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The law giveth and it taketh away

By: MiriOctober 5, 2023No Comments
Like most people reading this, I've had a variety of colourful, interesting, and occasionally unprintable 'spats' with a multiplicity of […]

Reply to the council re: next manufactured "pandemic"

By: MiriSeptember 7, 2023No Comments
(For the original letter, please see here) Dear Chris Read, Thank you for your reply. In terms of making a […]

It's more important to be brave than to be right

By: MiriAugust 25, 2023No Comments
On the 3rd April, 2019, several months before any of us had ever heard the word 'Covid', and when lockdown […]

Note the Normality

By: MiriAugust 21, 2023No Comments
Where I live in Huddersfield, I'm very lucky to be in walking distance of not one, but two rather spectacular […]

When I'm 64... I'll be less at risk of disease than at 14?

By: MiriAugust 9, 2023No Comments
So the UK's Department of Health and Social Care (DoH) purports to believe, according to recent media reports, and as […]

In a world full of of goldfish, be an elephant

By: MiriAugust 1, 2023No Comments
One of the most critical distinctions between "the 1%" (the ruling classes, the overlords, those malevolent f**kers - as you […]

Pandemic 2?

By: MiriJuly 20, 2023No Comments
An update from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters After the unprecedented situation that was "COVID-19", and all the attendant […]

Soundbites from a puritanical right-wing wokie

By: MiriJuly 16, 2023No Comments
I thought I'd hit a high point of attracting celebrity accolades when the former 'Dragon', Rachel Elnaugh (of the now […]

The most toxic human trait isn't violence, avarice or greed: it's obedience

By: MiriJuly 11, 2023No Comments
Good Morning Mrs. [Name], Thank you for your email expressing your views on vaccination. Should it be required, [Name] High […]

Help Save Informed Consent Matters!

By: MiriJuly 4, 2023No Comments
(An update from Informed Consent Matters, the health resource I co-run.) Dear Subscriber, Many thanks for your support of¬†Informed Consent […]




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