We can't always "stay safe" but we must now stay strong

Written by: Miri
January 31, 2022
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I've told the story on several occasions of how I "awoke", and it was in 2013, when the university I was attending at the time threatened to kick me out unless I submitted to a vaccination. Given the university in question happened to be located in the United States, such an expulsion would also have invalidated my student visa and rights to stay in the country, so I would therefore also have been deported. So, yes, all in all, this presented quite the predicament. There was no way I was having the injection - I would have left the country if that's what it came to - but I was rather enjoying the US College Experience TM (it was just like you see in the movies, to the point I was always half-expecting Ferris Bueller to come sauntering into lecture halls), and I wanted to stay. So, I fought my corner.

I was already pharma-sceptic by that point, and had vigorously eschewed all vaccines for several years beforehand, but I had had the normal childhood ones for when I was born, which included a single dose of the measles vaccine - but not the MMR.

This, apparently, displeased my university greatly, as the medical centre started sending me daily emails IN ALL CAPS instructing me to present myself to the medical staff immediately due to - what sounded like - some sort of grave medical emergency.

When I eventually arrived at the centre, they informed me that my vaccine records were inadequate, as said records stated I had received only one dose of the measles vaccine, whereas the current recommendation was for two.

"But that was years ago and I've never had measles," I pointed out. "So maybe the first vaccine worked?"

"No," they dismissed me brusquely, scowling all the while. "You have to have two doses."

I had already read quite a bit about vaccines by that point, and therefore knew there was no longer a single measles vaccine available, only the trivalent MMR, and that this was one of the most often-incriminated vaccines where it came to adverse reactions, so - in short - there was no way I was going to have it.

"Look," I said to the increasingly aggrieved medical staff (clearly not used to such impudence! Where's Ferris when you need him...). "It was more than twenty years ago that I had that vaccine and I've never had measles, so either the vaccine worked or I'm naturally immune. Surely the point is that I'm immune to the disease, rather than the number of vaccines I've had?"

They muttered and grimaced and glared, but eventually had to concede that, yes, technically, that was the point.

"Okay," I said. "So rather than taking a risky medical product I probably don't need, I'd like to have a blood test instead, to see if I have antibody titres to measles."

I knew enough about vaccines by then to know that that is how vaccine efficacy is measured - through the production of antibody titres in the blood. So, if you already have these (as many people do), there is no argument to be made for vaccinating you.

Well, it was their reaction to this perfectly reasonable and scientifically sound request that really floored me and catapulted me well and truly down the rabbit hole, because their response was to reject my request for the blood test on the grounds that, and I quote:

"It would be easier just to have the vaccine."

Umm.... WHAT?! When is it ever "easier" to submit yourself to a risky and invasive medical procedure which comes with a catalogue of potentially serious adverse reactions, including death, than to have a simple blood test?! And easier for WHOM?!

I very firmly put my foot down and insisted on the blood test, which they eventually agreed to - although they made a point of telling me, "you'll have to pay for it yourself" (the vaccine would have been free).

I did, and the results were positive - I already had antibody titres for measles, so there was no point in vaccinating me. The medical centre (no doubt very reluctantly) stopped the ALL CAPS EMAILS and my student visa and American College Experience remained intact (alas, Ferris never showed up, though).

However, I was extremely alarmed by the whole episode, and it was this experience which comprehensively "awoke" me, and led to the creation of my vaccine site, STRIVE - the Student and Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education - because I saw what extraordinary pressure is put on students to receive risky injections they probably don't need, and with none of the full facts enabling them to make an informed choice. I was a few years older than the average student at the time, so felt more able to be assertive, but I knew the average eighteen-year-old would instantly have crumbled at that kind of pressure - that you "have to" be injected or you will be expelled (and if you're an international student, deported).

The fact that the university I attended had such a draconian approach to vaccination even "pre-plague" meant I was deeply disappointed but not surprised to learn last year that their Covid injection policy was particularly aggressive and harsh. As of the fall semester 2021, they made it mandatory for all students attending campus to be fully vaccinated, and if they were not within just a couple of weeks of the semester commencing, they would be immediately expelled with no refund of tuition.

Just weeks after announcing this campus injection mandate, the university's President "died suddenly". He was just 57.

There was no suggestion made publicly that his death was linked with the injection, but it was just the beginning of the epidemic "sudden death" tragedies that are now ravaging that community. Yesterday, I saw an utterly heart-breaking Facebook status from someone who attended the university at the same time I did, someone whom I was on good and friendly terms with - and someone who I know from previous statuses is extremely pro-vaccine.

