Dragon slayers don't flinch

Written by: Miri
February 2, 2023

It's not every day that a multimillionaire celebrity makes a video about me comparing me to the Nazis, so on the occasions that it does occur, I think it warrants a wee write-up...

First a little background: for newer readers, please take a few moments to read this article from December, regarding the Freedom Alliance political party, of which I was a founder member, serving initially as their communications officer and standing in two local elections. Freedom Alliance was first established in summer 2020 by my friend, Jonathan Tilt (remember his surname for later), who lives down the road from me and who I know well.

While I bowed out of an active role in Freedom Alliance in 2021, as I'd got too busy with my own site, I remained a party member and supporter, and kept generally up to speed with what was going on via Jonathan. I knew how much they depended on a regular influx of new members and candidates in order to continue to be politically and financially viable, so I would on occasion do informal "recruitment drives" via my blog (like this one), encouraging people to join. In around October last year, I had a phone call from Jonathan, who was very pleased to tell me that, courtesy of one of my pieces, a well-known public figure, who apparently was a fan of my work, had joined the party.

Someone with the connections and resources to raise the profile of the party (which had always operated on a shoestring, staffed solely by amateur volunteers), such as a wealthy celebrity would have, seemed just what they needed... but it very quickly became clear that nothing could have been further from the truth, as this person soon revealed themselves to be... how shall I put this?

Well, consider this: this individual, who considers herself very "spiritual", commenced all her communications on the party's steering group Telegram chat (of which I was a member) with the term "Heaven-o", because she considered uttering the initial syllable of the usual greeting to be insufficiently spiritual. This, mind you, did not stop her peppering her later vicious polemic against the party with liberal usage of both "bloody hell" and "fucking hell".

You can read more about how the presence of this individual in the party rapidly lead to its near-collapse, as seven key members (including leader Jonathan) walked out, in the piece linked at the start, and in the eloquent musings of my friend Alan (the one who got labelled an actual, literal demon for daring to displease the super-spiritual brigade). To sum: she - as a very forceful personality who was once officially employed as a 'dragon' - declared that the party should cease being a political force standing candidates at elections, and should instead transform itself into a "spiritual movement"*, spearheaded by her. When the other members of the party politely but firmly demurred her suggestion, she threw a tantrum, publicly accused them of being controlled opposition (and worse besides), and finally flounced off to start her own party, which is called - and I kid ye not - "LOVE".

(*Note she has since completely denied saying this, but I was a member of the Telegram group in which she said it and saw it for myself.)

The first promotional video launched for the LOVE party is the video alluded to at the start of this article: it's that famous "ranting Hitler" clip from Downfall (2004), which people often use to subtitle with fake text to compare such-and-such a thing they don't like to the Nazis, because, gosh, so clever and original, right? (Perhaps it was mildly amusing the first few hundred times people did it, but it has been done to death. Reductio ad Hitlerum and all that.)

And the thing that our super-spiritual sister apparently doesn't like is, not just the Freedom Alliance political party, but also me and Jonathan, and two other key members of the party.

As you can see at 0:54 in the video, Hitler demands the attention of his particularly close cronies, "Spilt", "Flinch", "Toad", and "Chopwood". To be clear, Jonathan's surname is Tilt, mine is Finch, former nominations officer is (James) Goad and interim leader was (Neil) Hopwood.

So, there you are - Jonathan, James, Neil and I are all Nazis because... er.... LOVE?

I'm not quite sure what part of "posting a friend's statement on my website" makes me comparable to a deranged genocidal war criminal (because that's the only actual active role I played in the whole debacle, posting Jonathan's statement on my site), nor am I at all clear on what the "crimes" of my fellow Hitlerian henchmen are supposed to be, beyond.... disagreeing with a multimillionaire celebrity. That's all they've actually done, contrary to the wild and spurious allegations emanating from said celebrity (such as accusing chartered accountant Jonathan, who is meticulous with money, of mishandling and possibly misappropriating party funds).

But I suppose we little people should know better than to have the temerity to do such a thing, because, if spoiled and gargantuan celebrity egos aren't sufficiently pampered and catered to, they tend to get a little bit cross, and then use their enormous wealth and resources to publicly compare their critics to Hitler.

Although it's clear they haven't used said wealth for the one thing that would really have been rather useful in this situation - a political advisor. Everybody with two brain cells to rub together (and I am aware that may exclude people who genuinely believe uttering the word "hello" defiles their spirituality) is aware of what a hot-button issue anti-Semitism is in politics, and that parties and politicians are constantly battling against accusations of it, having to be very careful and tactful around discussions of Nazism.

