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BOMBSHELL NEW STUDY: Covid jabs 'appear to expose people to an increased mortality'

By: MiriDecember 15, 2021No Comments
Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) have discovered some shocking statistical skulduggery afoot regarding the claim that Covid […]

Miri's Mid-Month Moderately Massive Missive...

By: MiriJune 17, 2021One Comment
(Or, my first newsletter... which you can subscribe to in the box to the right 👉 (and down a bit) […]


By: MiriMay 13, 2021No Comments
Q. Do you have a template letter that can help me with my situation? A. Very possibly. Please visit the […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Gutter

By: MiriJuly 3, 202217 Comments
An exclusive investigation into what - and who - is really driving the relentless smear campaigns directed at those who […]

Modern life isn't real - it's created by the media

By: MiriJune 19, 20224 Comments
One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned about how the world really works, was in 2019, when I […]

If the 'elite' make something difficult, that means a) they don't want you to do it, and b) you probably should

By: MiriApril 26, 20224 Comments
(Originally published 28/03/22, re-published 27/04 to coincide with local press coverage.) There are many ways one might have chosen to […]

Whether you're feeling a bit blue, or psychopaths are trying to kill you, the best medicine remains the same...

By: MiriApril 3, 2022One Comment
I am thrilled to report that, in this era of perennial doom, gloom, and aforementioned homicidal psychopaths, that I have […]

The unscrupulous euphemism of 'managed decline'

By: MiriFebruary 15, 2022One Comment
It was my birthday yesterday (thank you for all the well wishes, which warmed the cockles of my heart - […]

On the news that Canada's Freedom Convoy has had its crowdfunding terminated

By: MiriFebruary 7, 2022No Comments
#GoFundMe is nothing but a devious establishment tool used to choke funding channels for genuine causes, and funnel more money […]

A brief public service announcement...

By: MiriJanuary 18, 2022One Comment
(Originally posted on Facebook) ... The 'public service' in question being, well, me... I've seen several people on Facebook who […]




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