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By: MiriJune 26, 2021No Comments
Or, let me rephrase that - if he is, it's not with an age-appropriate adult female. At the highest levels […]


By: MiriFebruary 20, 2024No Comments
I don't usually like talking numbers (when you didn't pass your Maths GCSE until the age of 31, you generally […]

The Devious Deception of Derek 'Diddums' Draper

By: MiriJanuary 7, 2024No Comments
It was terrible when Jim from Neighbours died. Do you remember it? It was awful. He'd been having those chest […]

Reclaiming a response...

By: MiriDecember 20, 2023No Comments
Just over seven months ago, I sent an open letter (co-signed by Vote Freedom Project's Jonathan Tilt) to former Conservative […]

Learn to see them

By: MiriNovember 7, 2023No Comments
I've purloined this title from another ultra-contentious conspiratorial controversy, but that's not what I'm going to talk about today (sorry... […]

Testing times

By: MiriOctober 11, 2023No Comments
I'm not actually referring to the Israel-Palestine situation (although you can read my thoughts on that here), but to the […]

Here comes the flood: all aboard the ARC

By: MiriOctober 1, 2023No Comments
The only previous time in the last three years that I have paid any significant attention to the so-called "home […]

It's Go Time

By: MiriSeptember 11, 2023No Comments
Right on cue - on 9/11, naturally - there are the headlines: 'GET JABBED: Brits urged to get Covid boosters […]

"Collapsing schools" means one thing: a control group

By: MiriSeptember 3, 2023No Comments
Even if you don't have school-aged children (or even if you have the good sense not to study the media […]

Invasion of the flat snatchers...

By: MiriSeptember 2, 2023No Comments
As regular readers are aware, I live in Huddersfield, a moderately sized town in West Yorkshire, population 141,000, and the […]
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