How To Become Controlled Opposition

Written by: Miri
January 23, 2023

It is not a new phenomenon for me, nor I suspect for some reading this article, to be accused of being "controlled opposition". Indeed, my more imaginative critics have gone so far as to compare me to Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, and even to the anti-Christ himself. Most recently, I have been accused of being "a traitor to humanity on the evil side like the rest of the tyrants" (this latter accusation is from a big fan, apparently).

Needless to say, this is par the course for anyone who has any sort of significant platform in "the truth movement", and the more one's profile raises, the more you get it. As an ardent advocate of free speech, I vigorously support people's rights to accuse me of whatever they like (although I won't necessarily platform their views on my own website). Once they have made their accusations, I hope they then conduct a rational analysis based on logic and evidence, and see what conclusions they come to.

However, in accusing people of being controlled opposition, I think my antagonists need to be clear on what this term actually means. It does not mean "someone who says things I disagree with or who does not cover the topics I think they should". It means someone who is not genuinely independent, and who is having their strings pulled via money and/or threats by an external force.

So, if you, as an external force, attempt to control someone else's content through money and/or threats, you are attempting to make them into controlled opposition - controlled by you.

This has happened to me on several occasions, where someone has offered a financial incentive in return for me writing about X and drawing Y conclusion. I have always refused this, and always made very clear that my donations model is for optional contributions from those who would genuinely like to support my work out of goodwill - it is not a thinly-veneered "bribing" service, where my platform and my audience can be bought.

To reiterate yet again: if I accepted money in return for covering certain subjects and drawing certain conclusions, I would be controlled opposition. Because that is precisely what controlled opposition is.

Of course, I am very open to readers making suggestions about topics worthy of coverage, and several of my most well-received articles have come from suggestions from others (who suggested only that I broach these topics, they did not attempt to dictate what I should say about them), such as my recent piece on transgenderism in Hollywood, and my open letter to Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine.

But I certainly don't respond to people attempting to use money, intimidation, and threats to control what I write about, such as this email I received today, from someone I will refer to as "Sybil" (not her real name).

Dear Miri,
Why are you not horrified with the Chemtrailing in UK and covering that in any of your articles?  All the (apparent) Truthers are covering the Jab and Mask, Died Suddenly topic...which you yourself have concluded and written about as being Controlled Opposition Agents participating and working for the 'Great Reveal' and The Establishments Plan in order to provoke the public to rise up and demand the very change THEY want in line with WEF Reset and Agenda 21...30

I'm just staggered you're not covering what to me is way more of a threat to humans and earth than the Jab seems that all the Jab rhetoric is being used as a major focus to distract the people and Narrative away from the most obvious and atrocious REAL  diabolically unnatural threat of Dimming and Blocking our Sunlight for eternity...please at Last answer this question ...I have raised about 3 times now. If you don't I will have to deduce that sadly but not surprisingly you also are a Traitor to Humanity, on the Evil side and betraying your audience who are supporting the rest of the Tyrants

Well, Sybil, you have indeed asked this question before, and the first time you asked it was less than two weeks ago.

So that I have not immediately produced a lengthy and extensively referenced piece on the subject of your choosing "despite your asking three times" (well, how very dare I...!) leads you to conclude I am a traitor to humanity on the side of the tyrants?

Very well. You are entitled to your beliefs, but that is the only thing you are entitled to. You are not entitled to commission me to write about anything, regardless of how many times you ask, and certainly not if you ask like this. If I was spoken to like this by an actual employer, I would resign on the spot (and have resigned from freelance assignments in the past where people have become overly entitled and demanding), but for someone who does not employ me - I have no contract with - don't know! - to address me in this way, is simply mind-boggling in its arrogance and entitlement.

I cover a very wide range of subjects, but I cannot cover everything. If I have not covered a particular topic, perhaps it's because I have nothing (original) to say about it? Perhaps a reasonable person might draw that conclusion, rather than deciding it is because I am a traitor to humanity (or Goebbels, or the anti-Christ etc...)?

Unfortunately, there is a significant minority of the populace (and freelancers, I know you all feel me on this) who believe, if they direct any money in your direction whatsoever, they now own you, and will start to make outrageous and unreasonable demands, such as repeatedly contacting you wildly out of hours or endlessly tagging on new requirements to the original assignment without offering extra compensation, etc.

