Youthful Cynicism Masquerading As Wisdom

Written by: Miri
August 8, 2022

Having just been accused of this on Facebook, on the day my latest ban finally expires - welcome back to the melee! - I thought it made a rather jaunty title for my first post-ban blog. Needless to say, as someone on the wrong side of 35, I am thrilled to be accused of youthful anything...

I attracted this accusation (which was, rather amusingly, also aimed at a 60-something grandfather - NB: when administering age-based condescension, it's important to always fact-check first, lest one risks flattering, rather than offending, the parties in question), because I asserted my belief - shared by veteran political correspondent, Tony Webber, the aforementioned grandfather - that the "Don't Pay UK" movement is a scam, organised by dark forces for shady purposes. You can read my argument here, and Tony's article (where I am quoted) here.

I think the ruling classes are in the process of orchestrating the much-prophesised "dark winter", and that they're tricking people into collapsing the energy companies (because, presumably, that is exactly what will happen if a million plus people all stop paying at the same time?) by thinking they're being part of some heroic anti-establishment cause.

Please do be very clear that if the Don't Pay campaign threatened establishment interests in any way, it would have attracted permanent bans across all the establishment social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as routinely happens to genuine activists, especially those with big followings). As it is, Don't Pay has been allowed to scale to the lofty heights of nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter alone, all without the slightest sanction (meanwhile I, with less than 3,000 followers, have been permanently banned).

Don't Pay is also relentlessly promoted by the mainstream media, whereas real activists are almost always ignored (the media knows there is no such thing as bad publicity and the best way of crippling true opposition is to ignore them and starve them of the vital lifeblood of growing a movement - publicity).

Obviously, many people, including me, are not able to pay the extortionate sums the energy companies are now demanding - but if this situation developed more organically, with people just paying what they can (which is what I'm doing), the consequences would be slow and staggered and probably manageable. Whereas if everyone stops paying anything, all at once, the effects will be dramatic and immediate - and that is obviously what the establishment wants. Complete collapse, complete chaos, and then "6uild 6ack 6etter" (ordo ab chao - order of of chaos - as is their mantra).

So I would strenuously dissuade anyone from getting involved with the 'Don't Pay UK' movement, or from cancelling their DD on October 1st. If you want to cancel it, cancel it now, so there isn't one catastrophic shock delivered on October 1st, and then - if you can - replace it with a standing order, paying what you're able to afford. There is also the route of raising a complaint with the energy companies, which I've seen many far more reliable sources than 'Don't Pay' advocate.

However, I would also prepare for the fact that as the Don't Pay movement is so well coordinated and bankrolled, that it's very likely to be successful, and that there may well, as a result, be severe problems with accessing energy this winter, so please make preparations now to ensure you have alternate sources of heat and light.

From what I can see, the social engineers are going to hit us from multiple different angles this winter, and the blackouts and power cuts will just be one. I think it's also clear food shortages are on the way, but I don't think "they" will completely starve us - it's not in their interests to have millions of ravenous people, because starving people quickly get to the point where they will do anything for food, and millions of violent, angry looters are not something I believe the ruling classes want to deal with. However, I do think they will dramatically limit our options.

We know from the bug eating and fake meat campaigns that the 'elite' want to heavily restrict our access to high-quality animal proteins (as foreseen in many predictive programming vehicles, such as Demolition Man, where meat is banned, and V for Vendetta, where only the elites have access to meat and dairy), so it is meat, fish, eggs and other high-quality protein sources that are likely to become scarce and expensive. Meanwhile, cheap processed starches such as breakfast cereals and instant noodles, are likely to remain plentiful.

Giving the masses plenty of empty calories from heavily processed grains and starches will keep them full and stop them rioting in the streets, but will also ensure they quickly become malnourished and less able to deal with the other challenges the winter will bring. It will also strip the fighting spirit out of them and make them less vital and vigorous in their response to what is happening, as that is precisely what breakfast cereals were designed to do.

Sounds far-fetched, I know, but it's true. The eponymous Mr. Kellogg invented his cornflakes, as a replacement for traditional breakfasts of meat and eggs, to reduce the libido and general amorous urges of healthy young people. He believed - correctly, as it transpired - that animal products increase testosterone production, so the sex drive could be lessened and therefore more easily managed if animal products in the diet were restricted, and replaced with starches. Kellogg was a devout anti-sex campaigner who never consummated his own marriage.

Certainly, anyone who takes as keen an interest in social engineering as our ruling classes do, is going to take an interest in nutrition, and the very powerful role it plays in shaping how a person feels and behaves. We know they want us sick (good customers for pharma), weak (no energy to fight back), and short-lived (meeting depopulation goals - note Mr. Kellogg was also a zealous eugenicist). So, it will be processed grains and starches for us, and the finest high-quality animal proteins for them (note that "rich people food" has always been animal-based - steak, venison, oysters, caviar, etc.).

My recommendation therefore is that if you are keeping a store of food (and I would recommend everyone does this as a general rule, as our grandparents did, having learned the importance of having a food store during various world conflicts. We never know what is around the corner so it is always best to be prepared - and better to have and not need, than to need and not have) to focus on high-quality animal proteins (if you eat them) and other high-quality sources of protein and fat (wax-wrapped cheese, nut butters, coconut milk) as alternatives or supplements. And don't forget to keep some supplies in for pets, too. This should not involve any "panic buying", just adding a few extra tins to the regular shop as and when you can.

One thing I believe "they" also might intentionally restrict is - not just toilet roll this time - but sanitary produce and nappies. If there was a nationwide shortage of these items, millions of people would effectively be under self-imposed lockdown, as they could not carry out normal daily life outside the house. So if you use any of these items (and maybe even if you don't), it may be wise to keep in a few extra.

