Demons are "spiritual" too, you know

Written by: Miri
January 9, 2023

Nobody who has spent more than three consecutive minutes in the loosely defined "truth community" (basically - people who know the government lies, but don't necessarily agree on anything else) can have failed to encounter the self-styled "super spiritual".

We all know the type: those who sign all their messages with "love and light" (probably even to their dentist, and nobody should be sending love and light to those sadists...), who festoon their abodes with crystals, candles, and many copies of 'The Secret', and who, more recently, have relocated into another dimension (where, remarkably, they are still able to access Facebook...). If that one's passed you by, please allow me to explain: the self-declared "super spiritual" no longer live in a three-dimensional reality with the rest of us, they are now resident in "5D", a completely different realm. If you have not yet made the transition, I'm afraid that you are "stuck in 3D", and this is a particularly brutal insult from the super-spiritualisers (worse even than "you seem like a very angry person").

Of course, as a consummate conspiratarian with mild dyscalculia, it is not always easy for me to keep the distinction clear between "5D" and "5G", so to be clear, the latter represents the dangerous EMFs that interact with spike proteins and collude to kill us (and, contrary to popular belief, the much feted tin foil hat will actually make this situation worse, what you need is a Faraday cage...). "5D" is - well, I'm not sure exactly what it is, as its residents are rather vague - but I have heard it generally described as a tremendously transcended state of being where "nothing bothers you" and you, sort of, like, don't care about anything, because you're above it all, yeah?

I'm not sure why exactly this would be desirable or aspirational, but each to their own - as I am not just a conspiratarian, but also a libertarian, so naturally, I fully support these people's rights to reside wherever they please, and to do whatever it is they want to do (and hey, I enjoy the odd dangling crystal and candlelit sojourn myself - heck, I even take astrology seriously...). So, if any of the above describes you and you enjoy living that way, good for you and please do carry on.

What you should not carry on with, however, (and I'm not suggesting all who consider themselves "spiritual" do this, but a lot of them do) is forcing what very many consider to be ludicrous pretentious rubbish down everyone else's throat at every given opportunity... Is "spirituality" itself ludicrous pretentious rubbish? No, of course not, and we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, regardless of whether we choose to express our spirituality through chanting and meditating, or in less stereotypical ways. I'm all for exploring the more ethereal side of life in whatever ways you find most advantageous, so this is not an "anti-spiritual' screed.

By "pretentious rubbish", I refer to what Mark Passio has accurately labelled "New Age Bulls**t" - fake, shallow "spirituality" sold to gullible egotists because it makes them feel special and superior, whilst abdicating them from actually having to do anything in the real world (where, as I say, they claim to no longer live). This approach is the perfect neutralising tool for the establishment (which as Passio confirms, was why it was invented), as well as being irresistibly attractive to preening narcissists, who absolutely inundate these kinds of movements, because, of course they do. Any movement which labels itself as being only for special and superior people with unique levels of insight and ability, who are so special they have actually transcended reality, is like manna from heaven for narcissists.

However, unlike other environments which give people this kind of kudos (like, for instance, consultant surgery, where those with narcissistic-like disorders are over-represented), gaining admission to the "super spiritual" community requires no kind of formal work or qualification or ability at all. All you have to do is parrot the dogmas ("send love and light... don't focus on the negative... raise your vibration.") and you're in.

Therefore, this movement appeals not just to narcissists, but to the less cerebral ones (which is a blessing, really, since the cerebral narcissist is probably the most dangerous predator on the planet, and that fake "spirituality" does not seem to appeal to them is probably the one saving grace that stops it from being more destructive than it is).

This pseudo-spirituality also seems to strongly appeal to a certain demographic. First of all, have you noticed that they are all white? I have never, once, met someone who claims to live in 5D and all the rest of it, who is not white - and they are also disproportionately middle-class.

Well, why would this be? Either the white middle-classes are just inherently, like, way more super spiritual than everyone else... or there's another reason. Obviously, I think there is another reason.

I think the reason is that it is this demographic that is the most lost, broken, and disconnected, due to various social and cultural factors of the last 60-odd years. As society became more mobile and aspirational in the 1960s onwards, middle-class communities quickly began to fracture and scatter, as individuals chased education and opportunity in other cities (and not infrequently, countries) far away from home, in a way that the working-classes did far less. Meanwhile, the central and sustaining spiritual life for the white middle-classes for many centuries - Christianity - imploded, with most middle-class white families now being entirely secular.