Now, for someone who has actually employed you - who you have a contract with - terms of service - an hourly rate, etc., you might put up with this for a certain amount of time (as, indeed, all freelancers have in the earlier stages of their career, before they realise how imperative it is to set boundaries or perish).

But for someone who does not employ you and has simply chosen to make an optional contribution, ostensibly out of goodwill, to start making these kind of demands... well.

The ultimate irony being, if I accepted - if I obeyed "Sybil's" demands because she has at one time contributed financially to my endeavours... I would become the very thing she is accusing me of being - controlled opposition. Because that's literally exactly what it is.

I am very grateful and appreciative that well in excess of 90% of my readership is nothing like this and, of those who do choose to donate, do so out of a genuine desire to support my work and help me to maintain and progress it (thank you!). So I know most don't need this spelling out, but a small minority clearly do, so here we go:

If you watch a film, or read a book, or buy a magazine, do you believe that, because you have contributed money to the creators of the content you have consumed, you now have editorial control over what they produce? Sure, you're welcome to contact them and make suggestions, but would you accuse them of being "traitors to humanity" if they chose not to take your suggestions up, or indeed not to respond to you at all (they might, you know, be busy, rather than in the pocket of Klaus Schwab etc)?

We don't financially support artists in a bid to bribe them to tell them what to create, we support them because we like what they do and want to help them do more of it. That is why I contribute to the online content creators that I support (and why I buy books or rent films etc.), and I would never dream of instructing the creators of the content I enjoy what they must cover. I might on occasion make a polite suggestion, but would be entirely unoffended if my suggestion was ignored. I imagine that any creator I contact, like me, must receive dozens of messages a day and so can't possibly engage with everybody.

If I did want to engage the services of a professional content creator to produce something on a specific topic on my behalf, I would approach them in an appropriate and professional way, ask them if this is a service they provide, and make a reasonable offer based on market rates (e.g., freelance journalist rates start at £150 a day). Even then, I would understand that a) they are under no obligation to say yes, and b) if they do say yes, I do not "own" them, and am still required to treat them with consistent professionalism and respect and not to become arrogant and entitled.

Indeed, I have hired freelancers in the past and I am entirely certain that they would verify they have always been treated courteously and respectfully, and I have always been very mindful of the terms of our agreement. If I treat others that way, then that is how I expect to be treated in return.

Equally, if we don't have an agreement, and I am not contractually obliged to fulfil certain requirements, then you don't have any rights to make demands of me - yes, "even if you ask three times".

If you would like to make a contribution to support my work out of genuine goodwill, because you enjoy what I do and would like to help support me to keep doing it, then that is really appreciated and I extend my sincere thanks.

If, however, you have another, hidden agenda to making a donation - namely, that you believe this entitles you to attempt to control my content through intimidation and threats - then please do not contribute. I am not for sale, and nor is the audience that I have built up via my own labours. I generated my audience on the promise that I was and always would be entirely independent, and that will never change. This doesn't make me a "enemy of humanity", rather it makes me an enemy of exactly the kind of authoritarian bullies who are humanity's most acute and dangerous threat. And I will always, very proudly and unambiguously, be an enemy to such people.

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17 comments on “How To Become Controlled Opposition”

  1. "Sybil" has emailed me with the following response

    Great diversion!

    You could of so easily written just one succinct sentence... answering one simple question I asked you... 3 times..

    Your lengthy diversion on your public platform says it all.

    Thank you

  2. OMG! "Sybil" asked you a question THREE times, and you still haven't succumbed to her demands! Well, obviously, that's three strikes and you've been outed as the evil shill you clearly are! 😉

  3. How mad people are! I am completely on your side, Miri. In any case, though chem trails are a danger to us all, I actually think the jabs are even more dangerous as is the agenda behind both jabs and them trails!

  4. Sybil is clearly bonkers. I would have just blocked her - but I guess if she's just one example of a whole bunch of nutters who you get pestered by, then I understand why you took the trouble to write such a detailed reply.

  5. You shouldn't feel obliged or pressured to write about any particular subject that you don't want to, or which may just be down your priority list, just because someone else thinks you should. It's an example of how groupthink has now developed among many people who regard themselves as 'awake' or as 'truthers' that they think that other people should agree with them on everything. If 'Sybil' feels so strongly about chemtrails or any other specific subject, she should start her own blog, which is easy to do.