The status, accompanied by a photo of my friend in a group of 13 others (looking to be aged from 30s to 60s), read:

"I want to preface with this: I am not asking for sympathy. Having said that, I’m really sad. Just the other day as we drove back from a lunch date, I discussed with my dear friend Sarah* how sad and distraught I was over the number of major figures in our community who have passed away recently. THEN, within 24 hours, my Dad’s first cousin passes away (the second son my Aunt Mary has lost recently), and we lost a [name of local school] classmate with a heart of gold. Just moments ago, I heard my friend Nick (seated next to me on the far right in the photo) passed away. This photo was taken just before covid, and since that time we’ve lost Bill, Tina, Pete, and now Nick - all in this photo. Alright, God, I hear you—life can end at any moment. I’m going to try extra hard to treasure people while they’re here and let them know they add light to my life. May these wonderful people we’ve lost Rest In Peace 💔"

(*All names changed.)

There was no suggestion any of these people died "from Covid". On the contrary - in the more than 50 comments that followed, multiple other people confirmed that 2021 and early 2022 had been full of tragedy and sudden, unexpected deaths in their local communities, too. Not 2020, when the deadly plague was supposedly raging. But 2021 and 2022, the age of the injection.

Not one person in the comments made the connection. I so wanted to tell them "please open your eyes and see what's causing this", but I knew I couldn't. I knew such a comment would be seen as vile: totally insensitive and grotesquely inappropriate - that I would be viewed as some kind of aberrant monster, disrespecting the dead and daring to question the sacrosanct science that is protecting us all and saving lives.

Two parallel realities are operating at the moment, and my old friend, and all his friends, exist in a totally different one to me, to the extent they cannot really conceive that mine exists at all. So my trying to introduce to them a world where the "brilliant scientists" and "learned experts" they've so faithfully put all their trust in, are actually devious psychopaths in the midst of undertaking something unspeakable... Well, they just wouldn't be able to comprehend it, even whilst they are in the midst of its tragic effects.

Even though I knew this was coming, it's still horribly tough and upsetting to see in action - whole communities collapsing in front of us, a trajectory on course to get much worse over the coming months and years.

The sleepy little college town where I lived and where this is now happening is full of really kind and caring, well-intentioned people. To see this happening to them - and to well-meaning people all over the world - is awful, and is going to be really difficult for all of us, even if we're lucky enough that our own closest friends and family members remain injection-free.

The onus then is on all of us who know to remain emotionally and psychologically strong in the face of what is already happening and what is to come. When the truth is revealed to the injected populations - and it will be, and soon - the psychological fall-out has the potential to be catastrophic. It will be so utterly shattering to everything these individuals thought they knew about the world and to the deepest facets of their own personalities. So in order to help them come to terms with what will be revealed without their completely breaking, we will have to make sure that we remain emotionally robust and able to deal with the ongoing tragedy, without breaking ourselves.

It's obviously not an inviting undertaking, and of course I wish it were otherwise, but the alternative - "this is too much pain, I can't cope" - is much worse. It is not hyperbole to state that the future of the world depends on our coping. The sad reality is that human beings have often, throughout history, had to cope with unimaginable atrocity and loss - many of our recent ancestors had to. My own grandfather was nearly murdered at the age of 25 by the Soviets, whilst his brother was, as were many of their friends. My grandfather then endured several years in a Siberian prisoner of war camp in subhuman conditions.

But he coped.

We can cope, too. And we must.

(For practical tips regarding reversing the effects of the injection, please see here.)

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One comment on “We can't always "stay safe" but we must now stay strong”

  1. Oh Miri Anne your words are so true and powerful. Yes it’s happening here, you can tell the people who have had the injections by their skin, my sister one of them. I watched a family emptying their fathers house of all his belongings next door, an unexpected death. He was perfectly healthy. As I watched I wondered if they knew the cause of their fathers death was the injection he had days before. I am in Liverpool where there are a high number of unexplained deaths. Genocide right in front of your eyes. Thank you for everything you do. You keep me sane Miri Anne you are a voice that we need to hear. I will be donating a coffee to you. Why don’t you have a Viral Coffee Morning so everyone who reads your pieces can pay for a coffee, monies donated to you for all the tireless work you do. I would throw a packet of biccies in too. We can cope…🙏

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