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Slimy politicians love the slippery slope

By: MiriDecember 11, 20227 Comments
On December 7th, 2020, then health secretary, Matt Hancock, formally announced that the Covid vaccine about to make its debut […]

They want to shrink our lives. We must fight to make them bigger

By: MiriDecember 5, 202217 Comments
As the military-grade psychological weaponry known as the mainstream media kicks up its relentless campaign of domestic terrorism to the […]

The Lyin' King, and other motley modern fables...

By: MiriNovember 29, 202213 Comments
So, Matt Hancock narrowly missed out on being crowned "King of the Jungle", an accolade previously reserved for Simba from […]

Ritual mockery and the Emperor's New Heartthrob

By: MiriNovember 16, 202211 Comments
Ladies, imagine, if you will, that you are relaxing after a long day, flicking through the pages of your favourite […]

Matt 'n' Mike's Jungle Bungle

By: MiriNovember 13, 202217 Comments
I have been asked by a few people to share my thoughts on perhaps the craziest, most incredulous, unlikely, and […]

They are not our "Friends"

By: MiriNovember 11, 202214 Comments
You may have noticed that, recently, the two most popular actors from the phenomenally successful "Friends" series, Jennifer Aniston and […]

The Emperor's New Virus: How The Virus Myth Became A Viral Contagion

By: MiriNovember 7, 202239 Comments
"We don't catch diseases. We build them." - Antoine Bechamp Every time I opine on the subject of the pretend […]

The Latest Pandemime Plot Twist: "Amnesty"

By: MiriNovember 3, 202233 Comments
The big story currently sweeping the cyber saloons which most of us frequent, regards a new grovelling plea, from former […]

Press conference analysis: Dr. Malhotra calls for immediate suspension of Covid vaccines

By: MiriSeptember 27, 202218 Comments
Earlier today, top UK cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, took part in a press conference, where he shared his new research […]

This isn't the end (though may temporarily resemble it)

By: MiriAugust 29, 20228 Comments
"Don't ask any questions, just close your computer and follow me when I leave." You'd be pretty alarmed to get […]




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