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By: MiriJune 26, 2021No Comments
Or, let me rephrase that - if he is, it's not with an age-appropriate adult female. At the highest levels […]

Putting the NO in hypnosis...

By: MiriJuly 2, 2024No Comments
"Stay home, save lives." "Hands, face, space." "The rule of six." These moronic, much-mocked mantras were ubiquitous throughout the panto […]

Freedom is multifaceted

By: MiriApril 26, 2024No Comments
(An article originally published in April 2023, amended and expanded to bring it up to date.) I spend a lot […]

A Rude Awokening

By: MiriApril 3, 2024No Comments
If you want to know what's really going on in the world - and perhaps more pertinently, what's to come […]

The Ventriloquists

By: MiriMarch 13, 2024No Comments
As regular readers know, my general opinion of 'newsworthy' world events is that they overwhelmingly aren't "real". That is to […]

Wolves are more dangerous than sheep

By: MiriMarch 4, 2024No Comments
From when we are very small, we are tutored in the idea of the "saviour hero" defeating evil and putting […]

The name of the game is not 'defame'

By: MiriFebruary 29, 2024No Comments
This is not an article specifically about the thirteen thousand or so people on Twitter who constantly claim they are […]


By: MiriFebruary 20, 2024No Comments
I don't usually like talking numbers (when you didn't pass your Maths GCSE until the age of 31, you generally […]

The Devious Deception of Derek 'Diddums' Draper

By: MiriJanuary 7, 2024No Comments
It was terrible when Jim from Neighbours died. Do you remember it? It was awful. He'd been having those chest […]

Reclaiming a response...

By: MiriDecember 20, 2023No Comments
Just over seven months ago, I sent an open letter (co-signed by Vote Freedom Project's Jonathan Tilt) to former Conservative […]
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