This twin mammoth loss of both community and faith (both of which human beings are hardwired to need - and note 'faith' does not need to mean religious faith, but it does need to mean belief in something) has led to a large swathe of lost people with incomplete identities, desperately looking for something meaningful to believe in and belong to.

Which is where the cynical psy-op of pseudo-spirituality comes in, love-bombing them with honeyed words about how special and unique they are, and how it's their deep, amazing "spirituality" that has made life difficult for them, rather than the fact their healthy culture has been decimated by social engineers (a "3D" phenomenon that they're not interested in). So, instead of being an ordinary person who has been affected in predictable ways by the cultural deterioration of the last half-century, they are now super-evolved, uniquely skilled, amazing spiritual warriors! Of course that explanation is more attractive to those with narcissistic tendencies than the rather less sparkly and exciting real reason.

This movement seems to be exclusively populated by white people, because other ethnicities are far more likely to have an existing faith and concomitant meaningful spiritual life, e.g., Asian Muslims, Indian Hindus, African Christians, and so forth, so they do not have this same huge vacuum that now exists at the centre of (what is left of) white middle-class communities.

An excellent accompaniment to this article is a piece by my friend, Alan McManus, who has elaborated on the demographic factors behind the "super spiritual", and also added a fascinating possible physiological factor, regarding dysfunctional thyroids (which are far more common than are ever officially diagnosed - a homeopath I once consulted told me that most people she saw, including me, have subclinical thyroid disorders - she was evidently right, as she gave me a thyroid remedy which finally saw the end of my years of always being cold).

People often say the word "narcissist" is used too frequently, and that may very well be true, but also please note the proportion of narcissists (and sociopaths and psychopaths) has dramatically increased in post-war society, due to certain parenting practices engineered by the ruling classes (e.g., "controlled crying" which can increase the risk of personality disorders later on) and other social factors. The people who run the world are indisputably psychopathic, and they know how to induce psychopathy in their children, which is a necessary trait for the next generation of ruling elites, to continue their bloodthirsty warmongering, rapacious pillaging of the earth, mass depopulation drives and so forth.

Although there is some evidence that some forms of more extreme psychopathy have a neurological (inborn) basis, there is little dispute that, overall, narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy are largely environmentally-created conditions, based on how children are treated in their very early years (the first seven, and particularly the first three). Our society is run by psychopaths, for the benefit of psychopaths, so they "trickle down" these values into everyday life, thereby creating a lot more people with so-called "Dark Triad" (narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy) personality traits, than we would see naturally.

As I said earlier, those with such traits are often to be found in high-powered careers, since in effect, being on the narcissistic or psychopathic side of the spectrum is very useful for succeeding in business, where you need to be ruthless to get to the top. Narcissism on its own isn't enough, though, it needs to be coupled with above average intelligence. These are so-called cerebral narcissists, who revel in their superior intellect and centre their lives around demonstrating their intellectual prowess and receiving "narcissistic supply" on that basis. You may therefore find a disproportionate number of such types in consultant surgery, the legal world, academia, etc.

But not all narcissists have towering intellects. Some have perfectly average (or below average) IQs, and it is these types to whom "super-spiritualising" seems to appeal.

You will note that these types do not tend to bang on about how clever they are in an intellectual sense (I suspect they find anything to do with the intellect or critical thinking a bit "3D"), but they will frequently claim to be highly evolved emotionally - that they are "empaths". I must say this declaration (which they all make) does make me chuckle, even more than the assertion that they live in a separate dimension, as, honestly, they are the least empathic, least self-aware, least emotionally literate people I have ever met.... (and I'm an Aquarius, so trust me, we know "unemotional"...).

As anyone who has spent time around these types knows, they have a tendency to loudly dominate group conversations, blithely unaware of how bored and irritated others are getting by their endless self-aggrandisement, and are completely disassociated from the fact that most people really aren't interested at all in their predictable and hollow (not) "spiritual" ramblings. They also (the worst sin of all in my book) appear completely and utterly humourless, and cannot begin to fathom why claiming to exist in a different dimension might be a source of some considerable mirth for others...

