterly absurd and unjustifiable at every level (moral, scientific, economic), but there actually wasn't. The whole thing was an illusion, a façade. "The Emperor's New Virus", as a friend of mine declared on her placard at the first London protest.

This is all way outside the Overton Window, therefore making it an extremely difficult concept for most people to even begin to comprehend, and so, they always respond with, "but... but... why would the government do something like that?!"

In order to give them an excuse to force the restrictions on you, especially the vaccines. That's why. If the government had told you, pre-pandemic "we need you to take five experimental injections over 2 years "for your safety". By the way, they were made by serial felons in a hurry", would you have done it? No. So they staged a "deadly pandemic" so you would.

The whole thing was basically an elaborate pharmaceutical marketing campaign. Equally, the social architects and human farmers behind all this wanted to test your morals and your character (since, as I say, behavioural psychologists have always been very interested in this subject, and just look how many behavioural psychologists there were on SAGE), and how reflexively obedient you would be to supposed "authority" when it instructed you to behave inhumanely to your fellow man - suffocating children with muzzles, forcing the elderly to die terrified and alone, denouncing your own closest family - oh, and let's not forget, the singing, dancing nurses we were instructed to seal-clap for, whilst patients were tortured to death around them.

The results of the "pandemic" experiment gave precisely the same results as previous, similar experiments have - that the majority of humanity will easily, and sometimes aggressively and gleefully, behave inhumanely and with barbarous indifference to human suffering, if a perceived authority tells them to. So, that was all "the pandemic" really was - a marketing and customer creation programme for a 'vaccine' (depopulation bioweapon), and a global experiment in behavioural psychology.

Therefore, this new call for an amnesty is, in my opinion, all part and parcel of the scripted world-stage drama. The social scriptwriters knew it would come to light how absurd and destructive the restrictions were (especially regarding the vaccine) - it was always part of the plan.

So, as the truth began to emerge, the scriptwriters planned for some of the most aggressive proponents of the restrictions to make beseeching (and really quite preposterous and pathetic) calls for an "amnesty", KNOWING the effect this would have on those of us who warned against the restrictions from the start.

The malevolently ingenious social engineers behind all this are past masters at understanding human psychology, and they know human beings have strong and hardwired requirements for accountability and justice, and that there was absolutely no way any of us who opposed the restrictions, and experienced such brutal inhumanity from those enforcing them, would just "let this go".

And that's the point. We're not supposed to. The ruling classes are setting the stage for an all-out civil war (well: I don't think it will be that civil), where the more that "the truth" is revealed - and I'd bookmark 21st November as a significant day, as that is when the new, very slick and clearly well-funded, documentary 'Died Suddenly' is being released - the more furious and bent on vengeance and justice the public at large will become, including and especially towards those now demanding amnesty, but who haven't taken accountability or apologised.

The idea that we should forgive people, who aren't even sorry, for such egregious crimes against humanity, crimes that have resulted in a far higher body count than all the most prolific serial killers combined, is such a ludicrous position, that it really isn't meant to engender a lot of sympathy. Rather, it is meant to further stoke up tensions and fury - and we should be furious - and to prompt the deafening, global battle cry that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. These people must be subject to serious retribution, and this must never, ever be allowed to happen again.

This is all in keeping with the ever-growing narrative that our society is rotten to the core, that none of our existing institutions or authorities can be trusted, and so it ALL must be razed to the ground so we can start again with something completely new. Cue: The Great Reset and '6uild 6ack 6etter'.

So, yes, the calls for "amnesty" are appalling, tone-deaf, cheap, repulsive - just as they are meant to be. It's all part of the grisly dark magic "show". Anyone publicly and gleefully promoting the restrictions was nothing but a useful idiot who, now their usefulness has expired, will be thrown under the bus, just as such dupes and pawns always historically have been.

Anyone who played a prominent part in enforcing tyranny and brutality on their fellow man (including relishing the thought of "anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers" dying, which many openly did), if those people really now want amnesty, they must fully and deeply own up to what they did. They must admit that their behaviour was inhuman and unjustifiable, and that they made terrible mistakes for which there are no excuses other than their own weak character. And some people have indeed done that, for which I commend them.

But too many others have not. They are letting their pride and their ego get in the way and they will not accept just how terribly they got it wrong. Time is running out for them to do so. I believe in "forgiveness", but not blanket forgiveness with no conditions, because forgiveness, just like other key human concepts like respect, becomes utterly meaningless if we just uncritically extend it to everyone.

