The final frontier... (?)

Written by: Miri
January 11, 2022

As we enter year three of the pantomime plague, it does seem that, at long last, the final curtain is falling. The official narrative - poorly scripted and full of plot holes at the best of times - is now dramatically collapsing on the world stage, as it is revealed ministers repeatedly flouted all the rules (whilst the rest of the country was banned from sitting on park benches and forced to let loved ones die alone); that all catastrophising data modelling was wildly inaccurate; and that the vaccines don't offer any long-term protection (and that you're actually protected by antibodies from the common cold).

This is framed against the backdrop of an abrupt and alarming increase in premature "sudden deaths", primarily from cardiac and circulatory problems, in otherwise healthy people. Many eminent authorities, including Mike Yeadon, the ex-Vice President of vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer, have linked these deaths directly to the jab, with cardiologists around the world sounding the alarm, as previously rare heart complaints such as myocarditis and pericarditis sky-rocket in jabbed populations.

The conspiracy-minded have said from the start that the pandemic is a fraud, based on faulty tests and inappropriate treatments (which inflate 'case' and death rates respectively, and therefore present the illusion of a pandemic), and that it has been intentionally orchestrated by the ruling classes in order to enact a mass casualty event by way of an injectable bioweapon. The ruling classes have been very open for many decades about their desire to drastically reduce the world's population, and so that is what the injection is really for.

This may have sounded like fringe lunacy at the beginning of "the pandemic", but it certainly doesn't now, as official sources admit vaccines and restrictions are largely useless and concede we now just have to "learn to live with" Covid.

Well, why do we only have to "learn to live with it" now, why couldn't we have simply done that from the start, as innumerable top experts recommended? Even with the fudged figures based on faulty tests and inappropriate treatments, it was still clear from the beginning that Covid was a pandemic of the very elderly and the chronically unwell. Most deaths involving Covid occurred in patients with at least four other serious underlying conditions, and with an average age of 82 - the same age as the average age of death generally. There was never any credible science supporting the locking down of the entire population, nor for repeatedly injecting everyone over the age of 12 with a risky and experimental serum, in the name of protecting them from what is, for most, a mild, 'flu-like illness. (The 'flu, meanwhile, having "inexplicably" disappeared from 2020 onwards, just like Marathon bars "inexplicably" disappeared upon the arrival of Snickers.)

Data is now emerging showing that, whatever immunity the injections might provide for this generally non-serious illness, wanes extremely quickly, and that the only way of maintaining national immunity via injection would be to inject the whole population multiple times per year forever. Obviously, this is both preposterously impractical and completely unaffordable.

This obviously begs the question of why, if the vaccines only provide protection for a few short weeks, where they ever rolled out at all? Why would the world's governments spend an unprecedented fortune on fast-tracking, and providing for free, an injection which doesn't work for more than a couple of months at a time?

The reason is that the injection is not really designed to protect anyone from anything, rather, it is a slow-acting bioweapon meant to induce terminal illness in order to meet the ruling classes' depopulation goals. At the moment, that notion may still be consigned to the realms of "whacko conspiracy nonsense" by most, but I don't think it will be for much longer and I do think the truth about what these injections really are is scheduled to be officially revealed soon. (If you've been jabbed and have come to this conclusion too, please see here for ways you can combat and reverse its effects.)

Why would it be revealed? Well, as the ruling classes have made clear, they're not just invested in reducing the world's population, but in "resetting" the world as a whole. In order to do this, the existing structures must be destroyed, and for that to happen, the people must lose all faith in them.

If you think what I've said so far is far-fetched conspiracy nonsense, please accept this "trigger warning" that you won't want to read any further, because what I think the ruling classes have in store next, in order to destroy the current order and usher us into something completely unprecedented and new is... a faked alien invasion.

Yes, I know how that sounds, but if you haven't already done so, you definitely need to research Project Bluebeam, an alleged NASA plot to fake an alien invasion in order to usher in a "new world order".

And what did I read just last week? That NASA has held a conference with global religious leaders to discuss with them how to best prepare the people for an alien invasion.