    I've been doing free WordPress blogs on and off for the past eight years, not for money, but just as an outlet for my thoughts. And I sometimes like to include book references in the hope that other people will research things for themselves. I haven't blogged about chemtrails either, simply just because I haven't got round to doing so and I have other subjects that I want to deal with. Perhaps one subject that I ought to deal with is how 'veganism' (a laboratory-engineered synthetic version of it) is being promoted by the WEF and hence many awake people have become anti-vegan, if they weren't already.

  6. I suppose Sybil has taken Klaus Swab to heart and has become angry (as he claimed would happen to many). Lashing out at people who do not hold the same order of importance to the "issues" that plague us all, is not helpful to anyone. All one has to do is look at the hateful rhetoric spewing in the comment sections of social media.
    The spraying of aerosols began after WW2. The vaccine world began in the 18th century, albeit not with needles. Poison shots, if successful, will affect every single living thing on the planet. The aerosol spraying will affect every living thing on the planet. Pick one (and there are many more).
    Get angry at the psychopaths Sybil. "Diversion", "Horrified", "Staggered", "atrocious", "traitor", "betraying" are all words that you are using towards a person who writes about topics that she wants to write about? Do you see how derisory that is? Do you not think that these words should be directed at the nutbars who are perpetrating the "evil"?
    Perhaps try and be a little more encouraging and helpful to a person who is expressing their worldview in an honest way?
    Or don't!
    This is an agenda Sybil and you are following it to a "T" by creating more anger (in yourself, that is).

  7. Begging the obvious question, why doesn’t Sybil just write about those subjects herself? If it’s that important to her, and she’s obviously passionate about the subject, then why isn’t she writing about it? Fill the void, Sybil! Talk the talk or walk the walk girl.

  8. "Sybil" is clearly bewildered by what's going on - and has been going, on most notably for the 3+ years since Covid came along. "She" is not alone I'm sure.

    What's needed is cool, rational thinking and avoidance of paranoia around "controlled opposition" etc.

    "Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd." (Bertrand Russell, "Unpopular Essays").This instinct is now playing out everywhere as a result of the collective fear engendered by Covid, "Global Warming", war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, etc., etc.

    Thus we see unconsciously frightened herds of eco-protestors gluing their hands to roads*, striking unions, trans activists, righteous kneeling footballers etc., joining together in shows of virtue and effectively denouncing others perceived as outside their herds. Fear and insecurity have big eyes, everything must be blamed on others rather than admit to their own existential fear.

    * Compare the Flagellants, religious zealots of the Middle Ages in Europe, who in response to the fear of war, famine and the plague demonstrated their religious fervor and sought atonement for their sins by vigorously whipping themselves in public displays of penance and virtue. This approach to achieving redemption was most popular during times of crisis.

  9. Dear Miri,

    Good to know that I am not alone in being ostracised, pilloried and called a threat to humanity etc 😉

    We must soldier on. Keep up the sterling work.

    Lydia x

  10. If "Sybil" is so keen to have certain topics covered why doesn't she write about them herself instead of wasting her time writing claptrap, accusational emails to you? Your response was excellent and dignified as always.
    Just keep doing you Miri Anne, your articles are always interesting, thought provoking and very well written and, I am sure they are enjoyed and much appreciated by the majority of us who read them.

  11. Miri, going off topic here but back to an old topic. I've recently come to believe, through sites like your own, that the world's a stage and that the stories are mainly scripted. One story that I think is segueing into a new twist.

    The truth about the danger of the vaccines appears to be to be growing some shoots in the main stream media. Andrew Bridgen and Aseem Malhotra, playing roles, wittingly or unwittingly, I don't know. The main thrust seems to be heart attacks, strokes and myocarditis (I think we all know there are other adverse effects) . Isn't it strange that at the same time we start hearing stories about statins being freely available to millions of Brits and a story of an mRNA vaccine by Moderna which apparantely heals damaged heart tissue. The synchronicity of these stories is impeccable, in fact too impeccable, making me suspicious that it is more than a mere conincidence.

    There's my thought for today.

