'The Truth Movement' falls out of love

Written by: Miri
November 25, 2022

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the heady days of summer 2020. We've all heard of the famous sixties 'Summer of Love', well: summer 2020 was the Summer of Truth, and it was just as powerful, potent, and euphoric.

When the corona circus first came to town, it marked the most intense, insane, bizarre, outrageous and extraordinary thing many of us had ever experienced. Being accosted by policemen for sending text messages; being instructed by Michael Gove whether a Scotch Egg is a substantial meal; and then, of course, all the far more sinister and egregious crimes involving the isolation, mistreatment, and ultimate murder of many of the elderly and vulnerable.

This experience was not, shall we say - and here comes the understatement of the century - everyday. As such, the effects it had on us were not everyday, either. Suddenly, we were catapulted out of our normal lives and predictable comfort zones, onto the front lines of one of the most significant cultural battles in all of history. And, when we found we were not alone, but that there were tens of thousands of other people who thought and felt exactly as we did - the reaction was nothing short of euphoric. Especially given many of us had been so brutally attacked, maligned, and rejected by family and friends when we'd tried to express our views.

So, this euphoria, delight, and gratitude at finally meeting 'our people' manifested as a display of powerful unity, which hit a crescendo when people came from all four corners of the country to congregate in London in August 2020, for a demo against the restrictions. Anyone who was there will tell you the vibe was amazing - completely positive, suffused with optimism and hope - "loved-up", if you will.

Not only that, but many people who had previously only corresponded online, got to meet in person for the first time, and this wasn't just for connections forged through the pandemic, but for relationships going back much further. The August 2020 protest marked the first time I met online friends I'd known for six or seven years (hi S, J and E!), people I'd enjoyed many fantastic conversations with and considered friends - but all of whom lived a long way away, and none of us had previously found the incentive to spend the considerable time and money involved with actually meeting up.

"Covid" gave us that incentive - and many more things, too. Anyone who becomes a 'conspiracy theorist' is someone who is used to standing apart from the crowd and doing things differently. While this, of course, has much to recommend it, it can also inevitably get lonely. But Covid changed that. Covid, for many of us, not only was not lonely, but became one of the most social times of our lives, as we forged new connections, developed new networks, and hosted clandestine gatherings throughout various lockdowns (feeling very French and resistancy).

We couldn't believe how much we had in common with all our amazing new friends. They saw things just as we did. They had been abused by others just as we had. They were full of righteous indignation and a desire to change the world, just as we were.

And so, 'the truth movement' - a previously very disparate and loosely defined collection of individuals - finally became, not just powerfully unified, but it also fell a little bit in love.

I don't know if you've ever studied the biochemistry of "in love", but if not, I highly recommend it, and actually think it should be taught in schools, because everyone should be equipped with the knowledge about what "in love" actually is before they enter into it, as it can be very dangerous otherwise (as anyone who has ever been through a messy break-up can attest...).

So, here is a quick overview: "in love" is an identifiable neurological and hormonal state which is not entirely dissimilar to being on drugs or suffering a form of mental illness (romantic, aren't I?). It has very little to do with the personal characteristics or values and preferences of the other person, but rather, it is a very primal reaction instigated by genetics, hormones, and pheromones, telling you the other person is a good genetic and immunological match for you - that, primarily, you would be likely to produce strong, healthy offspring with a good chance of survival.

In order to get you to form a bond and ultimately procreate, nature has to basically get you to be obsessed with the other person and see them as "perfect". If you saw them for what they really are - a normal, flawed, and often deeply annoying human being - you would never take all the personal risks (and associated responsibilities) implicit in forming a relationship with them. So, nature plays a trick - in effect, it drugs you - with very powerful, very enjoyable, very addictive, attraction and bonding hormones.

It is these hormones all the love songs are about - crooning about the perfect woman/man, the one, only have eyes for you, etcetera.

Nature is not interested in whether you are compatible as people and have shared values, interests, and preferences. It's only interested in procreation, and the production of a bond that increases the chances the resultant offspring will survive. So, the "in love" hormones are designed to last for a period of roughly three years, give or take (before we had neuroscience, this was nevertheless well understood by ancient cultures, and mythologised in the story of Tristan and Isuelt). That's enough time for a couple to meet, mate, develop a strong bond, and get an infant through the most perilous stages of early infancy (roughly the first year).

Beyond that, nature has no further need for "in love", so the feelings wear off. If a couple are compatible as people, then this isn't a huge blow - they've developed a bond based on things other than sexual attraction and infatuation, and so they fairly seamlessly move into the next stage of their relationship.

