Understanding why you feel ill after your booster isn't rocket science: It's more like tobacco science

Written by: Miri
December 21, 2021

Following yesterday's particularly aggressive state propaganda drive - every single major newspaper, front and back, screaming at the nation to get injected (mm, yes, totally free press over here in our completely legitimate and functional democracy!) - is the inevitable tsunami of Tweets and festooning of Facebook, with reports of illness.

"I got my booster a couple of days ago. Damn, it must have been just a few days too late, because immediately after I got ill!"

"I got my booster last week. Started feeling awful a few days later. Just got a PCR test and it's positive. Thank God I got the booster though, or imagine how much worse it would have been."

"I got my booster at the weekend. I literally feel like death. That means it's working, though."

Am I surprised to see this? No. Sadly, this kind of thing has been the preserve of vaccine apologia for decades. So, let's just be really clear on one fundamental founding fact: if you receive a vaccine, and still contract the disease anyway, that means the vaccine has failed. The whole field of vaccinology is predicated on the idea that receiving the vaccine stops you contracting the disease, NOT that it "reduces symptoms". Something that purports to reduce symptoms is a therapeutic, not a vaccine. Hence: you take an aspirin to reduce the symptoms of a headache, not to prevent the headache occurring in the first place, or to stop someone else from getting a headache.

So, let's repeat that once again (since mantras and repetition are so key to the Covid cult, I figured my counter-movement - Mirism? Conspiranity? - should get in on the action, too) - if you receive a vaccine for a condition, yet still contract that condition, it means the vaccine has failed.

However, the reason people are getting ill directly after vaccination is not because the vaccine has failed and they have contracted the condition, because the timeframe is too immediate. The reason people become unwell immediately following the Covid injection, is the same reason they become ill immediately following the 'flu vaccine. It's because the vaccine made them ill. If you put poisonous substances into your body, you tend to become unwell afterwards. It's as simple as that.

When "the experts" - TV doctors and the like - trot out the usual marketing slogans to justify why the vaccinated have immediately become ill (which are then earnestly repeated by the ailing injected on social media), you can compare it to doctors in the 1950s who stated that cigarette smoking gives you a healthy cough. And if you thought Big Tobacco was bad for fraudulent science and buying off doctors, you ain't seen nothing compared to Big Pharma.

Imagine if I went out to the pub and drank ten pints, and then the day after, I felt really ill. Imagine me explaining these symptoms by saying, "oh, it's just a coincidence. I was obviously about to get ill anyway", or, "this just shows my liver is working. The alcohol primed my body for defending against a REALLY heavy session. I would have been much worse if I didn't drink at all".

The typical "justifications" excusing horrible illness directly following vaccination are just as logical as that.

Imagine my teetotal housemate, upon hearing my "explanation" as to why I was ill, saying, "yeah... but you say that every weekend after you go out drinking. But I don't drink at all and I'm never ill. So do you think... maybe... the alcohol could be making you ill?"

"OH MY GOD, I didn't realise you were one of those crazy, science-denying conspiracy theorists!"

It really is no different to that, because, as a vaccine "teetotaller" (no vaccines since 2001, making me effectively unvaccinated, as all my childhood ones would have worn off), I am rarely ill and certainly have not been since the advent of the latest new scariant, "Omicron". Whereas all the heavy injectors are now severely "hungover" and feeling awful.

The truth is really simple, and, it seems, too simple for many people to believe. The public has been sold on the idea of a complex novel disease that humanity's greatest minds have united over in order to unravel and defeat, an endeavour far too advanced and sophisticated for ordinary, unworthy little you to understand, so just shut up and take your injection and be grateful ("thank you, NHS!!!" - except the 200,000 of you who don't want the injection, of course).

But that's all that is: an idea. A script. A conspiracy theory, if you like.

