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Letter regarding the dangers and inadequacies of PCR testing for children

By: MiriMarch 4, 2021No Comments
Dear [names], Re: COVID-19 testing and my son/daughter I am writing to you in regards to the COVID-19 testing protocols, […]

Legal Help

By: MiriMarch 1, 2021No Comments
The resources on this site are designed to empower you to challenge unlawful and unethical diktats from employers, schools, hospitals […]

Stuck in the third dimension (along with everyone else)

By: MiriFebruary 25, 2021No Comments
I read a lot of pseudo "new-age" stuff on FB, as I'm sure we all do, about how we must […]

Letter to schools regarding coronavirus protocols

By: MiriFebruary 22, 2021One Comment
Dear [names], Re: coronavirus protocols I am writing to you regarding my son/daughter, [name], who is due to return to […]

In virus, veritas

By: MiriFebruary 20, 2021No Comments
I was just contemplating how ludicrously, criminally insane it is that the Government has people believing other human beings are […]

I didn't think it was possible to hate The Guardian any more, but...

By: MiriFebruary 18, 2021No Comments
In that way, at least (certainly in no others), they have surpassed themselves. They have done a(nother) egregious hit piece […]

The cult of the cull

By: MiriFebruary 17, 2021No Comments
If a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door, do you consider engaging them in complex and heated debate about how […]


By: MiriFebruary 16, 2021One Comment
A pitch-perfect example of cognitive dissonance (which we may as well rename covidian dissonance, since nothing exists but Covid now) […]

All part of the show

By: MiriFebruary 15, 2021No Comments
And, here it is. When Spencer "son of Piers" Morgan came out as a lockdown sceptic, and had some very […]

Caring Corrupted Kapitel II

By: MiriFebruary 10, 2021No Comments
If anyone's still in any doubt about the end game here, please pay close attention to this extraordinary ordeal just […]




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