But if they weren't compatible in the first place, and got together only based on the potent "in love" cocktail, with nothing of any substance to underpin it, then the cracks start to show. This is when a couple starts snapping at each other more, when frustration and resentment starts to creep in, when they start to look at other people and begin to seriously wonder if they should break up.

That - having moved through the other stages I described - and as we approach the third anniversary of "the pandemic", is where 'the truth movement' is now at.

You may have noticed, as I certainly have, that there is an increasing amount of sniping, arguing, disillusionment and disenchantment within the ranks of 'the truth community' - a very far cry from the loved-up unified euphoria of summer 2020.

Where once we saw each other with starry eyes and felt suffused with powerful attraction and bonding hormones telling us to unite, engage, and produce, the scales have now well and truly fallen, and now we are seeing each other for what we really are - fellow, flawed human beings, who can sometimes be deeply annoying... For instance, when the film 'Died Suddenly' was released this week, instead of being met with a joyous chorus of rapturous applause - as it surely would have been had it been released two years ago - it has been met with a lot of cynicism and derision, about it being "controlled opposition", "too little too late", "not telling us anything we don't know", and so on.

I agree with many of these critiques, as it happens, and as soon as I heard it was coming out, thought it seemed a strategised part of "the great reveal" - and that the BBC covered it would seem to confirm this. Sure, the BBC's coverage was negative, but the legacy media knows only too well the real way to crush a film, message, or movement is to ignore it - not to pique millions of people's interest by drawing attention to a film they would otherwise never have heard of. So, yes, 'Died Suddenly' seems part of the overall "plan" to gradually reveal some aspects of the truth in a strategic way - but that's not the wider point.

The point is to examine the dramatic change in attitude in this 'movement' and what it signifies. There is no doubt that we in this community have well and truly fallen "out of love" and that we now view the situation, and each other, very differently to how we did in 2020. If a London protest was announced tomorrow, very few would make the effort - spend the time and the money - to go, whilst all the intense networking and meet-ups (at one time, I was attending at least two a week) have largely fizzled out, or at least been dramatically scaled back.

I realise up until this point, this all sounds a bit depressing, but it needn't, if we frame it the same way successful long-term couples frame moving out of the "in love" stage - e.g., it was inevitable. Such powerful and intense feelings are not sustainable over the long-term, and they are not meant to be. The relationship is meant to mature and evolve, to move into different stages.

I have noticed many relative 'newcomers' to this scene - those who first got involved over the last three years - express outrage and dismay about, for instance, others calling out high-profile people as "controlled opposition" - as if those who make such accusations are dividing a previously unified movement.

This is because there was a brief illusion of large-scale unity at the beginning of corona-mania, but in reality, this has never existed. 'The truth movement' does not exist as any kind of hive-minded behemoth, and has always been beset with enormous internal conflict about who to trust, who's the real deal, who's lying and who's telling the truth, etc. People who comprise 'the truth movement' are original and critical thinkers, not those who follow the crowd or mindlessly follow a leader. So, they think for themselves, which leads to disagreements. And arguments. A lot of them. It's the same as ever it was, and the "you're controlled opposition" / "you're dividing the movement" spat has been going on as long as there's been a truth movement.

"Newbies" are despairing at this - as the 'love' hormones wear off and reality sets in - but I say verily to thee, newbie - do not despair! You need these deceptive hormones to wear off so you can see people as they really are and then make a considered and rational choice about who you are going to develop long-term bonds with and create meaningful projects alongside.

You can't expect to get on with everyone. In fact, the more you mature and the more discerning you become, the less people you will ultimately be compatible with - and that is entirely normal, healthy, and desirable. The powerful 'rush' at the beginning of the pandemic introduced you to a huge pool of people who you had some superficial similarities with, but few of these people were ever going to be compatible with you long-term and in a meaningful way. That's just not the way human beings are built - we're not designed to get on with everyone. That doesn't mean we can't be polite and friendly to lots of people, but where it comes to more meaningful relationships, we're choosy, we're discerning, we're tribal - and so we should be. That's how you build a strong community and robust relationships which last the course.

A lot of people have expressed bafflement as to why the ruling classes seem to have in effect "paused" their plans - why life, on the surface, seems more or less back to normal, and why - if they want digital ID, vaccine passports, microchips and all that - they didn't just hit us with that at the same time as the lockdowns, masks, and Scotch Eggs.

