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Note the Normality

By: MiriAugust 21, 2023No Comments
Where I live in Huddersfield, I'm very lucky to be in walking distance of not one, but two rather spectacular […]

When I'm 64... I'll be less at risk of disease than at 14?

By: MiriAugust 9, 2023No Comments
So the UK's Department of Health and Social Care (DoH) purports to believe, according to recent media reports, and as […]

The most toxic human trait isn't violence, avarice or greed: it's obedience

By: MiriJuly 11, 2023No Comments
Good Morning Mrs. [Name], Thank you for your email expressing your views on vaccination. Should it be required, [Name] High […]

Do you know the difference between celebrities and "civilians"?

By: MiriMay 14, 2023No Comments
Sorry if that seems an obvious, or even condescending, question, but I have to ask, because relentlessly - always and […]

Danger, Danger! High Voltage!

By: MiriMarch 21, 202318 Comments
Whenever I read anything about the government's so-called "emergency alerts", set to be tested on April 23rd, I immediately get […]

It's a big pantomime and you are in it

By: MiriMarch 6, 202339 Comments
To paraphrase George Carlin... In light of the so-called "WhatsApp revelations" demonstrating ministerial disdain for the public throughout the alleged […]

What's the best protection against a bad guy with a gun?

By: MiriFebruary 10, 202313 Comments
So with weary and worrying predictability, it seems my assessment of the Nicola Bulley case is proving increasingly accurate, as […]

Pantomimes, wizards, and sorcerers, and the oldest battle of all time

By: MiriDecember 22, 202218 Comments
Hello, dear readers, on this fine and festive occasion, the first day of the renewal of the light and the […]

The King of the (One) World... Or a Return to Personal Sovereignty?

By: MiriDecember 3, 202235 Comments
(This is part three of a three part series, please see parts one and two here.) In the first two […]

The King's Fallen Brother and the Rise of King Baal

By: MiriDecember 1, 202212 Comments
(This is part two of a three part series: please see part one here.) For the last few years, there […]




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