With a new revolution, we need a new resistance

Written by: Miri
April 1, 2023

I was chatting to a Muslim friend of mine earlier this week, and she delivered a very sobering anecdote, sombrely confirming the warnings I've been issuing on this site for quite some time. Although she's Muslim, she - like many Western Muslim women - chooses not to wear a hair covering. Nor does her 11-year-old daughter.

My friend and her daughter were on a bus recently, and went to sit upstairs, where there were a few other passengers, but plenty of empty seats. After a couple of stops, a young male of Middle Eastern origin got on board, came upstairs, and immediately came to sit as close as possible to my friend's 11-year-old daughter, and began brusquely trying to engage with her. Shocked and alarmed ("too shocked to speak", in her words), my friend swiftly ushered her daughter away and they went to stand downstairs.

"From now on, we will both be wearing the head scarf," my friend told me, because - coming from an Islamic background herself - she understood why she and her daughter had been targeted in this way: as "immodest" females not covering their hair, they were seen as "fair game" by a man likely from an extremely hardliner Islamic country like Afghanistan (where many of these "asylum seekers" are from), countries which believe women are only due respect and exemption from harassment if they are covered head to toe - and married.

"I also think women should start wearing wedding rings," said my friend. "Whether or not they're married."

Have we really come to this in the liberal, democratic, secular UK? I would say only "not everywhere, not yet" - but it's coming - fast. Already, legions of teenage girls are too scared to go to school because of the spate of attacks from young males from extremist Islamic countries, countries which have taught them that "uncovered" women (women not draped head to toe in fabric) are subhuman whores.

Also at the present time, and not incidentally, tens of thousands of military-aged, military-looking men from these same countries are being mobilised from the hundreds of UK hotels they were initially stationed in, to military bases.

Military bases are typically in the middle of nowhere, associated with tiny hamlets which have virtually no amenities in them - certainly nothing to occupy energetic, fit and healthy young men all day. So what do we imagine thousands of young, fit, fighting-age men could possibly be doing at military bases all day?

I would sincerely love there to be an alternative answer to "military training", but let's face facts: there isn't one. Genuine asylum seekers are placed in appropriate accommodation, surrounded by plenty of amenities and good transport links etc., so they can begin to integrate into the community. If you place them in military bases surrounded by no other facilities, then what these people really are, and what they are really doing here, becomes chillingly obvious.

Concomitant to this invading army being trained up at the UK's military bases, we have Christian cathedrals being used for Muslim prayer, and a Muslim First Minister of Scotland stating there are "too many white people" in powerful positions in Scotland (which is 96% white) and that something must be done.

Meanwhile, let us not forget that one of the most famous "influencers" in the Western world, Andrew Tate, hero-worshipped by legions of boys and young men, is a recently converted fundamentalist Muslim, who - as predicted by this site from the start - has recently been released from jail (because the whole "arrest" thing was just a stunt to build Tate's "persecuted hero" status. That's why he's always been so blithely confident of his release, stating there is a "zero percent" chance he would ever be charged).

If my detractors believe all the above is one big coincidence (or - argh - a "racist conspiracy theory" - Islam isn't a race, people, and there are many Muslims of European extraction - such as Andrew Tate), I believe there are many bridges on special offer around the world right now...

Also, please remember, there are many different types of Muslim, just as there are many different types of Christian, and to imagine all Western Muslims are in favour of extremist regimes such as those in Afghanistan and Iran, is akin to imagining all Christians are in favour of the scenario depicted in The Handmaid's Tale. Extremist and militant factions of a religion do not represent its everyday adherents, and many UK Muslims are just as anxious about what appears to coming here, as non-Muslims - as evidenced by my opening anecdote.