I suggest this is because they knew at that time the extraordinary "loved-up" intensity of the resistance was too strong and too galvanised, and so the push-back would have been too emotional and overwhelming. It would have taken them more time and more resources to quash it, than just sitting back and letting those initial strong feelings ebb away naturally. Once the initial passions and enthusiasms for fighting back have died down, it will be far easier for the social engineers to move into the next stage of the plan.

Or so they suspect: this is why I think it's vital we stay one step ahead of them, and instead of "breaking up" because "we're not in love any more", simply adjust our approach and - yes, move away from the people we never really had anything meaningful in common with and were never going to form enduring bonds with - to focus on further strengthening the meaningful bonds we did develop and using those to formulate a new kind of resistance.

Large-scale, national and international activism is great in many ways, but as the cost of living crisis escalates, the train strikes continue, petrol costs soar, it's going to become less and less sustainable. More and more, the emphasis on keeping it local is going to be key. Slick Hollywood documentaries have their place, but the reality is, you're probably going to "wake more people up" chatting to others in your local coffee shop, than sharing film links online with "normies" who will never watch them.

Case in point: yesterday, Mark and I bumped into an acquaintance we hadn't seen for ages, and could see he looked a bit rough. He said that his IBS had got much worse during the pandemic, and had become so bad, he was often unable to leave the house. Nothing the doctors suggested worked (if anything, they made it worse). Having heard this story so many times, and knowing just how awful "conventional" dietary advice is - especially for managing any kind of digestive complaint - we recommended the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) book to him. He looked really intrigued and said he would order it as soon as he got home.

The GAPS diet won't only treat his IBS, but it will introduce him to the whole world of vaccine injury (the likely reason his IBS suddenly got worse during the last couple of years is the vaccines, and even mainstream sources admit vaccines can exacerbate IBS). So this could be the "gateway" to opening his eyes to what's really going on - but it was the local, personal connection that made this possible, and I do think local and personal is where our power really is, especially going forward.

On the civic level, too, we have a lot more power locally than nationally, with the opportunity to stand for and "infiltrate" parish and town/county councils (far more chance of making a difference here than on the national, parliamentary level). This kind of activism may not be as "glamorous" - as attractive and infatuating - as high-profile events, big-name stars, slick superheroes who claim they're going to save us all... but real life isn't constantly attractive and infatuating, just like real relationships aren't.

"In love" has its place. It's the galvanising rocket a relationship needs to get going. But it's not a state that's meant to last. All that's happening now is we're evolving and growing up - and our relationship is moving into the next stage. The overlords are counting on us not being able to maintain relationships once the initial euphoria has worn off - they want us all atomised, isolated, alone - and so are waiting for that process to be more advanced before they pounce again.

So, it's vital that we - as ever - prove them wrong. That we use this critical time to prune and discern, terminating the relationships and networks that are no longer serving us (this isn't "divisive" - as I've said before, the truth movement is not The Borg and we are allowed to diversify and have different approaches and priorities to other 'truthers') and focus on solidifying and evolving the ones that are. That's what they're counting on us not having the maturity to do, that's why they're waiting until we've well and truly all "fallen out of love" before launching their next 'big thing' - and that's why it's absolutely critical we show them, yet again, just how much they have underestimated us.

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16 comments on “'The Truth Movement' falls out of love”

  1. The "in love" analogy is quite apt; in the first instance I was somewhat adrift as the situation deteriorated in early-to-mid 2020. I did try to talk about it to some people, but was mostly humoured and ignored. The marches changed all that, and it was a huge relief to meet so many people who were basically just saying "WTF?!" and trying to get it across to everyone else. The atmosphere was almost like the Notting Hill Carnival, as I explained afterwards to anyone who would listen - almost euphoric.

    But every high has its hangover, and I think that with the return to some semblance of normality (all an illusion, of course!), a lot of people have more or less lost interest in all of it. Myself included; I haven't been to a Stand in the Park for a long time (I *really* need to re-establish contact there). But I feel that we're not out of the woods by a long way, and I agree that we need to continue cultivating long-term relationships (to borrow your analogy) and always be prepared for the next move.

    Hopefully we'll be ready!

  2. I agree with what you've said about the truth movement, Miri. It's been like it for a while; well since the restrictions lifted. After every one was lifted, people had less and less to fight about. The truth movement became more like the Conspiracy Movement. People went into flat earth domain, fake moon landings etc, and that divided people more.
    Now it's Musk. Hero, or not? Well he's bought Twatter an' 'es gonna save the world. It's Hancock in the jungle. Truthers fighting truthers.
    In all honesty, I've given up on the truth movement. I still see like minded people via SITPs and other meet ups. But I don't consider us truthers; more like friends who've come together out of this mess. And that's very special.

