What I would do if I'd been vaccinated

Written by: Miri
December 22, 2021

Following on from earlier articles predicting a likely mass-awakening in the next few months, when the realities of what the injection programme really is are revealed on the world stage, it's occurred to me it might be useful to have a go-to guide concerning steps that can be taken to reverse the effects of the injection. I know that more people every day are starting to question the narrative and that very many regret ever getting injected and certainly don't intend to take more. Obviously, I applaud such people and don't want them to feel hopeless or condemned to some horrible fate, so, whether you've taken one, two, three or more injections, but now realise there's something wrong and don't want to take any more, here's my guide as to what I'd do if I'd been vaccinated.

First of all, I would look up the batch number of the vaccination(s) I had received. These are written on the back of the vaccine card you will have been given after your shot. Evidence suggests that almost all severe vaccine reactions are confined to no more than 5% of batches (this at least seems to be true for the first and second doses), so if you haven't received a shot from a "hot lot", you're in a much stronger position. It's even possible you may have received a completely inert placebo, as a medical whistleblower in Slovenia confirmed that some people have.

Next, I would be looking into booking a D-dimer test with a doctor, which can check for microscopic blood clots. One of the biggest risks of these injections appears to be clotting disorders, and microscopic clots - which can lead to more serious disorders over time - do not show up on standard clotting tests, so assessing with a D-dimer whether this is a symptom you have developed will either help reassure you if you haven't, or enable you to start treating it if you have. Dr. Charles Hoffe MD (link as before) reports that, of Covid vaccinated individuals he has tested, about 62% showed evidence of clotting through a D-dimer test.

After that, I would be doing everything I could to detox from the shot. For full transparency and to reiterate what many cautioned in the lead up to the launch of the Covid injection, this isn't going to be easy, as the Covid injections are completely unlike any vaccines that have ever been brought to market before, and so there is very little data available on what works to fully detoxify from them. You may not be able to completely reverse the negative effects, but you can certainly give yourself the best possible chances of reducing them, by:

*Eating the healthiest, most organic diet that is possible, eradicating sugar, seed oils, processed food, and limiting high-carb foods (which all turn to sugar). The Covid injection causes inflammation (as all vaccines do), inflammation is the major driver of many chronic diseases, and one of the most powerful ways of combatting inflammation is through diet. The GAPS diet is known to be very effective at treating and reversing undesirable vaccine effects (although please note it was written before the advent of the Covid vaccines, and so there is no evidence as yet that it would be similarly effective for these particular injections), and there are many anti-inflammatory foods you can incorporate into your diet.

*Optimising your vitamin D stores through sunlight exposure and supplementation;

*Boosting your body's glutathione production, the key master detoxifier, and supporting the liver to help it eradicate toxins.

There are various complete detox protocols available for the Covid injection, prescribed by experienced health professionals, and some are listed below. Please read through each one carefully, and do any wider reading recommended, to determine which one might be right for you:

Covid-19 Vaccine Detoxification Regimes - Dr. Gerald H. Smith

Detox Protocol for the Injected and Transfected - Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD

World Council for Health Spike Protein Detox

Obviously, I can't personally vouch for the efficacy of these protocols as I've never tried them, but they reflect everything I know about nutrition and detoxification, and the importance of providing the body with the right tools to expel toxins and rebuild itself. Ideally, you would get support whilst detoxing from an experienced alternative health therapist, such as a homeopath.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, is to do everything possible to get out of the fear and foreboding mindset. I know that's easier said than done, but if there's one thing that's going to undermine your immunity and sabotage your health and recovery, it's fear. Fear has real, physiological effects on the body and prevents you from achieving optimal health, so please do everything you can to relax, to enjoy yourself, to de-stress and unwind (first key step: switch off the news!). Get out into nature, see friends, watch comedies, and escape the Covid doom 'n' gloom fest whenever and wherever you can. Yes, you may have done yourself some damage by taking the injection, but we've all made regrettable decisions that could have damaged us, and the best thing we can do in such circumstances is accept we made a mistake (we are not perfect), forgive ourselves (we did the best we could with the information available at the time) and move forward as best we can with the new information.

If you're in the position where you regret taking the vaccine and are starting to think your "crazy anti-vax" friends might be on to something, but you're hesitant about contacting them because of your previously stated position, please don't worry and please do reach out. They will not mock or ridicule you or say "I told you so", they will just be thrilled to hear that you've had a change of heart and will be able to help guide you forward to find helpful and supportive resources and communities.

It's never too late to change course, and if you're here now, and are becoming increasingly sceptical of the mainstream narrative, that's for a very good reason. Welcome onboard 🙂

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6 comments on “What I would do if I'd been vaccinated”

  1. I am told that suramin helps rid the body of the gene therapy (it's NOT a vaccine!) spike proteins. This can be obtained from Pine Needles, but be aware that some pine needles are toxic, so buy from a good source. Pour boiling water on them (preferably in a tea pot), put the lid on and let it stew for 10 minutes. I add a green tea, tea bag and a slice of lemon, sweetened with honey

  2. ​hello,its chrissy chataway here,
    thank you so much for that, i have had ​this link​ a while and just got round to reading it,
    my sons girlfriend had the 2 jibbbs, i​(pfizer,)​ was really shocked cos she said she defo wasnt havent any jibbs,, my son hasnt had his yet, his ​girlfiriend ​ said, for him not to have one for the time being, cos of his health issues,, i need to warn her about not having the booster, she had the 2 jibs cos her siblings in there 20;s had one and she may want to travel,​:-(​
    i have to be careful in this situation, as we were discussing that worrying about anything makes it worse, when she told me she had jibbs i had to be very careful what i said , at the time,.....​(inside of myself i was caving in)​ as it would have caused worry for both of them if i spoke out. , so i have been wondering how to warn her against booster,, without causing her to worry about the first 2 jibs .​(last one dec 2021 ​ and to warn my son about​ having any​ jibbs, its awkward, cos she will be wondering why i am warning about a first jib for my son,,,and wondering if she maybe shouldnt have had hers.​, ​
    i dont think her siblings have had booster yet, so i need to warn them too,its awkward. as havent been getting on with son since plan demic started, as he thinks i am completely wrong about all my findings as a truther,,, but thinking about it , if i was to say nothing at all. and something bad happened , i would feel terrible, i did look at her batch numbers, and it said not toxic,, ,,phew , i know the batch site is updated , so that was a relief,,,,,checked in early jan) tho vernon coleman doesnt believe in the batch system, and said they are all toxic,, ? ?? so i think i will just tell them to hang fire. and not have any jibbbs for the time being, and i dont want to go into the reasons why just at the moment,.... then once thats done then show them your link , i am wondering, tho because it says she hasnt had toxic batch whether to show her you link> and maybe just say the boosters are more potent, or something like that., sorry for the long post, but this is causing me such a lot anxiety etc. but this post sounds just right, its brilliant in fact, much love to you <3 i am trying to collect protocols at the mo.

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