Yet because these people are so self-absorbed and out of tune with what is actually going on around them (well - they don't live here, I guess, so what can we expect), they have not grasped that there is a growing resentment towards them in the wider freedom movement (who have sort of politely, if somewhat grudgingly, tolerated them up until now): that they, these self-styled "super spiritual" types, keep turning up at "non-spiritual" events and trying to dominate them and invert their true purpose. I know it's becoming widespread at Stand In The Park (which is a real shame, as that started out so promisingly) and as the fall-out from the Freedom Alliance chapter has demonstrated, they're even trying to infiltrate and subvert political movements as well.

Because as I said, they are totally lacking in all self-awareness, they have no clue of just how inappropriate and largely unwanted their attempts at infiltration and domination are, and how they are forcing things on other people that they do not want. Nothing "spiritual" about force, people - even demons don't use that (as is widely known, you make a "deal with" the Devil - he doesn't force you against your will).

The belief at the centre of these "spiritual" movements seems to be that all the rest of us, those of us who don't describe ourselves as "really spiritual" every five minutes (or - imagine this - ever!), or prattle on about 5D and vibrations constantly, are dramatically lesser beings. We know you think that about us, super-spiritualisers, and it's one of the reasons we don't like being around you. Not only are you pretentious and full of yourselves, but you're sneery and snobby, too, which is altogether an unattractive combination.

I have met some people who I would describe as genuinely being more spiritually evolved than average, and this is how you recognise them:

  1. You feel comfortable and at ease around them
  2. They don't try to force their beliefs on you or on anyone
  3. They don't condemn others who don't share their beliefs
  4. They don't repeatedly dominate conversations or ignore or belittle different views
  5. They never, ever describe themselves as "really, really spiritual"

As they say, being genuinely "really spiritual" is like being genuinely "really good-looking". You don't have to explicitly inform others that you are, and for the same reason.

I also see an inordinate amount of "spiritual" bullying within the so-called "spiritual community", where many are constantly being bludgeoned for not being spiritual enough, for not having ascended the ego enough (by the way: if you didn't have an ego, you'd be dead), not having de-focused on the negative enough, blah blah blah. This is exactly how cults function and how they retain members through fear - you see the same thing in those fundamentalist Christian sects in America, where members are constantly being berated for not being 'Godly' enough, not 'pure' enough, not praying enough, whatever. The vocab may be different, but the modus operandi is exactly the same.

There is also a quite sickening amount of very destructive victim-blaming, where if anyone is having a hard time, the so-called super-spiritual tell them it is their own fault for "manifesting" it. I actually heard recently of an episode where a distraught woman had lost most of her possessions in a house fire, and a "spiritual" friend responded by asking her why she had decided to manifest that in her life. This is just a thinly veneered abuser's charter ("yes I hit you, but you made me do it"), absolving abusers from all responsibility for their own actions, and laying the blame solely at the feet of their victims. Which, again, is why this movement is so popular with narcissists, who specialise in this form of victim-blaming gaslighting.

As well as victim-blaming, there's the extraordinary God-complexes - not exactly accurate, as super-spiritualisers seem to believe they are more powerful than God - where they think they can control ultra-wealthy intergenerational psychopaths with the power of their minds, e.g., if they "send them love and light" and "raise their vibration", the evil elite will stop their destructive machinations and transform into harmless fluffy love bunnies.

I mean, who needs to organise events, start political movements, disseminate information, and take actual, hard, demanding, real-world action, when you can just "love" the elite into submission? (Look spiritualisers, if that was possible, don't you think a group of people would have "manifested" it thousands of years ago, or do you believe middle-class white people from Surrey have unique spiritual gifts that for some reason evaded every other culture and generation in history?)

Again, like I said, I'm a libertarian and believe in freedom of religion, so if people want to be part of these kind of movements, nobody should force them not to be (nothing good ever comes out of force), but I do not wish to be part of them, and nor does quite a large section of "the truth movement".

That does not mean we're "not spiritual" (everyone is, and everyone experiences and expresses that side of their nature differently)

It certainly does not mean we are in any way inferior to you "super-spirituliars" (sorry, typo...)..

And it doesn't mean your way is always right, always better, always should take prominence and dominate environments that are trying to focus on other (mere "3D" ) things.

You do you. Find the people that actually want this kind of thing in their lives, because many/most of us don't. You lack self-awareness and empathy so need this spelling out.

Of course, the perennial question exists of whether any of this fake spirituality is controlled - whether the establishment is intentionally sending people preaching New Age Bulls**t into impactful real-world movements (which Freedom Alliance was and Stand In The Park could be) in order to neutralise them. It's certainly very possible, and Mark Passio, defector from the Church of Satan, said the "new age" movement was invented to do precisely that (of course, you don't need him or any other 'guru' to confirm that, because it's obvious from real-world observation that's what it does).

