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"At least they're doing something... What have YOU done?!"

By: MiriJune 8, 2023No Comments
(For audio version of this article, please visit my YouTube channel.) Every single time I call out obvious psy-op charlatan […]

"He's behind you!" - Or is he?

By: MiriJune 2, 2023No Comments
(For audio version of this article, please visit my YouTube channel.) It has now been two calendar weeks, and nine […]

With a new revolution, we need a new resistance

By: MiriApril 1, 202311 Comments
I was chatting to a Muslim friend of mine earlier this week, and she delivered a very sobering anecdote, sombrely […]

Freedom is multifaceted

By: MiriMarch 14, 202312 Comments
I spend a lot of time at this site examining, analysing, and critiquing various parts of culture (and having myself […]

How To Become Controlled Opposition

By: MiriJanuary 23, 202317 Comments
It is not a new phenomenon for me, nor I suspect for some reading this article, to be accused of […]

Why has Riski Sunak made Maths until 18 compulsory?

By: MiriJanuary 7, 202310 Comments
(Please note, 'Riski' was actually a typo, but just like there is much truth in fiction, there is also much […]

The Latest Pandemime Plot Twist: "Amnesty"

By: MiriNovember 3, 202233 Comments
The big story currently sweeping the cyber saloons which most of us frequent, regards a new grovelling plea, from former […]

The Queen is dead, but the chess game continues

By: MiriSeptember 9, 202216 Comments
So, after deepfaking us at Christmas and using a hologram at the Jubilee, the establishment has finally got around to […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

By: MiriAugust 21, 202213 Comments
This may seem a rather improbable title for a blog at this particular juncture in human history, whilst we descend […]

Youthful Cynicism Masquerading As Wisdom

By: MiriAugust 8, 20225 Comments
Having just been accused of this on Facebook, on the day my latest ban finally expires - welcome back to […]




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