Here's the reality: there's no novel disease, rather, the 'flu and similar ordinary respiratory illnesses have simply been rebranded. Don't believe me? Please go and check how the 'flu mysteriously disappeared in 2020, only to be replaced with a "new" disease with all the exact same symptoms. So, patients who, in any previous year, would have been diagnosed with 'flu, or perhaps, in more serious cases, pneumonia, are now being diagnosed with 'Covid' instead, using a completely unfit-for-purpose test, which its own inventor (who died conveniently - I mean, 'mysteriously' - just weeks before "the pandemic" began) stated should never be used to diagnose illness. "Anybody can test positive for anything with the PCR," said Nobel-Prize winning scientist, Kary Mullis. "It doesn't tell you that you're sick."

PCR tests have been used before to falsely declare "epidemics", as the New York Times reported in 2007. To be clear: a positive PCR test result is ultimately clinically meaningless. It doesn't tell you that you're sick, and it certainly doesn't prove the existence of a pandemic.

What it does do is create the illusion of a pandemic - or a "casedemic", as it has bene correctly called - by providing lots of "positive test results", which the media can then use to whip up the required fear and hysteria in the populace.

Having been adequately terrorised through months of relentless media propaganda reporting endless "rises in cases", along with graphic and terrifying Hollywoodised descriptions of illness and death (the type of illness and death the occurs every year, but that the media ordinarily ignores), the masses are then an easy sell for their "saviour", the vaccine.

Had the world not been primed by months of intensive scaremongering from the media, nobody would know there was a pandemic, since for people not hypnotised by the TV (TV induces an alpha-wave brain state, just like hypnotism does), there hasn't been one - as they say, if you watch TV, we're in the middle of a deadly pandemic. If you don't, it's Tuesday. The media had to create the illusion of a pandemic in order that people would submit to repeat injections. There are other goals to "the pandemic", relating to a general restructuring of society, but the primary one has always been to get people multiply-injected - since when else in living memory has the Government commandeered all the nations's newspapers to advertise the same product on their front and back pages? Because remember, the vaccine is a consumer product, made by wealthy, for-profit companies.

The reason the Government wants people multiply-injected is not so they can "give you your freedoms back" (I cannot honestly believe anyone still believes that at this stage). The reason - and I desperately wish this wasn't true, but reality, however grim, cannot be wished away - is so they can achieve their depopulation goals with an injection designed to induce terminal illness within the next few years in most recipients (evidence suggests a lucky few have received inert placebos). Dramatically reducing the world's population is an agenda item that all members of the ruling classes are openly committed to, and not just via incentivising smaller families and subsidising contraception and abortion. They also intend to expedite the demise of those already here, and they obviously realise that, if they told you the truth about that - that they want to cull the human herd with a slow-acting lethal injection - you would't take it. So, they've lied to you about it. It's really as simple as that, and all the evidence supports that conclusion, and none of it supports the idea that the world's governments are really loving and benevolent and just want to help you by repeatedly injecting experimental serums concocted by serial felons into you.

The world's governments are quite happy to let millions die in wars and famines, through poverty and destitution, and to see families starving and dependent on food banks, yet you think they're offering you endless free injections for the good of your health? Seriously? And I get called the conspiracy theorist?!

Left-wing persons of my acquaintance have spent their whole lives telling me how the evil Tories don't care about the poor, the disabled, and the sick and want to kill them off. Yet apparently, these same left-leaning individuals now believe that - whilst still trying to kill the disadvantaged through endless benefit cuts and selling off of the NHS - the Tories are simultaneously trying to preserve and protect life with arm-fulls of free vaccines.

Well, that doesn't really make a lot of sense, does it, honestly? If you simply extrapolate from your own previously stated beliefs re: evil, murderous Tories, then what's really going on is horribly clear. I wish it wasn't, but the reality is, If you're simply consistent in your own beliefs about the selfishness and greed of the Tory Government, you'll be forced to concede that, if there was a real "deadly plague" sweeping the globe, evil Tories would insulate themselves in their gated-off country mansions hoarding hazmat suits, whilst leaving the rest of us without protection to be wiped out. In reality, the Tories have done just the opposite - ignored all 'the rules', ditched their masks, socialised and hard-partied, whilst forcing you to be muzzled and isolated. That's because there is no pandemic and they know it. There's just a casedemic, based on faulty tests. If there was a real, virulent, deadly illness, the political elite would be the ones isolating and we would be the ones forced to go out into the world and confront it, which is the exact opposite of what's actually happened.

