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By: MiriJuly 14, 20213 Comments
It's for the same reason they do it in the army. If you witness first-hand and close-up just how corrupt […]

Letter to care home challenging mask discrimination and testing mandates

By: MiriJuly 3, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you regarding visits with my father, [name], who is currently a resident at [name […]

Letter to UK schools re: Covid-19 vaccinations

By: MiriJune 15, 202115 Comments
(Please note: When copying and pasting the below to email or send as a printed document, please check the reference […]

Letter to send to councils re: Covid road signs

By: MiriMay 27, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, Re: Misleading, coercive, and treacherous road signs in the [county name] area I am writing to you regarding […]

Letter regarding the dangers and inadequacies of PCR testing for children

By: MiriMarch 4, 2021No Comments
Dear [names], Re: COVID-19 testing and my son/daughter I am writing to you in regards to the COVID-19 testing protocols, […]

Letter to schools regarding coronavirus protocols

By: MiriFebruary 22, 2021One Comment
Dear [names], Re: coronavirus protocols I am writing to you regarding my son/daughter, [name], who is due to return to […]


By: MiriFebruary 15, 2021No Comments
I collated all I know about vaccines and encapsulated it in one resource - STRIVE (Student and Teacher Research Initiative […]

Letter for people being pressurised by doctors' surgeries to receive vaccinations

By: MiriFebruary 11, 2021No Comments
Dear Dr. [name], I am writing to you regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which your surgery has taken a very keen, […]

Letter for a hospital worker wishing to decline Covid tests and vaccinations

By: MiriJanuary 12, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regards to the current coronavirus situation, and the potential advent of regular […]

Letter for a hospital patient wishing to decline COVID testing

By: MiriNovember 15, 2020One Comment
Dear [names], Re: COVID-19 testing patients I am a patient at your hospital undergoing regular dialysis for renal failure. I […]




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