Forgiveness, just like respect, must be earned, and I am prepared to extend it entirely to those who really deserve it, who fully accept the enormity of their mistake and prove in word and in deed that they are truly sorry.

But anyone demanding an amnesty without being fully accountable for what they did, deserves nothing but the full force of retribution and justice as faced by all other despotic, murderous tyrants throughout history. "I was just going what the government told me" has never been a lawful or moral excuse for committing crimes against humanity and it won't be one now.

So, those of you now realising you got it so horribly, terribly wrong - pick your side. We're approaching 'season finale' for this particular dark pantomime and sinister psychology experiment, and so this is your very last chance. Make the right choice this time. The human one.

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33 comments on “The Latest Pandemime Plot Twist: "Amnesty"”

  1. I'd like to take a DPS Advertisement in the Atlantic as a response to both the Atlantic & prof Emily . Two words one on each Page Large Letters.

    F*** OFF

  2. But the price the vaxed are going to pay is high: death or life-changing injury, if they had a real one injected and it is activated. The vax is a biotech AI weapon alright - one that stops souls ascending. Problem is, the ascension light is coming in anyway (from the sun, hence co2 global warming cover story and chemtrails.)
    This energy will crush the vaxed over the coming months unless they can energetically clear it, one way or another. The medics cannot help them with this.
    This is not a religious or new age message btw. Those are more traps set by the bad guys…

  3. Matt Hancock on I'm a celebrity. OMG. Not that Ive ever watched it. They ARE all actors. Watching 'politicians' has always seemed like watching bad actors or children in a playground even. Hancock is one of the worst. Nauseating 'man' -failed politician-and presumably now a failed contestant in a bad 'reality'show. Does Hancock know anything about reality. I doubt it. He's just another jumped up little nazi who will go down in history as a bit part player in the worst crime against humanity ever committed in modern times.

  4. I've never done it before but am inclined to vote for him to do EVERY challenge and keep him in as LONG as possible to endure as many hardships as possible!...even if he ends up KING OF THE JUNGLE lol!.......maybe he might genuinely cry!

  5. Brilliant Miri.
    There will be many more pleas for Amnesty in the near future, as "true to form", those that orchestrated this whole tragedy will throw the Amnesty seekers "under the bus" as they move on to their next item on the agenda.
    Re 2019 'flu sufferers who "never felt so ill", my first thought was did they respond to the hysterical government/MSM/doctor beseeching calls in 2019 to get the 'flu jab (big red flag to my ears - why do we have an immune system FGS- never had one ever) and if so, what destructive materials were in it? No one from newborn to ancient should ever be jabbed again.
    I sign off humming my new go to motivational song "Rule Britannia" chorus:
    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!
    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!"

  6. I disagree with one observation. Covid WAS a very bad virus and many, including myself, were sick with it for three weeks. How the government and media handled themselves, however, was just appalling. When they resorted to the "no jab no job" blackmail it was very clear that this pandemic was all about control. Emily and the Atlantic can go to hell. They championed this. They want forgiveness without repentance. Even God Almighty won't do that.

  7. They're calling for an amnesty because they know what's coming. They're hoping that people will just sweep it under the carpet and move on. They don't want the full glare of scrutiny on them.

    I do see some people holding up their hands and admitting they were wrong, and I hope more do. It's tempting to deride these people and say "I told you so" but I don't think that's helpful. Many people are going to need help and support in coming to terms with this.

  8. We are so worried about offending transgender or gender identity and or being PC in other social circles and worried about ourselves and as it wasn’t our families we didn’t care….. Treating people like concentration camp style didn’t matter. BOJO 2022 😂

  9. Your observations and insights to the world stage are magnificent! I live not far from you and would love to meet you for a coffee and chat.

  10. Brilliant article but I disagree that the virus wasn’t serious. I didn’t mask or follow any rules, and didn’t expect to get ill at all, but when I did I suffered from such extreme fatigue that I could barely eat or walk. I also lost 50% of my hair as well. Whatever that was it wasn’t just a cold.

  11. Apologise first and we might consider your apology but isn't this a little premature it will take many more years to fully realise the full extent of the damage caused.