Leading on from this, if you do a news search for "aliens", you will see that this subject is enjoying particular prominence in the press at the moment, with the general theme being that aliens are "real" and we should prepare ourselves for contact with them sooner rather than later.

So, what I think is going to happen - Hollywood-fantastical as it sounds, and we will return to Hollywood's central role in all this later - is that advanced military technologies will be used to beam holographic images of aliens into the sky. This will cause people to be petrified and huddle in their homes (the threat of "the virus" having waned to the extent that the overlords can't really get away with further lockdowns on that basis, but ET levitating outside your living room window might just do it). Everyone will be frantic, frozen, and terrified - and completely glued to their television screens waiting for further instruction as to what they should do.

At this point, I think "the aliens" will take over all TV channels and announce that they have chosen this time in history to finally make contact with humanity, as they can see our evil, corrupt leaders are waging war upon us with injectable bioweapons, and so they have come to defeat the evil overlords and save us.

The overlords desire a one-world government, but in order to unite the whole world behind a single governing entity, they need an other-worldly force, because all of the current global agencies - WHO, UN, etc. - are implicated in the current corruption and so, once the great reveal has taken place, would never be trusted.

Once it is disclosed to the people just how horrifically they have been betrayed by their leaders - national and global alike - they will be furious, out for revenge, and desperate for some real heroes to save them - because that is human nature. As master-Mason Albert Pike said, whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him. In effect, the social orchestrators will weaponise the human desire for super-human salvation (which has previously been channelled into religion, hence NASA's meeting with religious leaders) into the worship of "saviour aliens" instead.

One of the most advanced and sophisticated military weapons that exists is the psychological weaponry deployed through Hollywood movies. Industry titans don't spend a gargantuan fortune on big-budget blockbusters simply to "entertain" you, but rather, to entrain you - to programme your mind with possibilities, so that when they occur on the world stage, you accept them as plausible.

Had you never seen a pandemic movie - Outbreak, Contagion, World War Z - you would never accept the notion that a microscopic invisible enemy can leap from healthy human to healthy human and induce agonising death, because, objectively, it is a ridiculous concept. If that was a thing that could happen, humanity would have been wiped out aeons ago.

But the media landscape has been saturated with "plague" movies for decades and so this is now something firmly embedded in the national consciousness and something people believe really can happen.

So too with aliens. Alien movies are some of the most renowned and popular Hollywood offerings, as are similarly themed TV shows (X-Files, Star Trek, etc.), so the notion of intelligent, and often benevolent and very advanced, alien life is something we've all been conditioned to believe is a very real possibility.

I think the Covid narrative will continue to be unravelled on the world stage, and then, just when really major revelations are coming to the fore and it is all starting to look horribly bleak and hopeless... ET will swoop in to save the day. ET will not be real - it will all be holograms and actors - and, in reality, the same people as ever will be in control behind the scenes. But it will look real - very, very real - and so people will believe it, and will accept whatever "new world order" the aliens decree is necessary in order to save us.

Honestly. I know how it sounds - I really do - but my 2019 plague prediction (also based on Hollywood programming) sounded fairly equally fantastical and that came true, so... Watch this 'space', I guess...

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7 comments on “The final frontier... (?)”

  1. Dear Miri, I just had a live vision of some of my family members and friends seeing the ET plain and I just burst in laughter. One way its not funny but I could not help myself. Great artical.

  2. I wouldn't put it past them. They fooled the world about the moon landing and that was with 60 year old tech. Now they can make anything look real. It's going to be hilarious seeing everyone terrified of a fake alien invasion. If it happens I propose massive Street parties.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your article - well, maybe, enjoyed isn't the right word. The important point I took from it is 'beware the DOUBLE bluff'. Classic David Icke - problem - reaction - SOLUTION with the solution being far more damaging and long-lasting than what preceded it. You are right, there is talk at the moment about a fake alien invasion. That doesn't mean it will happen as they've had the capability for years. As you say, let's wait and see.

  4. Now that the shyster Geller ( imo )has jumped on the bandwagon ( it's the only exercise he gets ),I believe that something like your prediction can't be far away now.

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