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Letter for a business owner asked to remove an anti-mask poster from his office

By: MiriDecember 20, 2020One Comment
Dear [name], Thank you for your email. I note your objections to my displaying a poster regarding masks on my […]

Letter to doctor who refused to see mask-exempt patient for smear

By: MiriNovember 30, 2020One Comment
Dear [name], I am writing to you regarding a deeply distressing incident that occurred¬†on [date] when I attempted to visit […]

Letter to a council telling businesses not to serve the mask-exempt

By: MiriNovember 20, 2020No Comments
Dear [names], I am writing to you regarding false and misleading claims it appears your staff are disseminating to local […]

Callooh, callay, it's a red letter day!

By: MiriFebruary 18, 20223 Comments
Because, like a stopped clock, a monkey with a paint set, or Piers Morgan holding his fat finger up to […]

Letter to funders of discriminatory tourist attraction

By: MiriJanuary 24, 2022No Comments
Earlier this month, my friend Rebekah and I were victimised, harassed, and ultimately unceremoniously ejected from, a major local tourist […]

Mask formation

By: MiriJanuary 2, 2022No Comments
About four years ago, I was working at a place for which there was no convenient bus route, and so […]

Far from the masking crowd

By: MiriNovember 30, 2021No Comments
We've had a little break from this particular theme in the current government-mandated madness these last few months, but now […]

On the news that 'masks made mandatory for everyone in Commons except MPs'.

By: MiriOctober 27, 2021One Comment
If masks really protected anyone from anything, then self-serving egotists like career politicians would be buying them up in bulk […]

Open letter to mainstream newspaper editors and journalists re: COVID-19

By: MiriAugust 25, 2021One Comment
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you as a concerned citizen regarding your pivotal role in informing the nation, and […]

Letter to GP who 'fired' heart attack patient, whilst withholding test results

By: MiriJuly 9, 2021No Comments
Dear [surgery name], I am writing to you to register a complaint about the disgraceful, unethical, and potentially life-endangering treatment […]




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