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The Devious Deception of Derek 'Diddums' Draper

By: MiriJanuary 7, 2024No Comments
It was terrible when Jim from Neighbours died. Do you remember it? It was awful. He'd been having those chest […]

What can we expect as we enter 2024?

By: MiriJanuary 2, 2024No Comments
An update from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters A very Happy New Year to you from Informed Consent Matters, […]

Christmas Quackery

By: MiriDecember 27, 2023No Comments
"Good morning siblings," began my aunt's Christmas Eve message to her brother and sister. "Bad news from our family - […]

The Meaning of Life...

By: MiriDecember 12, 2023No Comments
... Is not to prolong it as long as possible. Sorry if that was a bit anti-climactic, I realise my […]

Deciphering the deception...

By: MiriDecember 1, 2023No Comments
... along with a distinct sense of deja vu, as the headlines blare: "Child pneumonia cases surge in Europe, Netherlands […]

Testing times

By: MiriOctober 11, 2023No Comments
I'm not actually referring to the Israel-Palestine situation (although you can read my thoughts on that here), but to the […]

The law giveth and it taketh away

By: MiriOctober 5, 2023No Comments
Like most people reading this, I've had a variety of colourful, interesting, and occasionally unprintable 'spats' with a multiplicity of […]

Here comes the flood: all aboard the ARC

By: MiriOctober 1, 2023No Comments
The only previous time in the last three years that I have paid any significant attention to the so-called "home […]

The Re-Branding of Russell

By: MiriSeptember 18, 2023No Comments
(For the audio version of this article, please visit my YouTube channel.) Russell Brand has the strange distinction in my […]

"Collapsing schools" means one thing: a control group

By: MiriSeptember 3, 2023No Comments
Even if you don't have school-aged children (or even if you have the good sense not to study the media […]




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