So how does it square that the leader of a new political party has made a video that could very well be comparing the descendants of holocaust survivors, to Nazis? Does Dear Leader know the ancestral histories of all those she accuses and mocks? Is she aware that my maternal grandfather escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930s as a small child? He died in 2004, after a successful career as a Classics lecturer (he was fluent in not just English and German, but Latin and Greek as well - all of which he mastered despite being blind from the age of 12), but I wonder how he would feel to know that, 80 years after fleeing Nazi persecution, his granddaughter is being publicly compared to the regime that made his family abandon their homelands, by a pampered celebrity, because she stuck up for a friend.

Nice work, celebrity. Very spiritual. Very "LOVE".

I've written about these types before (where I did actually predict they would respond to my thoughts by comparing me to a Nazi!), and they are nothing but grandiose tone-deaf narcissists with the depth (not to mention the empathy) of a particularly shallow puddle. I knew that already, but to publicly compare your critics, including those who lost multiple family members in the genocidal brutality of World War Two (my other grandfather was very nearly 'ethnically cleansed' at the hands of the Soviets, and his brother was), to Nazis, is really quite an unbelievable new low.

And hey, I'm all for freedom of speech. Be as crass, insensitive, xenophobic and bigoted as you like. But expect to be called out for being crass, insensitive, xenophobic and bigoted, including and especially if you are the leader of a political party alleging to be all about LOVE.

Obviously, my thoughts here aren't going to get the kind of platform (or the kind of sycophancy, thank God) that are available to enormously wealthy celebrities with second homes. I'm afraid I can't retire to the palatial farmhouse to reflect (rather, I reside in a terraced house in Huddersfield, where I exist in a perennial state of anxiety about the heating bill and other such "unspiritual" concerns) or mobilise my connections in media to draw attention to myself (I have no connections in media and am always enthusiastically ignored every time I contact newspapers - so the idea that I have either the money or the wherewithal to bribe tabloid journalists to write damning stories about anybody, as is alleged in the video, is quite frankly deranged... if I had those kind of resources, I would be paying for stories about me, not lunatic celebrity egos).

But I will continue to do what I've done for the last three years - use what modest resources and platforms I do have to challenge and expose those who believe their wealth and privilege entitles them to degrade, belittle, and dehumanise others, if those others have the courage to stand up to them and refuse to capitulate to their demands.

Never mind "hello". It's clear the one word fire-breathing celebrities really can't stand being confronted with is "no".

Amended 03/02/23 to add: since publication of this article, it has been brought to my attention that a certain celebrity is not actually the leader of the LOVE party, but rather, it would seem, its self-appointed spokesperson. That this individual is NOT the leader, but has nevertheless taken it upon herself to make such a crude and inflammatory video on behalf of the entire party, makes this situation even worse. I would like to publicly request a response from the party's actual leader, Dr. Lynn Irving, specifically addressing the "ranting Hitler" promotional video made on behalf of her party, and whether she supports a political model where those with different opinions are compared to Nazis, including those whose relatives perished in concentration camps. I await with considerable interest Dr. Irving's response.

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16 comments on “Dragon slayers don't flinch”

  1. I made my feelings quite clear in the comments section of the youtube video, using some of your words as my own as you cannot improve on perfection. Never heard of this woman before now so her celeb status is not that high she wasnt even on my radar but no doubt her trolls will target me now. Makes a change from being the target on twatter for a day though, as my feelings and opinions mirror your own.

  2. Something about her has never passed my smell test. I’ve always thought that she has an ego the size of a planet and motivated only by raising her profile and chasing the celebrity status she so obviously craves.

    Her attacks on you and your former associates are unnecessary and will backfire on her.

    Dreadful woman.

  3. All the infighting is so tiring and so counter productive I’m starting up wonder if I should ingest a blue pill. Not really
    Thrust no one with a platform as you say MRI (shame as I have attended the dragonMonday calls sometimes and it was a great support back in the day). But as in all “spiritual” groups dedicated to death if the ego the spiritual egotists are the greatest egos of all).

    Thanks for your writing Miri

  4. Yes Miri we shouldn't be surprised because we see this kind of hijacking all the time. Everyone can be is seduced by celebrity even grassroots movements. As soon as celebrity and their money is accepted it doesn't take long before the voice of the celebrity overpowers everyone else's voice and becomes the dominant force. People just can't help themselves they love the association more than the movement itself. So like sheep, Children or the Pide Piper they will follow Unfortunately. As for the celebrity themselves they are always prone to Narcissistic tenancies. They need the audience . Its interesting to me me that she would choose love over freedom. Love is seen as the ultimate cure all,the forgiver and fogetter, but as any critical thinker should know love has been the excuse for countless atrocities.Wheras True freedom under law takes the responsibility of the individual to achieve. Well done Dragon Slayer your sword and shield 🖊📃 held up well 👏

  5. There is not, has never been, and never will be a one-size-fits-all approach or scenario when everyone puts aside their differences and lives without disagreement. As such, there will always be conflict (minor, major, and everything in between), just as there will always be countless opportunities for resolution.

