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Latest letter to schools' vaccine team

By: MiriNovember 30, 2023No Comments
An update from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters (For previous correspondence, please see here.) Dear Robert Bachelor, We acknowledge […]

Latest letter to local schools' immunisation team

By: MiriOctober 27, 2023No Comments
(For previous correspondence, please see here.) Dear Locala, On the 19h September, you wrote to us to address our request […]

Letter for employees wishing to decline PCR testing at work

By: MiriNovember 17, 2021One Comment
Dear [name], RE: PCR testing at work I am a [job role] at your company, and am in receipt of correspondence […]

Letter to private hospital challenging pre-surgery PCR test requirement

By: MiriSeptember 28, 2021No Comments
Dear [consultant and hospital director], I am writing to you ahead of my scheduled procedure, [name of procedure], at [hospital […]

Letter to Royal College of Ophthalmologists re: coercive COVID testing of children

By: MiriAugust 31, 2021No Comments
Dear Royal College, I am writing to you as a lifelong sufferer of¬†hereditary progressive arthro-ophthalmopathy, a condition that has been […]

Letter to hospital withholding urgent, delayed treatment without PCR test

By: MiriJuly 27, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you as a matter of urgency, regarding a vital procedure I have been waiting […]

Letter to hospital attempting to force PCR test on 95-year-old

By: MiriJuly 23, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regard to my father, [name], who is scheduled to undergo an urgent […]

Letter to GP who 'fired' heart attack patient, whilst withholding test results

By: MiriJuly 9, 2021No Comments
Dear [surgery name], I am writing to you to register a complaint about the disgraceful, unethical, and potentially life-endangering treatment […]

Letter to hospital that threw out heart attack patient for declining COVID test

By: MiriJuly 8, 20213 Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you regarding a deeply distressing and dangerously medically negligent experience I endured at your […]

Letter to care home challenging mask discrimination and testing mandates

By: MiriJuly 3, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you regarding visits with my father, [name], who is currently a resident at [name […]
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