I don't think it's directly controlled insofar as these "super-spiritual" types are actually agents of the state taking orders from higher-ups, but I think they're covertly controlled, insofar as they have been strategically inducted into a movement designed to do nothing but neutralise them, and then their egos have been flattered enough into believing that they're special and superior, so they have the right to aggressively bring their neutralising principles into all environments they encounter.

Like I said, these people should be free to practice whatever it is they believe in, alongside others who believe similarly, but they must stop constantly trying to force it on the rest of us when we've made it clear it's not what we want. I believe in real-world action to challenge the elite, because they are taking real-world action to challenge us. They are not just sitting around sending us "bad thoughts", they are taking tangible and dramatic action in the real world, and so this can only be countered by tangible and dramatic action in the real world. They would love nothing more than for us to all sit around meditating and letting them get on with their destructive plans in peace.

Meditating may very well help you gain a sense of perspective and personal peace and that's great (and far more people engage in meditation than boast about it on social media), but it does NOT dictate the behaviour or intentions of the ruling classes. You can't control other people with the power of your mind. They have free will every bit as much as you do, and they are using it to rapidly advance their agenda.

Millions of children and vulnerable adults have been injected with toxic gene therapies that could sterilise or kill them. Millions of families have been ripped apart by a tragic "sudden death" of a healthy young person. Thousands of probable UN soldiers are being stationed up and down the country with the very likely intention of violently enforcing things our own military wouldn't do.

This is reality. It's already "manifested" and all the love and light and vibrating in the world didn't stop it. By all means, ignore it if you like, but ignoring challenging realities doesn't make them go away. It just makes them ineffably worse when you do inevitably have to confront them (as I learned to my cost when finally opening the recent gas bill...)

I honestly think what it comes down to is that a lot of people who have realised the world is in a mess, feel overwhelmed and confused by what is actually going on, which is obviously understandable. Yet rather than admit to these limitations (something grandiose people do not like to do), they make out that their confusion and subsequent inaction (inaction in terms of tangible "3D" action) is actually indicative of their towering superiority - that they are "above" the worldly concerns of us mere mortals, when the reality is, they can't grapple with the complexities of reality, so they are trying to opt out of it. That's what "moving to 5D" really means for them.

As I said, they are quite at liberty to do this. There are enough of them, so they can all get together, live in whatever realm they please, and I hope they will be very happy with their choices. But they must stop trying to dominate others who have made it quite clear these are not our choices.

It's critical for those of us not in these so-called "spiritual" circles to recognise what poisonous termites these types can be if they get inside impactful movements, which they invariably try to dominate and control, with the ultimate goal of disempowering those involved and leading them down pseudo-spiritual cul-de-sacs.

Don't be afraid to firmly and assertively call these people out - you will get far more support than you imagine, because the reality is that most people in group settings are scared of and intimidated by these people (because they're narcissists and bullies), so they dare not stand up to them. Yet, when one person has the courage to, you'll be amazed at the chorus of support you will receive.

In closing, even though the super-spiritual are above all worldly concerns, and never experience anger or focus on anything negative, there is no doubt their response to this piece will be ferocious (they have already labelled my friend Alan a literal demon, and that was before he wrote the piece I linked...), so heaven alone knows what they have in mind for me (note spirituliars, I have already been compared to the anti-Christ and Goebbels, so you'll have to be pretty imaginative...).

And with that, dear readers, I shall bid you farewell and send you lashings of love and light. Unless, of course, you are a dentist...

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12 comments on “Demons are "spiritual" too, you know”

  1. Well said Miri! I am wondering if you've looked into the United Nations and it's links to the Lucis Trust, (formely known as Lucifer Trust). Many of these spiritual practises actually have their roots in the teachings of the Lucis Trust, and Helena Blavtasky and her channelled information. So many 'awake' people then get swept up in this 'new age' belief system which actually all seems to be completely in line with United Nations plans.

  2. Youare spot on about the classness of this movement. White, middle class,people who post photo's of themselves enjoying afternoon tea in beautiful tea rooms, or House and Garden interiors that most people could never afford. And then to post smug and self satisfied comments about rising above it all. Chance would be a fine thing for most people!

