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Letter to my old primary school that is publicly propagandising children re: vaccines

By: MiriAugust 16, 20225 Comments
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you as both a concerned former pupil of St. John’s CE Primary School (Quarry […]

Letter to Kirklees Council regarding the misuse of public money to promote vaccines

By: MiriMarch 10, 20222 Comments
Dear Kirklees Council, I am writing to you regarding the news item in the Yorkshire Live online newspaper (1) revealing […]

Callooh, callay, it's a red letter day!

By: MiriFebruary 18, 20223 Comments
Because, like a stopped clock, a monkey with a paint set, or Piers Morgan holding his fat finger up to […]

Letter to request a medical vaccine exemption from your GP

By: MiriJanuary 10, 2022No Comments
Dear Dr. [name], I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you today to request a medical exemption […]

Open letter to UK schools imposing mask mandates

By: MiriJanuary 3, 20222 Comments
Dear Headteachers and School Governors, I am writing to you today regarding the recent news headlines stating that the nation's […]

Letter to ex-partners who want to Covid vaccinate children

By: MiriDecember 9, 2021No Comments
Dear [name], I hope you're well. As we've been unable to come to an agreement regarding [name of child] and […]

Reply to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists re: forced Covid testing of children

By: MiriSeptember 15, 2021No Comments
Original letter here Dear [name], Many thanks for your reply.  It has become common practice throughout the NHS for patients […]

Open letter to mainstream newspaper editors and journalists re: COVID-19

By: MiriAugust 25, 2021One Comment
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you as a concerned citizen regarding your pivotal role in informing the nation, and […]

Letter to college attempting to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations

By: MiriAugust 23, 20212 Comments
Dear [name], I am writing to you regarding my daughter, [name], who is due to shortly commence her studies with […]

(Another) letter for care staff declining "mandatory" vaccines

By: MiriAugust 9, 20212 Comments
Dear [name], I am currently a [job role] at [name of care home] and am in receipt of a letter […]




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