  12. Very interesting article but surprised and saddened to see the severity of the illness dismissed and downplayed to this extent. I can confirm that during Christmas 2019 in south eastern England, housemates I lived with were indeed extremely unwell, and I was knocked out for two weeks. This was no ordinary virus, and the covid propaganda hadn’t even started by then.

  13. I had a cold in February 2022. It wasn’t covid because everyone around me who had it at the same time tested negative but it left me unable to move or eat for 5 days and physically exhausted for 3 months.

    The last time I was as sick as that was the year my daughter was born. 7 days unable to move and 6 months recovery time. It was 25 years before covid was released from the lab and was just a cold.

    Before covid we called it post viral fatigue.

  14. I never heard about Shakespeare being the first jab recipient, (possibly being in Australia?) I did however begin researching the faked scamdemic as soon as I saw & heard of a respiratory virus making chinese sudenly drop dead without a wheeze or shortness of breath. I firstly found Prof Francis Boyd a US Bioweapons expert, who explained what he knew of the US Bioweapons developments which included the SARS-gain of function BS which was a cover up for the real Bioweapon, which took me longer to find out about; Dr Robert Malone had invented mRNA vaccines in 1987 ten years Before the Gain of Function BS. funded by the Dept of Defense/ Military/Pentagon, who realized it's Bioweapons potential, DARPA was given the task of driving mRNA vax R&D. DARPA called mRNA vaccines: "Population manipulation and Species Extinction Technologies." The Military doesn't spend Billions on therapeutics they develop weapons! "why these?" In 2000 PNAC a group of high level bureaucratic Psycho paths wrote "Rebuilding America's Defenses." a diatribe on how the US had to stay ahead of the rest of the world to gaurantee US military supremacy. To lead the world. (PNAC stands for: "Project for the new American century")they proposed that the US must develop New Generation weapons, including unpopular, new generation Bioweapons! which they said would be a very slow process to gain acceptance of such Bioweapons, Unless the US sustained a Catastrophic and Catalyzing event such as a New Pearl Harbor." A year later in september 911 occurred the greatest terrorist attack on the US in history, or as many called it "the New Pearl harbor which sparked the US lead War Of Terror. The US has grown a network of over 120 Bioweapons facilities around the world with some 30-36, just "in Ukraine!" The US has illegally worked on Bioweapons R&D since 1986 (when Prof Boyd's Bioweapons and anti-terrorism Act was passed). (Ironically the same year the US passed the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act; which gave Big Pharma complete legal indemnity from prosecution realated vaccine injuries, which is why big pharma made all countries sign contracts that contained complete legal indemnity for injuries and deaths related to the C-19 vaxes. which are also somewhat protected from legal actions as rolled out under EUA's. The Covid scamdemic was a Joint US military/CIA, Gates foundation/WHO/CIA, IMF?World Banking group?Central bankster cabal attack on the world as part of the PNAC new American century world domination. which has luckily not been mission accomplished, as we do not Yet have electronic wallets and total electronic surveilance, or CBDC's, Yet. but they are coming. Look at the sponsors and participants of Event 201: the WHO, gates Foundation, the CIA, the World banking group, J&J John hopkins center for health security-(close Pentagon ties) etc, etc. Rockefeller foundation 2010 also had similar exercise. Great article keep up the great work, 🙂

  15. Hi Miri, I would like to share this but like some others who have commented I am aware that the one part of it that will mean the rest of it is dismissed is the implication that Covid wasn’t real. I am fully aware of the PCR ramping up results and how it was all out of proportion, however this virus was there, it was man made (and is being proven so) and did affect some very badly. I had it and I am never ill and it wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced and it definitely wasn’t flu…
    Apart from this I love your work, Thankyou 💗

  16. Thanks everyone for the interesting comments as ever!

    I know a lot of people still believe "there was a virus", and I still do not, firstly because, I do not believe viruses are a cause of disease or that they "spread" as conventional medicine suggests (please see my latest article, 'Are Viruses Contagious'?).

    Please also remember how often and how extensively all the ministers broke "the rules", enjoying large gatherings and other "super-spreader" events. Would they have done this if there was any chance whatsoever of their getting a serious illness?

    No. They did this because they knew there was nothing "spreading" and therefore nothing to be afraid of.

    We live in a toxic soup and people do get ill, sometimes very ill, from everything from poisons in food and drink to EMF exposure.

