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"At least they're doing something... What have YOU done?!"

By: MiriJune 8, 2023No Comments
(For audio version of this article, please visit my YouTube channel.) Every single time I call out obvious psy-op charlatan […]

"He's behind you!" - Or is he?

By: MiriJune 2, 2023No Comments
(For audio version of this article, please visit my YouTube channel.) It has now been two calendar weeks, and nine […]

Open Letter to Andrew Bridgen

By: MiriJune 1, 2023No Comments
(Written 19th May, 2023. For audio version of this letter, please visit my YouTube channel.) Dear Andrew Bridgen MP, Following […]

Do you know the difference between celebrities and "civilians"?

By: MiriMay 14, 2023No Comments
Sorry if that seems an obvious, or even condescending, question, but I have to ask, because relentlessly - always and […]

A Bridgen Too Far...

By: MiriMay 11, 2023No Comments
(For an audio version of this article - with new added section - please visit my YouTube channel.) The name […]

Be careful what you wish for

By: MiriMarch 18, 202312 Comments
"I lost another friend and colleague yesterday. He had a massive heart attack. Mid 40s. Father. His wife is also […]

Freedom is multifaceted

By: MiriMarch 14, 202312 Comments
I spend a lot of time at this site examining, analysing, and critiquing various parts of culture (and having myself […]

It's a big pantomime and you are in it

By: MiriMarch 6, 202339 Comments
To paraphrase George Carlin... In light of the so-called "WhatsApp revelations" demonstrating ministerial disdain for the public throughout the alleged […]

Fishing for chips

By: MiriMarch 4, 20235 Comments
While tomorrow's proverbial fish-wrappers are busy baiting the public with breathless "revelations" about ministerial mockery and lies during Covid ("revelations" […]

Anti-human resources

By: MiriFebruary 14, 20232 Comments
Given the current media focus on extra-terrestrial life, an article with a non-human focus seemed fitting... It's not about "the […]




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