    But it will never be wholly resolved, and to believe otherwise is naive beyond words and buys into the bullshit of the globalist and transhumanists who constantly push 'communitarianism' as some kind of utopian ideal where we all simply live as one - under THEIR direction and control - totally unthinking, uncultured, unopinionated blank slates who they can program at will to do nothing but serve THEIR interests.

    Ultimately, what they are socially engineering is a weak and neutered slave race, populated by thoughtless, mindless drones with no desire to stand up for themselves - transhumans, with no concept whatsoever of sovereignty, natural law, and rights - who 'own nothing, and are happy' (listen to John Lennon's 'Imagine' for their blueprint).

    They push 'diversity', but only on an extremely superficial (physical) level (don't you dare 'go off-script', lest you be 'cancelled'!), which is all part of the watering down and subsequent 'blending' of all culture ("nothing to live or die for, and no religion too..."). Imagine!

    Oddly enough, the ultra-spiritual seem increasingly (unwittingly) attached to this agenda, and can be particularly (although not surprisingly) inappropriate and unpleasant when their insistence on doing things their way is challenged in any way.

    In reference to the individual/scenario mentioned in your article, I once included the following quote (from the I Ching) to a comment I made on a particularly misleading and ridiculously biased and unbalanced video polemic they had made re the Freedom Alliance:

    "Penetration into dark recesses: a great effort of will finds favour. At times, one has to deal with hidden evils: intangible influences that slink in dark corners and affect people by suggestion. One must trace these back to the most secret recesses in order to deal with them. The effort required is enormous, but worthwhile, for, only when such elusive influences are brought into the light of day and branded so they lose power over people."

    (And yes, my clear inference was that it is people like her who, under the circumstances, need to be seen for what they are.)

    The person in question responded by saying, "I love the I Ching, but it's essentially a book about duality".

    Mmm, so it's a book about reality then, and not something those who have 'transcended' said reality would ever need to consider (even though they "love" it - whatever they believe that word actually means?).

    To be honest, what I took from the above exchange was that "I think what I think, and when others disagree with me I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in their point of view as I'm simply 'above' such duality" (aka narcissism).

    Great article - and title! 🙂

  6. Holy crap, she's a moron!
    None of y'all are for big pharma, 15 minute cities etc
    Somehow she thinks so?!

    Either she's nuts or a control freak who doesn't hesitate to lie about those that she's afraid of.

    Love is important, but these new age people are no different than the mainstream religious cults out there that also have power trips on "purity", whether of love or whatever morals they deem to be virtuous.

  7. Hi Miri
    I read the above with interest and was shocked to realise that the wealthy celebrity you write about is someone I have been following on her Telegram channel for some time. I had 'heard' her side of the story - being'thrown out' of the Freedom Alliance party. While I didn't get a clear picture from her vagueness (for discretionary reasons), it never occurred to me that she might be the sole cause of the problem/disagreement. Although I have been following you for only a short time, I feel very comfortable with your side of things, as you describe. I trust your integrity, sincerity and courage to write the articles the way you do, exposing corruption and standing for truth. Cognitive dissonance I have not had to wrestle with much over the last couple of years, but this one is making me stop and take stock, as yet another person who presents so much spiritual and political purity, clearly has a dark shadow side, involving grandiosity, narcissism, who knows. But thank you for bringing this to mine and all your readers' attention.

    Overdubbing a Hitler speech, naming you with a thinly veiled spelling change and putting it out to the world, is a despicable and vindictive way to react. It must be painful for you and your colleagues to have to witness. I send my condolences and intend to remove 'the Dragon' from my list of trusted groups as a result of this.

  8. An interesting response to my comment on the video:
    Rachel Elnaugh
    Rachel Elnaugh
    15 hours ago (edited)
    Bravo for the ‘Victim’ positioning.

    Perhaps time to contemplate the ‘Persecutor’ positioning of the FA via the Miri A Finch blog site
    She doesn’t mind giving it
    But she doesn’t like taking it
    (And, FYI, there was no intentional implication of Miri A Finch in this video.)
    Rachel x

  9. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your contribution. As you've already clarified that Spilt = Tilt, Toad = Goad, and Chopwood = Hopwood, please can you clarify who "Flinch" is, if not me, Finch?

    Please note, as per the link above in reply to Martin, that you have already encouraged your followers to work out what "Flinch" rhymes with to determine who you are referring to.