    But there was no "Covid". If there was, why the huge elaborate scam with fake tests and forged death certificates and re-classing of flu? If there was a real disease, why not use real stats - and more to the point, why not just let the real disease wipe people out, rather than going to all the trouble of producing a hugely expensive vaccine and propagandising people fro two years to take it?

    So, I stand by my position. I do not believe there is a "Covid". That does not mean I do not believe in serious illness and death or that people weren't seriously ill in 2020 (people are every year - 1,400 people a day die in the UK alone, in normal, non-pandemic times).

    I continue to believe, as my friend's sign at the protest said, that Covid is The Emperor's New Virus.

  17. I just thought I'd add this here (re the existence of the "virus")...

    "The lie tastes sweet in the beginning, but bitter at the end: the truth tastes bitter in the beginning, but sweet at the end."
    Siddhartha Gautama

    "In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong."
    Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

    "To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility."
    Patrick Ness

    'Flu doesn't kill people.

    People die from toxemia, and the "virus" is present at the time of death because it's fulfilling its purpose of helping to detoxifying the host. If the host dies, it's because their body had (literally) overwhelming levels of toxicity, and their death had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the "virus", which (when produced naturally, and not artificially injected) is produced internally as part of the body's natural cleansing process.

    It's claimed that "viruses" caused the death of the host, as they are present at the time of death, and had "attacked" the host from without. But imagine someone continually dumping small piles of rotting garbage in their home. This act of neglect would eventually attract rats, and it would be absurd to blame the rats for the presence of the garbage (and its effects), as they were attracted by the garbage and are effectively helping to clear it up.

    And it's the same with 'flu - people don't die 'of' it, they die 'with' it. Too much "garbage" has been "dumped" inside them - usually accumulatively, and our body can only do so much before eventually losing the "battle".

    The "virus" is present, having originated from within the body - an internal healing process that is triggered in direct response to the body's dangerous levels of toxicity. Unfortunately, these responses have become increasingly strong, due to the current level of toxicity in our environment (from so many ridiculously unnecessary sources), which is precisely why people are experiencing the "worst 'flu ever" (and dutifully blaming it on "covid"🤦).

    Just think how utterly absurd it is when someone who makes particularly toxic lifestyle choices - especially those who line up to be jabbed with known neurotoxins - starts to feel ill (has entered the detoxification process) and then chooses to blame those who didn't allow themselves to be injected with poison - who probably make considerably healthier lifestyle choices than the "victim" refusing to take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being...🤦

    When people get "ill" after receiving a "flu jab" it's because the jab is toxic, which has caused their body to cross the toxicity threshold, thus sparking the detoxifying process. The "disease" is the toxicity - the "symptoms" are the body's natural response to removing the toxins (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sweating - all means of expelling toxins).

    The idea that it comes from without (contagion), and that the environment is perpetualy populated with microscopic potential "killers", ready to infiltrate our weak and fragile bodies so they can wage war on our poor, pathetic, and wholly inadequate immune systems is probably the greatest lie ever sold. It's classic inversion of reality, and if it was true, life as we know it could never have flourished (think about it...🤔).

    Seriously, if you've fallen for the contagion scam, you have been lied to on a truly colossal scale - one you may never fully come to terms with, because it's only when you stop trusting the medical cartel (and their lackeys in government and "health" care) that you will be able to even begin to move beyond the disastrous consequences of believing this truly monstrous and insidious lie.

    Unfortunately, once you do that, you will have to find ways of dealing with the fact that we are indeed being attacked incessantly - that every aspect of our health and freedom is being bombarded with misinformation and toxins via institutions (government, "education", media, the National "Health" Service etc.) lorded over by highly-connected people of great wealth and influence who collectively view the rest of us as nothing more than cattle to be farmed in any way they see fit.

    You doubt this? Really? Even now? You STILL trust politicians and pharmaceutical companies with clearly demonstrable track records of unprecedented levels of fraud and deceit? You think "too many people would have to be in on it" (thus betraying a truly pathetic level of ignorance regarding the way fear driven hierarchies work)? Well good luck with that, and with your boosters (just be sure to get your affairs in order sooner rather than later).

    What are you frightened of? Your workmates taking the piss? The guys down the pub? Your family and "friends" disowning you? Being completely out of your depth and losing your perceived sense of "wisdom" and "control"? Change?