As I believe internet and other communicative devices are likely to become unreliable this winter, it's a good idea to write down physical addresses of nearby friends and family, and to agree on a meeting place in an emergency. If you haven't got nearby friends, now is the time to find them, as I think we still have at least six weeks left of relative normality. Facebook is a great way to find like-minded people near you (it is how I found literally all of my friends in Huddersfield), and there are also pro-freedom movements like Freedom Alliance who often arrange in-person meet-ups for networking.

The final piece of the "strategy" the ruling classes have in mind for this winter, looks to be in the form of an exceptionally dangerous new injection. A so-called booster - a new, and, er, "improved" formula - has been developed by Moderna, for which they openly admit there is no safety data, and it will be unleashed on September 1st: offered for free to all over-50s, as well as all "vulnerable" under-50s, which includes pregnant women. All these groups will also be offered the 'flu vaccine, which will be administered at the same time.

Obviously, such a reckless experiment is going to unleash a tsunami of serious illness and death, and so I do think it's really important to keep the conversation open with "normie" family and friends, because - even if once, twice, or thrice injected - it's clear this new concoction (and especially the fact it will be administered with another injection) is going to cause mass casualties and catastrophe, and we need to try and mitigate that as far as possible - not just for these people's own health and longevity, but for the stability of the country: if there's a sudden upsurge in illness and death, the government may well declare a national emergency and start to reintroduce onerous restrictions.

The social climate now is completely different to how it was in March 2020, and many people who laughed and dismissed anyone with misgivings as a "conspiracy theorist" then, are starting to second-guess themselves now. Okay, there's a small hardcore faction of extremists who worship the government, idolise injections, and will be hurling themselves onto as many establishment pricks as they can find - but they are the minority. Far more common is the "moveable middle"; the type who may have complied for various reasons at the start, but are starting to be suspicious and ask questions now, and there are literally millions of these people. We all know them, friends and family who say such things as, "well, I've had the first three, but I haven't felt right since, and I'm really not sure about having any more..."

These are the people we can reach, and it is with precisely these kind of people in mind that Mark and I developed our new resource, Informed Consent Matters. We can see there is a vital window of opportunity to reach people now, before the new injection campaign begins in September, so please do visit the resource, share the link with "moveable middle" family and friends, and consider ordering some leaflets. Our leaflets have been intentionally designed to look as if they come from an establishment source, so people's defences drop and they actually stop to read them.

Needless to say, anything that looked obviously "conspiratorial" or over-the-top would cause such people to instantly shut down and dismiss what we're saying, so everything we've done - the imagery selected, the language used - has been carefully chosen to ensure it doesn't provoke any existing prejudices about so-called "conspiracy theories" and actually gets people to read the information and take it in.

I was rather thrilled and delighted that none other than the great James Delingpole (whose very funny 'Thinly Disguised Autobiography I read in my teens!) noticed the resource, shared it with his followers, and said:

"This is really good. You've done a great job. Especially good that you've stripped out anything that looks hysterical or ramshackle - which is always what gives the Normie the excuse they are craving to leave."

This was a tremendous endorsement to get, not just because I admire James' work, but because he is an extremely accomplished media professional, with extensive experience across many establishment platforms, meaning - he knows what works. If he says my resource will work to get through to people - it will.

His sentiments were echoed by a Facebook friend, Jenny Fisher, who said of our leaflet:

"Well done! This looks just like the rubbish printed by the government which is spread everywhere! Should definitely “trick” some people into reading it and hopefully get them thinking for themselves for the first time in years!"

So, while we may not be able to completely stop all the malevolent machinations of the ruling classes, I think there's every reason to believe we can significantly reduce the harm they are attempting to do by:

  1. Not engaging with the establishment psy-op "Don't Pay", and dealing with the energy companies in a different way (paying what you can, raising a complaint, etc.)
  2. Ensuring we have alternative sources of heat and light in the winter months, if there are blackouts (plenty of blankets, torches, candles, and so on).
  3. Having some form of food supplies, with a focus on high-quality proteins, like tinned meat and fish, pickled eggs, nut butters, and coconut milk.
  4. Developing local networks of friends in walking distance, and agreeing on a meeting place in emergencies.
  5. Doing our best to raise awareness of the risks of the imminent booster, and doing all we can to discourage "moveable middle" family and friends from taking it

So although it does seem there's a tough few months ahead, there's still every reason to believe we can make a significant difference to the outcome. The relentless propaganda emanating from the enemy to crush and discredit us, certainly suggests they think so... You can expect the propaganda to dramatically ramp up once ministers and officials are all back from their jollies next month (psychopathic depopulationists need holidays too!), so we can get ahead of the curve by starting a robust counter-campaign of our own now. Please keep an eye on Informed Consent Matters for new mask and test leaflets (as there are clear signs the ruling classes wish to reintroduce these, especially as monkey mania begins to reach its zenith), which are coming soon.

Anyway, I hope you got something out of my youthful cynicism masquerading as wisdom, and see you next time for more such juvenile japes! (Not that I'm one to ruthlessly milk a silly comment or anything :D)

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5 comments on “Youthful Cynicism Masquerading As Wisdom”

  1. back with a bang! Feel better for resisting Kelloggs products (mostly). Will be visiting your new resource to get some leaflets. You have spurred me into action. The idea of a Covid and flu jab at the same time is beyond horrific. Some very good, positive ideas on how to resist the dark days to come. Thanks so much

  2. Agreed, that’s how I reacted, but I wonder if the author has access to more information about who exactly is funding / orchestrating the ‘Don’t Pay’ etc. In other words … Follow the money/ name and shame/ join up the dots/ expose and disclose the apparatchiks and their links to the so called new world order.

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