Please remember that in regimes like Afghanistan, female children are removed from school at the age of 10-11 and then effectively confined to the house as domestic servants for the rest of their lives. As adults, they are not allowed to work, to travel without a male chaperone, or even to visit public parks. So if anyone wants to call me "racist" for opposing that ideology being brought here, then, by all means, knock yourself out. I think, however, you will find that most sane people of all races oppose this, including most UK Muslims (and again, to repeat, Islam isn't a race, any more than Christianity is. Anyone can convert to Islam, just as anyone can convert to Christianity. Religions are not - in general - exclusionary cults you have to be born into).

Please let me be clear I'm not trying to gratuitously alarm anyone here, but rather, to appropriately alarm them - there is a lot of denial and dismissal about the enormity and severity of this issue due to a combination of fears of being labelled "racist" and an unwillingness to confront just how far this situation has already gone.

Consider that in Wakefield, a town just down the road from me, an autistic 14-year-old boy received death threats for scuffing a copy of the Quran, and his terrified mother was hauled up in front of a panel of local Islamic leaders to beg for forgiveness.

What would happen if a Muslim boy scuffed a copy of The Bible? Absolutely nothing - as it shouldn't - so this incident reveals what the UK is rapidly becoming: no longer a secular democracy where blasphemy is not a crime, but something very, very different. Andrew Tate got it exactly right when he observed that he could walk through central London with a t-shirt proclaiming "Jesus is gay", and nothing would happen to him. Yet if he walked the same journey wearing a t-shirt making that proclamation about the Islamic prophet, he'd be "dead before he reached the end of the street".

The point of Tate's observation is that people who will defend their beliefs with lethal force, have already won the cultural war against people who won't. Do I think Christians should kill someone for wearing a t-shirt saying "Jesus is gay"? No, of course not, but I also understand the nature of warfare, and that if one side won't defend themselves with lethal force, they're obviously going to lose to a side who will

The West generally believes that the highest moral good is avoiding pain and delaying death ("Covid" would have had no power otherwise), but fundamentalist Muslims don't believe that (see: "suicide bombers") and rather, see defending their religion as a far higher moral imperative than protecting their own lives. So if it comes to out and out warfare - which looks increasingly likely at this point - then it looks a foregone conclusion who is going to win. (Note, I think this victory will be quite short-lived however, and I explored that in more detail here.)

We are at a cultural precipice right now where the liberalism we have been immersed in since the 1960s is being intentionally pushed to the most horrific extremes, to make people push back against it, in order that the cultural pendulum violently swings back the other way. The social engineers want to enforce ultra-repressive regimes where we are not permitted to travel more than 15 minutes from our homes, with extremely strict restrictions on what we may eat, what we can wear, and what we can spend. As these kind of harsh, austere lifestyles are totally incompatible with liberal, democratic values, such values are to be scrapped and replaced with ultra-conservatism. The Handmaid's Tale was predictive programming - that's why so much money was put into it, and why it received so much publicity. We've even been prepped to cover our faces, just as the handmaids were, and already inducted into a world where authority figures bark at and threaten us if we don't.

I am aware this all sounds a bit bleak and, as I said earlier, I don't want to "unduly" alarm anyone - but I do want to appropriately alarm them. This is coming (in reality, it's already here) and we need to bolster ourselves to be prepared for it. We have been hoodwinked by social engineers to believe that we are at "the end of history" - that liberal, democratic, free societies represent the apex of human civilisation, so once a society has achieved this, there is nowhere left for it to advance to and it will just stay like that forever.

This is, at best, woefully naive, and at worst - and more likely - intentional devious manipulation to encourage people to take their eyes off the ball and stop robustly defending their culture.

Eternal vigilance really is the price of freedom, but the post-war West has been lulled into a false sense of security believing that this is "it" - that liberal democratic societies are so secure and so superior that no backwards medieval old barbarism like religious extremism could ever topple us.... Well, we may want to revisit what happened in Iran in 1979, and that really isn't that long ago. Iran, once a modern, Westernised country where women dressed as they liked, attended university, and had jobs, was successfully subverted by Islamic extremists, and just take a look at it now.

It happened there. It can happen here. And, to me, the signs look glaringly obvious that it is.