    Maybe you find the lie too comforting (even though the mental gymnastics required to keep believing it are increasingly absurd), and would rather cling to that than face the consequences of coming to terms with the bitter truth that you've been played like a fiddle - that the only thing that can redeem you now is to start being 'honest' with yourself and others, if only to restore your dignity?

    The problem is, honesty doesn't come easily to those whose entire existence is steeped in lies - to the cowards who cling desperately to the answers provided by their "authorities" (their hallowed "experts") because they're too frightened and lazy to ask perfectly legitimate questions - questions that we all have every right to ask (that's right! You don't HAVE to be a government approved "expert" to have an opinion! Shocking to some, I know, but there you go!).

    But of course, they couldn't possibly risk being labelled "crazy" by their masters, and certainly not by their peers, who also have absolutely no idea just how much they've allowed themselves to be lied to, and to what extent they defend those lies whilst remaining blissfully unaware of the truly dire cost to themselves (and those they purport to "love").

    They'd rather drown in the sweetness of the lie (play it "safe", in order to look "good" on the surface) than even begin to dare facing the harsh reality of comprehending the truth, because that comes with the need to take personal responsibility, which would mean eschewing their lifelong and utterly pathetic sense of entitlement.

    But no, that requires courage, something they are completely devoid of and many are already dying, with many more to follow - all blissfully unaware of the crucial and willing part they've played in their own demise - that they have literally been poisoned by the very people they begged to keep them "safe" (and that they lined-up for the privilege!).

    Many of them chose to believe that they are/were powerless, that life is ultimately pointless, and that being willing to sacrifice for the myth of the "greater good" is somehow a wise and noble thing to do (🤦). They truly believe that "life's a bitch and then you die", which all too often becomes a sad, self-fulfilled prophecy...

    "A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it."
    J.R.R. Tolkien

  18. Well said Miri,
    Those who did this should be put on trial for treason against us especially in England where the only sentence a judge can pass is the death sentence for that crime.
    You are right the word you are looking for is the Nocebo, most people have heard of the Placebo not many its opposite the Nocebo.
    As a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist I have been aware of it for well over 30 years and over that same period of time I have been aware that 200 years ago Professor Antoine Bechamp proved conclusively using the scientific method that you cannot cath a disease, all disease comes from within and most of it is exacerbated by toxins which cause apoptosis the death of our cells.
    The etymology of the word virus is the same as the etymology of the word pharmacist, the root word that connects them both is poison. Over the course of the past 120 when the Rockefellers decided to promote the pHARMAceutical industry and denigrate Natural Medicine Viruses have gone from being poisons to becoming living biological entities that can now survive outside of the host cell on things like door knobs and cash. You don't need to be a genius to know that they will use that as a pretext to remove all cash from society because we are ruled by psychopaths who want total control over every aspect of our lives. Long before Virologist Stefan Lanker came along me and others were telling people that Viruses as stand-alone biological entities do not physically exist, they now exists as egregores and can inflict pain and suffering via people's minds who have been inculcated to believe in them that is what the Nocebo is. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy you create what you expect over time.
    As you know we were connected on Fascist Book but they deplatformed me as having 5000 people on my friends list many of whom I woke up they were unhappy with that so if you noticed you have not seen me on there that is why.
    You also know that I have refused to pay Council Tax since 2008 and there is nothing they can do about it. Over that time period I documented it all on Fascist Book posting the correspondence between me and the corrupt lawyers who knew they could never win and who ran away from the polemic.
    We are not governed by anyone in Parliament so we can safely ignore all government fiat. We have the Right to withdraw fealty from the Crown. Once you understand that those who own the Bank of England are the ones who control the UK Government then we might wake enough people up to engage in Lawful rebellion and mass noncompliance. People need to stop feeding the Beast then we win.

  19. I, like you, do not believe Covid ever existed. Let us not forget that flu 'disappeared' during the plandemic. Therefore those who were very ill and never like before, may have suffered from the detox to which you, Miri, have referred.

    Once every 3 - 4 years since my early 20s, I get ill with something that wipes me out with high fever for up to 10 days (and I am talking fever of 40.5). I believe this is my natural immunuty purging whatever needs to be dispelled. I NEVER take allopathic treatment and never had any vaccinations other than tetanus.

    Every time I overcome these illnesses, I feel stronger than ever once I have got over the initial exhaustion.