  3. I just want to add something to the middle class white people. They are usually boomers and middle aged women with scarves around their necks. Much can be attributed to oprah and the who women worshipped her at the altar of mediocrity including all the spin offs from that fake garbage.
    Thank you for this article.

  4. Thanks for a well-reasoned argument, which I find resonates with me. I fit your description of a spiritual person, these super spiritual types are the very opposite of the qualities they think they emanate. Having a cultural and religious heritage gives you grounding in perceiving reality. The phrase, “When people stop believing in God, they’ll believe in anything” comes to mind, in the sense the 1960s social engineers have detached this foundation into what is now rootless middle-class whites. The New Age fills for void for believing in something, it makes no matter how absurd it is. Religion has been replaced by science, social justice and environmentalism. In fact science has become the new religion, giving rise to the cult of Scientism. In ancient times the priest class where the only class of people who had access to knowledge, as with cults you don’t question the priesthood as you could be banished, ostracised or at worse die. We now have the cult of the covid, the climate change cult, and anti-white cults to contend with too. So if you question the cult beliefs you are “A denier”, a climate denier, or a covid denier. So better trust the science, or maybe that is a séance?

    I have something to add from my experiences, this concurs with Mark Passio. These quasi-spiritual fanatics want us to be effectively neutral and not a challenge to the agenda, they provide groups to hold you in your collective sheep pen whether praying, meditating or not taking any direct action to stop an agenda. I have spoken a few times about “The non-contradiction principle of truth” which derives from natural law. I have not seen a definition or explanation anywhere or in anything I’ve read or seen over the years. I used this non-contradiction principle as the test of truth, i.e. it tests the veracity of truth. I had a spiritual test 8 years ago and this was the first time I applied it, without giving details, I stated and applied the principle, I rejected a particular Christian cult-type message that dominated my thinking and poured their blessed water down my sink, oddly I heard the water boiling up in the sink U-bend hissing like a snake, so did not succumb to a deception.

    This is the principle explained: The nature of truth is non-contradictory and over any a period of time it will confirm its own nature, that is the claim of truth a point in time A will confirm at a later point in time B the same, i.e. the nature of truth is confirmation or confirmatory by nature. So, with progress of time A to Z, the truth is confirmed at each later point and it is non-contradictory in its claim. So, with time, progress and evolution like science or philosophy, truth holds its true nature, what changes is awareness and expansion of knowledge which can complement and explain earlier truth and with expansion reach a new understanding.

    The opposite of the truth, which are lies, frauds and deception are subject to the law of truth. I’ll use the word fraud to explain non-truth. The nature of non-truth is contradictory, that is its essence and true nature and non-confirmatory by its nature. So the claim of non-truth a point in time A will contradict at a later point in time B its claims. So, with the progress of time A to Z, the non-truth is contradicted at each later point and it is non-confirmatory in its claim.

    How to apply the test. A good textbook example is the official narratives we were fed leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the claim of weapons of mass destruction. The more recent example is the official story of the Pandemic and Covid19. When a claim has been made, whether by the government or media for some agenda, they present a claim as if it were true when there is insufficient evidence to make a conclusion at this point. Never act in haste or in a panic or under fear or duress. To any claim, you need to test this at different points in time in the future and concentrate on the presence of two things, confirmation and contradiction of the earlier claims. So if we are dealing with truth, it will confirm its own nature with free flow of information without censorship or threats. So if we are dealing with non-truth, that is lies, fraud and deception it can only confirm its true nature, at different points in time it will contradict itself and be unable to confirm its claims. I did this in March 2020 with Covid19 narrative and very quickly the contradictions were overwhelming and there was no confirmation as to its claim.

    I start with the premise that Politicians, and media celebrities when they advocate something that must not be true until they can prove otherwise. See how long it takes for you to see the confirmations or contradictions. So if they contradict their claims, censor, bully, or threaten free discussion then by its nature it is not the truth.

    The origins of truth is with creation citing Genesis, “In the beginning was the word”. I take this to be in the beginning was truth, and this is the light, so the darkness is the absence of truth, the absence of light, and the realm of lies. Words create manifest reality. Genesis is cited as the original source for the law, which has authority and jurisdiction over mankind. The foundation of our law comes from natural law and in particular the common law. Understanding the nature and test of truth creates two branches of law, the law founded in the truth and the law founded in fraud. True authority comes from the truth, so the law of fraud can not operate without being subservient to the truth and can only function by mixing its fraud with the truth.

