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Preparing for the next chapter (and its plot twists)

By: MiriSeptember 15, 20229 Comments
Following a couple of "oh dear, it's the end of civilisation" events earlier this month, I suppose it was only […]

How To Be Fooled

By: MiriAugust 25, 20228 Comments
This article was originally published in March 2022. I republish it five months later, in tandem with mainstream reports that […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

By: MiriAugust 21, 202213 Comments
This may seem a rather improbable title for a blog at this particular juncture in human history, whilst we descend […]

If you were looking for an excuse to go out tonight...

By: MiriAugust 11, 20224 Comments
Contemplating the current dire apocalypse (but isn't the weather lovely?!), a rather troubling thought occurred to me: As the energy bills […]

Jack of all... or mastered puppet?

By: MiriAugust 3, 20229 Comments
I've mentioned before that, as a consummate conspiraquack, I naturally take a keen interest in astrology, and I have learned […]

The Age of Informed Consent

By: MiriJuly 15, 20223 Comments
With some considerable pomp and ceremony (or the internet equivalent thereof - a string of emojis 🥳🎉🍾), I am absolutely […]

Winning The Information War

By: MiriJuly 6, 20222 Comments
With weary predictability, "Covid" is back in the headlines (look, evil overlords, have you got unpaid interns doing your screenwriting […]

An Inconceivable Truth

By: MiriJune 25, 202215 Comments
I knew something was awry on the world stage when The Independent declared yesterday, with its usual subtle finesse and […]

Modern life isn't real - it's created by the media

By: MiriJune 19, 20224 Comments
One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned about how the world really works, was in 2019, when I […]

The Case Against, 'The Case Against The Sexual Revolution' - A Critical Review

By: MiriJune 11, 20224 Comments
As I recently mentioned with some ceremony (well - a Facebook post with a picture), I last week received - […]




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