  3. "For a country to have a great writer is like having a second government. That is why no regime has ever loved great writers, only minor ones.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    You are a great writer Miri and also a great thinker.

    As for the 'truth movement'
    Few are willing to search deeply to how and why all this current world agenda has come to be. It's in plain sight if you look.I am a person who tries to follow Truth and Jesus says it quite plainly:
    Jesus said to him, “I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
    John 14:6
    I am no preacher or Bible bashing kind of person, I just see pure logic in those words.There is divine truth and some on this earth want to change that.
    Unfortunately and even despicably many supposed religious 'leaders' are wilfully
    deceiving many...so it comes down to the individual to discern 'truth'.

    "It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones."

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    I like Solzhenitsyn because he really thought things through during his time in the Gulag.

    2Thessalonians 2:10
    .. and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

    I love your quest for truth Miri, in the end that is what counts. Thank you

  4. Coincidence? This evening I'm off to a reunion of like minded who first got together in the first months of the CV scam. It was quite a thing at the time. All very clandescent. Met lots of different and interesting people that night. As Miri points out, over time, relationships have grown with some and died away with others. I still get excited about meeting up as trying to engage with clown world is very trying.

  5. I do remember the ‘summer of love’ and I also remember the hippie movement breaking up into music heads, bread heads, druggies, guru seekers, commune dwellers etc, all of which diluted it to nothing. Stand in the park had exactly the same feel, and I thought at the time ‘ I know what’s going to happen’. I feel that it has held up well considering all that.

  6. Thanks. Whilst the mass cohesion of 2020 has indeed dissipated we have smaller groups concentrating on different areas. We need now to pivot as those in control have pivotted to the cashless society, social control and divesting national identity and decision making to unelected bodies like WHO and WEF.

  7. Wow! What a great metaphor. Totally agreed. Local, personalised activity is our way forward. Very important mention there about how we can get involved in our local councils. Check out 'Constintuent Strategy' on Rumble.

  8. I totally agree with Miri she’s amazing! Thank you so much for all your very hard work, she’s always spot on as she is with this article. Keep on keeping on! 💯👍👏

  9. Great perspectives there Miri. Thank you.

    I’m committed to the RebelsOn Roundabouts “visible opposition” route. Different groups have branched off into lots of different initiatives but we do seem to keep the links of communication. We are joined by a mostly unbreakable bond I believe despite our different priorities. Once you see the illusion you see it forever.

  10. London for you in August 2020, Birmingham for me along with no more than about two hundred other people in Victoria Square, one of whom I 'knew' from Twitter, another of whom from Coventry I had met in person several times during anti-war protests in early 2003. But the protests against lockdowns, mask mandates, Track & Trace and possible (at the time) vaccine mandates were never part of any broader 'Truth' movement. Now a lot of 'Truthers' continually kick off about what 'they' (the WEF) don't want us to do, or about issues that are peripheral or unrelated, this country's energy crisis for example which has been forseeable for more than three decades.

  11. Great post! Thank you so much! I needed to make sense if things & you've really helped by putting it into your words in this clear way!

  12. I have utmost respect for anyone who resisted the injection last year, in the face of pressure from every direction, regardless of their reason. We know the how, what, who and where. Not the why. If you're right that will reveal itself over time.

  13. Very intelligent great writing. AS you observe - we are at a crucial and dangerous stage now and the remedy is acting local - i hope we can do this effectively enough. It is a complete social no-no to even mention jabs or covid it seems now--- we have to ease around this ! The 'normies' want to get on with life and do not realise that more nastiness of a subtle pervasive kind is lurking .

  14. Yes, agreed. I have always told my children to see where they are with a new love after 3 years, when "lust" changes or evolves into "love".

    We have noticed that our new-found tribe is starting to diversify into those that are "flat-earthers" vs "globe-earthers", "chemtrailers" vs those who aren't entirely convinced that some may still be "contrails", the Creatonists vs those with a more "spiritual" belief and so on. But now we have smaller groups that have formed from the amorphous mass that emerged from the "pandemic" and many of us are happy to include those differences in our local groups as we form diverse skill sets and prepare for whatever challenges that are likely to emerge in the coming days. Excited to live in these times!

  15. Regarding IBS, if someone isn't ready to take on the GAPS diet, just avoiding glyphosate by choosing products made from organic wheat, oats and other grains often seems to do the trick, in my experience. I'm convinced that glyphosate gives the symptoms of IBS and, in any case, is definitely best avoided!

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