    So please do enlighten us, "love".

    And by the way, even if it wasn't about me, I would still have said the exact same things about your rampant anti-Semitism and crude and disgusting attempts to weaponise particularly painful parts of recent history in an attempt to draw (yet more) attention to yourself.

  10. OMG, Elnaugh is clearly insane (and arrogant beyond belief!) having now publicly denied that 'Flinch' was a reference to Finch (as in Miri Finch)...whilst accusing Miri of having an out of control ego!!!🤣😆🤣

    Furthermore, she hasn't clarified who she was referring to (all the other 3 names clearly alluding to specific Freedom Alliance personnel), which is just arrogant beyond belief, albeit not at all surprising as narcissists typically underestimate and look down on those they are attempting to gaslight and so, in her ridiculously churlish mind, her assertion (blatant lie!) that Flinch wasn't referring to Finch will more than suffice, with no clarification necessary.

    And this is from the self-appointed spokesperson of a new political party called LOVE, who somehow thought it would be funny and clever to put out a (100% factually incorrect) video comparing those who she'd had disagreements with (who wouldn't bow down to her ridiculous and self-entitled demands) to Nazis! (How loving, compassionate, and oh so ultra-spiritual.🙏)

    And not only is she denying that 'Flinch' was a reference to Finch, she has also (in true narcassistic fashion) strongly implied (on ithe platform) that the people it was aimed at can't take a joke (she's also said that Miri can give, but can't take, whilst subsequently deying that she was referring to her in the first place...🤷😜).

    This is the same person who claimed to have been "annihilated" (someone disagreed with her😱) and of having her character assassinated (strongly alluded to in the video - again, someone dared to disagree with her😱), so is clearly someone more than happy to dish (extremely strong and highly inaccurate and inappropriate) criticism but simply CANNOT take it, at all! (Projection much!)

    But don't forget folks, she's super-duper-ULTRA- spiritual, and therefore beyond reproach in petty 3D land...🙏💖😇

  11. So, she has a political party called love does she? Hmmm funny that. Isn't it strange that hippies endlessly spout love and light and other such nonsense while pretending to be 'super spiritual'and what not.

    Hippy-ish so called "spirituality" is a complete pile of horse manure and that's putting it nicely.

  12. Read between the lines to understand what the powers that should not be think of the useful idiots like Dr. Irving and almost famous. Ideologically, the stated goals of the U.N., which are all systemic failures, are unctuously to promote “international peace and security,” “developing friendly relations among nations,” and work for “social progress, better living standards, and human rights” (Mueller, 2020). Those vague holistic goals are not prescriptive and could be a distraction to hide the long-term agenda of the collectivists, Malthusians, and population control advocates who were foundational to the creation of U.N. In 1945, U.N. Director Julian Huxley’s Discourse (which is on the U.N. website), made clear the goal was the “evolutionary progress” of humanity; and “the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarized all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization” (p.14). It is the task of the U.N. to do away with economic freedom because “capitalist economic systems” have “created a great deal of ugliness” [because diversity has made “weaklings, fools, and morally deficient people [who are] physically weak or mentally unstable” and “must be excluded from the efforts of advancing human progress” (pp. 37-38) for the emergence “of a single world culture” (p. 61) to create one-world global control with depopulation control by “scientific eugenics” (pp. 37-38) with direct involvement of mass media, educational, scientific, and academic systems for “unity-in-variety of the world’s art and culture as well as the promotion of one single pool of scientific knowledge” (p. 17).
    The uniqueness of the U.N., per Huxley, the belief that people are too stupid for socialism or communism, so they need a small technocracy to look out for them and cull them to improve them over a very long time. This collectivism is known as Fabianism. The irony is the individuals who hysterically push every U.N. propagandized unscientific trope into TRAILS, the U.N. megalomaniacs thought such people are “deadweight of genetic stupidity and are too great a burden for real progress to be achieved”…[and that is why Marxism and Capitalism can’t work; people are too stupid and not to be trusted] (P.21). So, per Huxley, the U.N. goal is not equity or social justice or sustainability, all propagandize and coerced manipulations of irrational possibilities for the gullible to divide the people then, and for increased dependency globally on the government and depopulation, with the end goal of biological totalitarianism (Muller, 2020; Hayek, 1942; Wood, 2018).

  13. Thank goodness that 'Love Party' doesn't sound so a tiny bit like some kind of cult that love bombs its new recruits, until they start to question any of the deranged rules of the cult. This can take days, or years, but narcissists always shun people who see through them and use any power they have to put the knife in. Far too many examples to list them here. I have never heard of Rachel whoeversheis, btw, but the name will stick in my memory now. Thanks for blowing her cover Miri xx

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