We must prepare ourselves for what appears to be looming, because adaptability is the key to surviving all adversity, and that is the purpose of my writing this, hopefully "appropriately" alarmist, essay - not to scare or depress anyone, but to encourage people to prepare. Hope for the best, certainly, but prepare for the fact that, many times in history, the best hasn't happened.

The best preparation we can do is study historical examples (as there really is nothing new under the sun), and work out how dissidents and rebels have effectively responded to repressive regimes in the past. They key word is "underground" (quite literally, in the case of the highly prophetic Demolition Man) - that effective resistance is not advertised and obvious, but strategic, disguised, and careful. In The Handmaid's Tale, for instance, the rebel group 'Mayday' didn't blare their objections from the rooftops, but meticulously cultivated a covert resistance and carefully waited for the right moment to act.

I think one of the many and myriad purposes of "Covid" was to lure us into a trap, to make us believe that our resistance can be loud and vocal and public, and nothing much will happen to us. Think of all the protests, all the mask-mandate defying, all the angry letters to MPs, etc. - has anything that bad happened to anyone as a result? Although there may have been a large personal cost in terms of being alienated from family and friends and even losing jobs, the state apparatus hasn't penalised us at all, other than a few fake fines that half of people didn't pay.

This is hardly a global standard where it comes to dealing with dissenters, though. In many regimes, even quite mild dissent will be harshly, physically punished, with very real consequences for people who publicly rebel against the state.

I believe that is likely coming here, and that is what all the code-name "asylum seekers" now in military bases are training for - to harshly enforce the new regime (as our own military wouldn't). So, please take this time to take stock of what seems to be unfolding and that the future resistance movement is likely to need to take a very different shape to the previous one.

For inspiration, I sincerely (and seriously!) suggest re-watching Monty Python's Life of Brian (link goes to full film). First of all, because there is no more powerful tonic than comedy (that is why autocratic regimes - such as our current 'wokesters' - are always trying to ban it), and secondly because - comedic as it is - it does astutely depict what life as a dissident is really like under an explicitly authoritarian regime. You have to "pass" as an obedient citizen by day, and secretly plot and scheme with your co-conspirators by night (possibly including - very topically at the moment - arguing about men's rights to have babies...).

And please, do remember - not just to "always look on the bright side of life", as Life of Brian cheerfully advises us, whilst scheduling a few routine crucifixions - but that, whatever alleged saviours the establishment presents us with - high-profile "heroes" like Andrew Tate (and it will, because it always does) - they are NOT the messiahs and they are, in fact, very naughty boys...

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11 comments on “With a new revolution, we need a new resistance”

  1. We've always had extremists in society that have done stupid things like this. Lynching used to be a common crime done by extremists which was ignored by law enforcement and the courts.

    There's laws on the books that deal with death threats, harassing children and so on.

    Why I'm not worried about is that the more this issue rears its head, the legal system will be compelled to do something about it.

    Same with the vaccine sham which is losing steam. I predict that virology will be facing criticism soon too. Every time an extremist violates personal boundaries in order to push their beliefs, push back happens.

    This isn't Saudi Arabia etc where the loud minority are allowed to tell what the majority can or cannot do.

  2. Thanks Miri.

    I think the covert or overt resistance has to begin in our schools and universities. Not easy, they seem to have been taken over by crazy ideologues (read "the woke").

    The real purpose of education is to encourage thinking outside the box, although you'd never know it. More and more it's all about learning whatever will enable the passing of exams, which entails thinking as inside the box as you can manage.

    Our schools are increasingly being targeted by the global elite to promote nonsense like transgenderism. The timing suggests they want revenge for us leaving the undemocratic EU monster: they know that miseducation and confusion can never start too young. Also remember, the problematic "boat people" only started to arrive in large numbers AFTER Brexit.

  3. I linked your dividing the movement piece to Meryl Nass blog about the Malone vs Breggins situation.
    I agree with you on some things but why not approve my response to this?
    I didn't insult you, just said that the current situation sucks but people will fight back with going after the crimes.