    One such episode was over the Christmas of 2019, before the 'plandemic' with all the 'symptoms' of it (which were conveniently typical of most 'viruses' and in keeping with detoxification).

    Sincere apologies or at least acknowledgement will go a long way. We must not allow the divisive behaviour to continue to divide the human race. However, I believe the globalists' game is only now heating up. Just my opinion 😉

  20. Let's build the gallows first. We can talk about an amnesty after that, where the Nuremberg Code is unclear.

  21. I don't believe there was ever any majorly deadly disease spreading in multiple countries. I can't see how a pathogen could spread on such a wide scale, and to be such a danger that you can't even go out walking in the countryside (as Derbyshire police tried to shame people out of doing by publishing drone footage). This is fantasy stuff that we've been prepped for for years via contagion movies, so that when the moment came, they could trigger the memory of those disaster movies in the public psyche to scare the wits out of people (e.g. the same news anchor from the Contagion movie announcing the pandemic on CNN).

    What confirmed it for me was the way we'd been bashed in the head by the govt and media about staying indoors through April and May 2020, when even a house party or stepping out your front door was considered a punishable act and could get you shamed in a news article. Then in June, the Black Lives Matter riots broke out, and the BBC were running articles entitled "Protestors defy the virus", worded in such a way as to positively portray and encourage these huge gatherings, which we'd been told were forbidden because they'd cause a public health catastrophe. There were apparently no spikes in infections after these events either. That proved beyond doubt that the whole thing was a nonsense, essentially a show being directed by people who operate supranationally, above governments, and tell them and media what to do.

    The only way for govt, media and these "amnesty" people to regain any modicum of credibility would be to admit to all of the lies, nastiness and nonsense they've pushed on us the past 2.5 years, apologise for it, and for the huge damage they've caused to society. Some people are coming round to this, but many won't unless their puppet-masters decide to hang them out to dry. I believe Trump and the Q movement are the ones being set up to do this, to "take down the deep state" in a limited-hangout fashion that the puppet masters hope will assuage enough of the public anger without the entire extent of things becoming known. Trump has been posting Q references and "The Storm is Coming" slogan, so this could well start happening very soon.

  22. I wrote to various MSPs, MPs here in Edinburgh. I got two replies back from Kenny MacAskil and one from Tommy Shepard. I got nothing back from the Lib dems and I have to admit I got correspondence back from Callum Laidlaw from the Tory party. This correspondence was initially due to going in a bus lane at the wrong time. But the I went on to mention various atrocities that he and other members of parliament will be held accountable through the Nuremberg trials 2. Never heard from Mr. Laidlaw again.
    As for Kenny MacAskil and Tommy Shepard, I was just sickened by their lack of responce especially Tommy Shepard. However, I put both letters from me to Kenny and both of his replies to me online on BNT.
    I have them here along with Tommys and Callums replies.

    I personally will not give amnesty to any of the politicians or any member of the NHS!
    I can email all letters to whom would like to have them. Or if you wish I can put them on here for everyone to see how correctness people are.

  23. Outstanding journalism.
    Why can't commenters on here do their research and learn that the germ theory is nonsense and that there is no such thing as deadly viruses?
    No virus in history has ever been isolated or been proven to cause disease. Numerous people did FOI requests to public health bodies across the world and not 1 could provide evidence that SarsCov2 had ever been isolated and simply replied - we do not have that information!
    We become ill when we are overwhelmed with toxins and symptoms are simply the body telling you that it's trying to detox.
    Buy a copy of What Really Makes You Ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker, it will be the best book you ever read for these times. Dr Tom Cowan has also written a book called The Contagion Myth which says the same.
    Unless we expose the germ theory for the monumental hoax that it is, they will keep throwing pandemics at us and injecting people with toxins.
    All vaccines are dangerous and are given to us to make us sick and to create lifelong customers for big pharma.
    Convid has certainly proved just how gullible and stupid the masses are.

  24. Interesting to see people saying they were really sick around December 2019, at this time I was also the most ill I have ever been and tired out for weeks afterwards. My great granddaughter was born and I was in the hospital on a nebuliser, I was afraid to see her and looked at her through the window in case she caught anything off me. I have had Covid supposedly and only know I had it because a family member did a test and all the family were sick at the same time. It was a cold with loss of taste nothing more and no where near as bad as I was in 2019.

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