    So if you can prove that your claim is within the jurisdiction of the law of truth, then you can show non-contradiction to your claim. Otherwise, a claim that can not confirm itself and is contradictory resides only in the jurisdiction of the law of fraud.

    There is one reason we see the political actors, telling us in advance of their plans, one explanation is that is their code, and our inaction is consent. I can explain what appears to slip up, such as letting us know masks, don’t work, not safe to vax children. This is to get authority within the jurisdiction of truth, it matters not they contradict or refute this latter. This template and test is knowledge hidden and forgotten and awareness of it can bring about the needed changes. Even Satan has no authority without the truth and is subject to the law of truth, so this applies to all the branches of knowledge revered by Luciferians.

    George Orwell 1984 lamented once all history and knowledge have been erased, then there is no way of knowing what is true. When you have the template of the test of truth, applying it to a sea of lies will cause this ocean to collapse under a cascade of conscious awareness of the desire for truth.

    This is the first time I’ve shared this concept.

  5. Indeed. The top trends in local SITP before I've had enough were:

    1. Q. Stop worrying, sit back and relax, Trump is an internal galactic hero and will take care of everything.
    2. Stop creating division by pointing out uncomfortable truths.
    3. Cupcakes are bad but if one is forced down your throat you can absolutely transmute the negative effects with your thoughts alone.
    4. Change your meters, acquire huge debt and legal trouble, and we don't know from there.
    5. Channel a Pleiadian for assistance.

    I wish I was being sarcastic.

  6. The New Age movement is "The Sect of Me".
    Sadly it is a playground for narcissists to create more damage to already vulnerable and damaged people seeking some spiritual resolution to their pain.
    Sorry to see the reference to SITP and in particular the comments by Sandra. Fortunately, this has not occurred where I am (although we are all a bit nuts down here)
    What has happened in The Freedom Alliance is a striking example of how "New Age Spirituality" can be destructive.It would be a tragedy if this was to spread to SITP.

  7. Thank you all for extremely interesting and insightful comments as ever.

    To Kate - yes indeed, I had heard this and thanks for adding those names to the conversation. Well worth further research.

    To Loz - I absolutely love JP and his "Ultra Spiritual" video is linked in the first paragraph 🙂

    To Sandra - I would say "that's unbelievable", but I know it is only too believable! As I said to someone earlier, I am hearing this from so many different SITPs, I can't help but wonder if it is coordinated.

    To Martin - very good point. My essay is aimed at the wannabe "guru" types in this movement, but as you say, there are many lost and damaged people who gravitate towards them, which is really sad and often so destructive. Glad to hear your SITP remains robust though!

  8. Many of these spiritismists will fleece those bamboozled by their absurd narratives by way of pyramid structures, as the clever narcissist organises the demons in his mind.

    Nevertheless, much n more amusing to read than Alexander's tome on Hermeticism and Engles which works like a magic sleeping draft despite my unrelenting best intentions to learn more about this scourge as it penetrated Germany in the 12th to 16th centuries.

    Otherwise, astrology boxes a person in unnecessarily. I can't tell you how liberating it has been to desist from flattering myself via by manifest gemini talents and embrace my scorpio side, tackle capricorn head on and dig my heels in to finish a project, allow myself the venusian luxury of an unaffordable slab of Atlantic cob and just be myself really, all in the context of the 10 commandments and faith in my redeemer of course. Heaven.

  9. Great article, Miri! I have heard that letting babies cry is very damaging and can lead to personality disorders. Doctor Ramani has lots of info on narcissism including a video on why it develops. She said it's very controversial to talk about so it's possible there's things that are suspected but not talked about. She said some theories are neglect, abuse, PTSD in (early) childhood, difficult temperament as babies leading to parents treating them differently, emotional under indulgence but spoiled materially, shamed for having emotions, shielding from disappointment, conditional love, focus on external success, and narcissistic parents. Either way present mindful parents raising secure children is the antidote. Fascinating topic especially on the origin!

  10. Many in our sitp have recognised the as "the WOO WOO brigade" as we call it. Apparently there is no reason to be concerned as the battle is already won in another dimension, 5th or otherwise. Thus absolving them from the leafletting, yellow boarding, letter writing etc.. Being in the minority they have to a large extent migrated to pastures new where they can bathe in the self generated positively charged spiritual hot tub of half-arsed beliefs. Luckily for us they still visit from time to time to dispense their light and prevent us manifesting something negative.

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