    Eh anyway, keep on writing good stuff even though sometimes I feel like you're worried too much. I was too... We survived the psy ops that tried to take our health.

    Btw, I understand the issue with people lacking community.
    It's not just a bad thing though. Communities kept people in their own group think. For example it was ok to have apartheid in the US South and other nations in these tightly knit communities.
    Losing that community, losing that group faith opened people up to a lot of crap but it also made them think for themselves like you and I do.

  4. I've considered several times recently, wouldn't it be really convenient if all of our army were deployed to the Ukraine situation to help them out - leaving the recently imported male "asylum seekers) to "help out" here at home. Because our own army wouldn't turn on us...

    That said, check out the recent video on youtube of an Irish army bloke barking at a citizen journalist in Ireland to get off the land, while "asylum seekers" and some kind of guy who acted as though he was some kind of security guard, looked on from a nearby security barrier. Philip Dwyer is the guy's youtube name.

    In this day and age, I consider the possibility that it was deliberately put out to anger people, and it certainly had that kind of effect on me on first watch. Is it genuine, is it staged? I've no idea. It seemed genuine but these are strange times.

  5. Aux (armes citoyens) armes citoyens, formez vos bataillons
    Marchons, oui marchons

  6. Have you seen "Went The Day Well?", a 1942 British propaganda film?

    I haven't but the (partial) synopsis sounds relevant:

    "During the Second World War, a group of seemingly authentic British soldiers arrive in the small, fictitious English village of Bramley End. It is the Whitsun weekend, life is even quieter than usual and there is almost no road traffic. At first they are welcomed by the villagers, until doubts set in about their true purpose and identity. After they are revealed to be German soldiers intended to form the vanguard of an invasion of Britain, they round up the residents and hold them captive in the local church."

  7. A friend who got me started on my common / natural law journey, back from Germany which she says is far worse (hardline) than here and on her way to an African country where she plans to eventually live says that in her small southern German town the “population replacement” programme (of the old, white Europeans by young, brown men) is palpably evident. Everyone knows it but is afraid to speak about it publicly. For fear or reprisals, being called racist etc

  8. There are several issues that I struggle with here. Firstly, this image of Iran and Afghanistan being liberal at one point...these were very brief moments in their long histories and mostly in the upper class educated elite. As those countries dared to dabble in leftish nationalist politics it resulted in US/UK intervention which brought about much more extreme forms of Islam then had ever been seen there before.

    Our continued meddling in the ME and bombing of these nations causes a myriad of issues from impoverished, corrupt countries to angry, disturbed men.

    Also, I wonder how many of them are jabbed? Is it possible that the gov is aware of jab harms and the sudden increase in death of people in their prime as well as the falling fertility rates of jabbed individuals?

    The UK was the principal country that enabled and facilitated the establishment of the extreme (once upon a time banned sect) Wahhabi Islam and continual propping up of the Saudi tribe.

    At the moment, the only united groups of people who will most vociferously resist the trans ideology are Muslims and Orthodox Christians probably. Trans ideaology leads to transhumanism and that also seems to be the direction of travel.

    So this theory that there will be a backlash back to conservatism would also derail transhumanism. Maybe that's plan B? Who knows. They are certainly playing with fire and who knows what the Law of Attraction and Law of Unintended Consequences create?

    Anyway, all food for thought. Thanks for bringing it up.

  9. It has also occurred to me that these military aged men will no doubt also have military or guerilla war experience so it seems likely they will be used as mercenaries for this purpose in NATO wars rather than domestically. I'm sad to say there are enough grifters and jobs worths in the UK who would happily lord it over the rest for money.

  10. In the late eighties,early nineties I was in the T.A. and heard a rumour about a survey that was carried out asking groups of soldiers if they would open fire on British civilians in the event of martial law being declared during a national emergency. I never took part myself but if it did take place then there must be someone out there that can verify that this actually happened.

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