  12. Miri, your brilliant work stands for itself. I subscribe to around 70 Substacks and get literally hundreds of articles AND videos per week.I speedread and can get the gist of all types of content and topics - articles, studies, scientific papers, geopolitics, history, religion, globalism, industrial medical military complex, EMFs etc etc. In the last three years tens of thousands probably. I prefer reading transcripts to watching videos but do make time for podcasts too. Many substackers cross post or cover things already seen so easy to whittle down and focus on new stuff. I always look forward to your articles because they are unique and prescient. Although chemtrails and geoengineering are as big a threat to us all as everything else going on in the world, there are plenty of resources out there, so although your take on it would be welcome you are absolutely right to hold your position. Sybil can access Dane Wigington and share far and wide. Keep doing what you do and ignorevyhe naysayers and trolls. You are over the target.

  13. Miri, whether your articles are right or wrong I very much admire your ability to flag the nefarious agenda in advance.
    The perps must find it so annoying.
    Yet how could you know what to say about global geoengineering? Though it's in front of our faces it remains cloaked in absolute mystery.
    I don't sympathise with Sybil, she's being foolish toward you. But I share the same frustration. More and more we're seeing into and through most of the globalists machinations, but not this one.
    Not until I see the deep blue skies of my youth will I consider the war is won and we are safe.
    And please keep safe yourself.

  14. Tell Sybil that the really interesting thing about engineered weather is scalar. Few know what a scalar wave is or care about the implications. Air pressure is changed using scalar waves. Tom Beardens work is still available on this becaise he blamed the russians at the time, perhaps an unwitting controlled agent, which is what most people are, back when tptb were concerned that pepple might be confused/intrigued/interested whem they noticed cloud starburst type patterns totally impossible according to the laws of nature, and may need to engineer a cover story. Meanwhile, Donald Trumps uncle was the professor at MIT and he was the guy tasked with perusing Tesla's notebooks and announcing their contents to the world, something very mainstream and verifiable even on but ignored by the same people who apparently don't have life within them to ponder the sky. I thought Miri might be particularly interested in this and its not ofen reported except by uncontrolled opposition. There are some great geeks who work on this stuff but it is very technical to my girl brain.

  15. I have been refusing to conform to these vaccines or the stupidity of them and your thoughts echo mine and wherever possible, I have been trying to undermine vaccines and the technology of them, at every opportunity, but I have nearly zero news coverage capability and Biden, for example, has world stage:
    Millions saved from viruses and bacteria - are you one of those? 30 years never had a virus or bacteria infection = never ill: Mix one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of clean warm water - cup a hand and in stages, sniff or snort the mugful up your nose spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If burning sensation, you have a virus and the salt solution is disinfecting it, so wait 2-3 minutes until burning sensation goes away, then blow out your nose on toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards. Do my free salt water cure morning, noon, night or more often if you want, until it feels like you are flushing with water only - job done. 3 minutes idea to job done - simple. No virus, no Covid or Long Covid in your head possible. You cannot catch Covid, you have to catch a Coronavirus first and let it become Covid in the nasal passages of your head, later transported down into your body in the one liter of snot, or mucus, we each produce daily - the engine oil of the body. Vaccines - what for - I never have any. My method is like using a fire hose to put out a fire. It takes 3 minutes to prepare and do with salt and clean water and over the 30 years I and others have been doing it, it has NOT killed or injured ONE PERSON, unlike those synthetic mRNA vaccines, ALSO verified by Alberta Medical University - Canada. Do it - you will be amazed at how quickly it destroys colds and flu in the nasal passages of your head. No infection, no Covid possible. Spread the word to everyone please. Neti pots are like using a garden sprinkler to put out a house fire. your life, your choice!! AND free!!
    Vaccines suck!!

  16. Sybil is clearly a traitortohumanity AS WELL, because the obvious threat to mankind are Alien bases on the moon. I therefore DEMAND that Miri write about the Alien-Moonbase-Threat-to-Mankind !!! (triple exclamation marks, in case anyone missed it) Otherwise Miri is clearly also a traitortohumanity. Let's call Miri traitortohumanity01 and Sybil traitortohumanity02, to avoid confusion.
    Ok, that was my in-character (ic) contribution. Out of character (ooc) remarks: What we need now is for another traitortohumanity to propose some other, clearly "superior" "threat to mankind", thus rendering me also a traitortohumanity for suggesting it's Aliens on the moon. Rinse and repeat, let's see how high we can go in the traitortohumanity count. Go for it guys!

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