I know I've detailed this kind of thing many times before, and my audience is roughly divided between those who agree completely and those who think I'm completely insane, but I think it's important to keep reiterating anyway - not only because there's the slightest chance it might resonate with someone and make them rethink the "booster" - but because it's becoming increasingly clear that a lot of this is going to be formally revealed on the world stage soon, and we all ("pro-vax" and "anri-vax" alike) need to be ready to deal with it.

There are so many revelations rising to the surface at the current time, from the dangers of vaccines to establishment corruption to predatory celebrities, and it's all been deftly engineered to be this way to reach a kind of crescendo, which looks likely to happen in the first quarter of 2022.

We all need to be prepared for the kind of revelations that are going to shake the foundations of our society to its core - and ultimately, and inevitably, as has always been the plan, see it crumble. This is going to be too much for many people to take, especially those deeply invested in the mainstream narrative, so the more we can do to prepare ourselves psychologically and emotionally for what is to come, the better chances we will have at navigating it.

If I'm wrong, that will soon become apparent, but with every day that goes by that I and all my unvaccinated friends and family remain perfectly healthy, whilst illness explodes in the injected populations, it becomes more and more likely that I'm not wrong. It comes down to this: my argument - that the ruling classes who are openly committed to depopulation are attempting to expedite that goal by injecting the masses with lethal concoctions - makes a lot more sense that the "normie" view - that those same ruling classes are spending an unfathomable fortune on trying to save billions of lives. The establishment has never spent this kind of money on ensuring the whole world has clean water, healthy food, or decent sanitation, all far more critical to preserving life than any pharmaceutical product, so why would they spend it on vaccines? The only time the establishment has ever spent this kind of money before is on warfare.

You don't need to read any biased "studies" or listen to any bought-off "TV doctors" to conclude what's really going on here. You just need to apply some simple logic and straightforward common sense. Honestly: it might just save your life.

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8 comments on “Understanding why you feel ill after your booster isn't rocket science: It's more like tobacco science”

  1. Good article and well articulated. The mass delusion must come to an end sooner or later unless the people are so in love with captors they don't want to be freed from their captured state. Prof Mattias Desmet has some insightful things to say about this.

  2. Another brilliant essay!

    On another note, somehow we became "unfriended" on Facebook. I sent you a friend request which I hope you will accept.

    Thank you for being a voice of reason in a world of insanity.

    God bless.

  3. I agree with everything you write here and have been telling a very similar story for years, well before this plandemic....about how the food, water, medical death system has been created deliberately to raise chronic disease levels and cancers....you only need to see the rise in Cancers, alzheimers, Dementia in the elderley, adhd and autism, asthma allergies, bad eyesight, ear and sinus problems in the young... directly correlates with the exponential rise in vaccinations and other poisonous medications used from birth....along with free annual vaccines for the over 50s and 60s causing the neurotoxicity diseases to kill them off more quickly, the food is also cancer forming... combined with blood pressure medications, statins etc etc...The Cancer treatment is designed to fail and kill...if people can't see that with all the funds and supposed (science experts) at their Health Services and Governments disposal... can't improve the rising Cancer rates or Autism...even with all the money donated by the populace via charities....then it is because THEY don't want too! Simple as that...and the opposite is what is on the Agenda...

  4. Very well put, as if the likes of CRUK are looking for a cure for cancer, why would the CEO on £250,000+ per year shoot the golden goose?

    All these fools dressing up to “kick cancers butt” are deluded, as like most of these charities they’re just gatekeepers to stop any real cures getting out.

  5. Wonderful comparision "Tobacco science" this is the perfect slogan to describe Big Pharma/Big Vax manipulation's techniques

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