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Letter to hospital declining Covid tests and vaccines ahead of surgery

By: MiriJune 1, 20212 Comments
Dear Sirs, I am due to attend the orthopaedics department at [hospital name] on [date], for a pre-operative assessment for […]

Letter to send to care homes to challenge testing and plastic screens

By: MiriMay 11, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you regarding my relative, [name], who is currently a resident in your institution. {Name] […]

Letter to send to hospitals ahead of appointments re: masks, tests, vaccines.

By: MiriMarch 11, 202111 Comments
Dear [hospital management], I am writing to you ahead of my appointment for [procedure] on [date]. Naturally, I am very keen, […]

Letter to college principal declining masks and tests

By: MiriMarch 9, 20212 Comments
Dear [college principal], I am writing to you in regards to my son, [name], who is due to return to […]

Letter regarding the dangers and inadequacies of PCR testing for children

By: MiriMarch 4, 2021No Comments
Dear [names], Re: COVID-19 testing and my son/daughter I am writing to you in regards to the COVID-19 testing protocols, […]

Letter for employees wishing to decline lateral flow tests

By: MiriFebruary 21, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, RE: Lateral flow testing at work I am a [job role] at your company, and am in receipt of […]

Letter for a hospital worker wishing to decline Covid tests and vaccinations

By: MiriJanuary 12, 2021No Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regards to the current coronavirus situation, and the potential advent of regular […]

Letter for a hospital patient wishing to decline COVID testing

By: MiriNovember 15, 2020One Comment
Dear [names], Re: COVID-19 testing patients I am a patient at your hospital undergoing regular dialysis for renal failure. I […]

Letter to Kirklees Council regarding the misuse of public money to promote vaccines

By: MiriMarch 10, 20222 Comments
Dear Kirklees Council, I am writing to you regarding the news item in the Yorkshire Live online newspaper (1) revealing […]

Callooh, callay, it's a red letter day!

By: MiriFebruary 18, 20223 Comments
Because, like a stopped clock, a monkey with a paint set, or Piers Morgan holding his fat finger up to […]




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