Guilty Ghislaine and the Plagued Princes

Written by: Miri
December 30, 2021

So, Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty, and all the headlines and talking heads are predicting she will begin naming names to reduce her sentence. Meanwhile, rumours are swirling about Prince William's affair and that the Queen may be dead. This is framed against the backdrop of yet more top celebrities being publicly accused of serial sexual assault and the subsequent fall from grace.

This is all in keeping with some predictions I made back in April, about where it seemed the global narrative was going. Certain trends in the media and on the world stage have made it clear for some time that 'The Great Reveal' is to be a central and seminal part of 'The Great Reset'. In order to lay the framework for 'resetting' our culture, first the existing order has to be completely destroyed, and that is what all these Maxwell / Royal / celebrity scandals are really all about.

We have to be very cogent of the fact that all this is coming to light, only because the social orchestrators want it to. Remember: they control the media. They control the courts. None of these grand dramas or exposés would have been permitted to reach court nor splashed across the headlines unless it had all been signed off at the highest levels.

It's critical to view every event that is revealed in the mainstream through the lens of, "what agenda is this serving?". Nothing - and I do mean nothing - is reported in the corporate media unless it serves the interests of the very powerful people who own that media.

The ruling classes have set up the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, in order to have her implicate scores of famous and influential people, which will lead to the shattering of many illusions about our society - that our idols and stars are, in reality, utterly wicked and depraved people who belong not on a pedestal, but in prison. Think back to the Ricky Gervais speech at the Golden Globes, and why he was permitted to give such a speech. Which, of course, he was, which is clearly evident by the fact the camera didn't cut out halfway through blaming "technical problems", and that Mr. Gervais remains alive and well.

If you recall, he mentioned Jeffrey Epstein and that - as he cautioned the audience - "I know he's your friend". He was revealing to the world that these people are to be "outed" and it is all part of the plan. If you study the history of war and invasion, and how invading armies have successfully overthrown and then reimagined cultures, it all starts with portraying the existing culture as degenerate, depraved, and evil, and so that is just what is happening to our society now, too.

What are the defining and signature institutions and industries in our society? Who and what do we look up to? Hollywood stars, famous musicians, politicians and royalty. So all of these are earmarked for exposure and destruction.

I'm no Royalist, but the existence of a monarchy has always been an obstacle to various ruthless megalomaniacs having unfettered control, and has certainly always scuppered the prospect of a One World Government. A monarchy that has widespread public support is difficult to dismantle, but that isn't the case once the public trust is gone.

The current Queen is very popular in the UK and throughout the world, but not so for her heir Charles, who has been long since despised by the people for his treatment of Diana, with the general sentiment amongst Royal analysts being that the antipathy for Charles is such that a monarchy would not survive under his Kingship. So, all hopes have always rested on William, generally beloved by the public as Diana's poor motherless son, who has, against all the odds, gone on to found his own happy family.

Well, how would the public react if it were to be revealed that William is a serial cheat, and is doing to his own wife and family just what his father did to his mother and him? That fact has already been revealed by various media outlets throughout the world and it won't be long until it's in the UK media, too. With all the scurrilous scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, these kind of revelations about William would be utterly devastating for the Royal brand, meaning once the Queen dies (which many say is imminent or may already have happened) they will have lost all public support and trust, and the end of the monarchy would begin to look inevitable.

The Maxwell verdict must also be analysed against the backdrop of the "coronavirus crisis", where more revelations and whistleblowers are coming forward daily, and we are on for a tidal wave of truth in April, once the NHS fires tens of thousands of staff who don't want the vaccine. NHS staff were slapped with a gagging order at the beginning of "the pandemic" warning them off talking to the press and threatening them with losing their jobs if they did, but once they've been forced out of them, obviously such a threat wields no further power. So many NHS staff are already confirming privately that "the pandemic" is a hoax, based on faulty tests and inappropriate treatments (midazolam, remdesivir, ventilators), and that the real danger is in the vaccine.

To sum, we are on course to have all out most "trusted and respected" institutions - the NHS, the BBC, the monarchy, all top journalists and politicians, and many and various celebrities and stars - revealed as unconscionably evil. That they have involved themselves in the worst kinds of personal atrocities, whilst treacherously lying to and betraying us, the public, in the worst and most unfathomably awful ways.

Once all that is revealed, the ruling classes won't have to do any more work in dismantling our culture, as the enraged, furious, psychologically shattered masses will do it for them. They will rage in the streets and tear society to the ground - and will be utterly desperate for some kind of hope and salvation in what looks like a horrifically bleak and unremittingly hopeless situation.

Enter: One World Government. [Possibly fake alien invasion first.]

Everything that's happening now is all a grand staged world drama to irreversibly destroy people's trust in the current order, in order to manufacture their consent for the next chapter.

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6 comments on “Guilty Ghislaine and the Plagued Princes”

  1. haha, i love the in brackets message!

    i will try not to wet myself when the gullibles start believing in aliens too. (ones we will only ever know of on a tv screen).

    very interesting analysis. the steps towards the one world government are speeding up for sure!

  2. I agree Miri. The sheeple will be desperate for the one world government in the same way they were desperate for the jabs.
    I feel like I'm watching a perpetual merry go round, ever disconnected from the sheeple who are caught up in the ride.

  3. There’s definitely something going on with aliens. On Hugo Talks, he has a piece about church leaders being briefed on aliens and what that would mean. It would be a blow for religion in the same way that Copernicus, Galileo and Darwin shook religious belief.

  4. I believe a lot of these people are announced to be in jail just to keep the public happy. I believe a lot of them are not dead and a lot of them are not in jail but hidden away.

  5. A hard read, but you are right all part of a plan put in place a long long time ago. My head reels from the daily garbage that the media spews out and how many still believe every word and continue to defend the narrative that is destroying there lives. We must stick together and continue to believe that we can bring down this evil 💕🙏🏻

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